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  1. I normally don’t post but my heart says that I must, especially after looking at the above pics. I don’t know how long it’s been since I have subscribed to your YouTube channel and admired your gift of crochet, and have used your patterns to make such beautiful items. THANK YOU to you and your dad for the time and effort that you have for so many years put into this journey. I pray that you know that it has not been in vain. Words really cannot express how my heart hurts and at the same time cheers for you in your battle with this horrible disease, because in spite of everything, you have shown that no matter what life may come and take away, there is STILL something good, awesome, and precious that we can still contribute to the world and make a difference…even with something as simple as crochet. Well, those who really have a passion for crochet know its not just a “simple” thing. Being able to crochet has gotten me through more bouts of deep depression than I can count. I was so very happy with your engagement and marriage, and I too was wondering how in the world you were going to be able to crochet all of those flowers, but you did it! Again, thank you for sharing not just your awesome crochet skills but your life for all to see. You are more than an inspiration, and may God continue to bless you, keep you in His care, may His face continue to shine upon you and yours, may favor continue to be found in all that you do, and that you will receive all the good that comes from God, more than your hands and heart can hold.


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