Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns

Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns

Here is a gallery of Valentine’s Day related crochet patterns that are FREE for you to try out!! They are simple, quick projects that you can make for your Valentine this year!


Don’t have a Valentine to give anything to? No problem! Make these for yourself!!!


Click on the image or the title of the project to take you to its FREE crochet pattern and follow along!

Which one’s your favorite?!?


String of Hearts Cup Cozy by YARNutopia

Tunisian Heart Free Crochet Pattern by With Alex


Anatomical Heart by YARNutopia

C2C Valentine’s Washcloth – Free Crochet Pattern by EyeLoveKnots

Amigurumi Love Heart Crochet Pattern by Heart Hook Home

Alpine Stitch Mittens by YARNutopia




Velvetine’s Head Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern by Through the Loop Yarn Craft


Gnome Amigurumi by YARNutopia


Love Is Love Shawl, Free Beginner Crochet Pattern by No Hooks Given




Love Bunny Amigurumi by YARNutopia


Sweetheart Bobble Bag (Free Pattern) by Sweet Bee Crochet


Heart Bookmark by YARNutopia

You’ll be in my Heart Coasters by L’amas de laine





Key to My Heart Crochet Applique by Golden Lucy Crafts







Have a Heart Flip Flops by YARNutopia

Heart and Sole Slippers by Myhobbyiscrochet


Hearts Aflutter Scarf Free Crochet Pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home










Crochet a Romantic Hedgehog Amigurumi ~ Cutest Valentine’s Gift by RaffamusaDesigns



Crochet Heart Pillow by Jen Hayes Creations




“Two Hearts that beat as One” C2C Square – Free Crochet Pattern + Graph (Wedding Blanket CAL!) + Video Tutorial by Myhobbyiscrochet

Punny Valentine’s: “Love” a Good Pun

Punny Valentine’s: “Love” a Good Pun

The tradition continues with my annual Punny Valentine’s. Each year, I create these silly sentiments using crochet and puns. I try to be as creative and amusing as possible. I do, however, have to match a pun to something I can create using my crochet magic. It is NOT easy, let me tell you, this blog showcases my collection from 2017. You can check out 2016’s Punny Valentine’s here! Do you have a fun pun to share? Let me know in the comments section. Share a possible pun that might show up in my 2018 Punny Valentine Series! ~Nadia

Below is a list of some Punny Valentine’s. Click on the link next to their date or click the photo to be taken to its video tutorial and written pattern! Enjoy!!

February 1st: Two Peas in a Pod
My first of 14 Valentine’s Day puns begins with these Two Peas In A Pod. Every day I’m “brussel-in” to make these puns! It makes me very “hap-pea!” So, if you “carrot” all, “peas” give these puns a chance. I’m pretty sure that it will “lettuce” have a few good laughs together! This is going to be so much “pun!”

February 2nd: Volcano Bag
Day 2 of our Valentine’s Day puns and things are really “heating” up. I don’t mean to “int-erupt” your day, but you should know how much I “lava” this silliness, so much so, that I could just “burst!”

February 3rd: Leaf Appliqué
I know you are “falling” for some of these “unbe-leaf-ably” silly puns. It helps to create good “chemis-tree” between us when we can “photo-sympathize” with how lame they can become. I know it’s “over-ELM-ing,” but we can still laugh together. I hope it’s “OAK-kay” that I continue to post until I get “stumped.” Even then I won’t “leaf” you “hanging” as I “branch” out and try to be more punny!

February 4th: Mouse and Cheese Amigurumi
This may be my “cheesiest” pun yet. It’s “nacho” fault if these puns get so “stinky” you roll your eyes when I say life is “cheddar” when we’re together. When I am with you, I don’t feel “aged” or “bleu.” I do have to stay “sharp” to keep up these punny lines. Otherwise, it could look “swiss-picious” if I am laughing at these “prov-ALONE.” So, like I said, we are really “gouda” together so please, will you “brie” mine? It would be “mice” if your answer was “YES, cheese!”


February 5th: Mushroom Amigurumi
You may think that making up puns is no “truffle” at all. But, Holy “Shiitake,” it’s not easy!! I “moss” say that I have really taken a “lichen” to this. At least I have “morel” support from everyone. You give me “mush-room” to be creative, so I can “button” down and get these done! Once I get a good pun figured out, I feel like the “porto-bell-o” of the ball! I appreciate your encouragement because that’s what friends are “spore.”

February 6th: Avocado Amigurumi
“Bravo-cado” on sharing these puns everyone! I have laughed a lot and said, “You’ve “guac” to be kidding me,” several times! Some responses are “hard-core” and “avo-control!” There were a few “guac-ward” moments. I know, I tend be go too far that I can end up in the “pits” with these puns. It seems so wrong but feels so “ripe,” so keep it up, and “guac” my world with your creativity!

February 7th: Corn Amigurumi
I hope you are enjoying these “corny” puns! I’m “stalking” the Internet with “corn-viction” to help “plant” my mind with ideas this Valentine’s Day. Each pun is “butter” than the last. I come “ear” to find creativity. I search online for a “kernel” of truth and a pun that’s “a-peel-ing.” When I find it, I say “shucks” this is “sweet!” I’ve had to “weed” through a lot of “crop” to come up with all these “a-maize-ing” puns, but you’re worth it! After you finish “plowing” through the amount of “ridicul-husk”puns in this caption, I hope the rest of your day is filled with” uni-corns” and rainbows!

February 8th: Tomato Amigurumi
Trying to think of new and clever puns each day is making me feel a bit “plum” crazy. I tend to think “what’s “to-mato” with you, Nadia? You need to “ketchup” and figure these all out!” I’m trying to keep these upbeat and “juice” the cutest play on words, but sometimes it can become a bit “dicey.” I want to say thank you “cherry” much for “picking” up on my sense of humor and playing along with my “fruit-iness!”

February 9th: Bumble Bee Amigurumi
There has “bee-n” a lot of “buzz” going around about these puns. “Honey,” I’m trying to always “beehive” to “bee” sure my jokes don’t “sting.” I try to “bee” positive and “comb” through many ideas before they “stick.” Not all of my puns are “flower-y” or silly. I have “pollen” for a few lame ones. I agree that a couple were a bit “un-bee-lievable.” I always appreciate your feedback and “raw honey-sty.” Your encouragement makes me feel like a “Queen.” I’m trying to stay “hummm-ble, ” so I will stop “drone-ing” on and on, but before I go, I should say, I think you all are the “bees knees!” *insert cringy eyerolls here* HAHA!

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February 10th: String of Hearts Cup Cozy
Rise and shine, it’s a “brew-tiful” day! Words can’t “espresso” how much you “bean” to me. You always stay “grounded” and work at “mocha” me happy. Even when I have a “latte” on my mind, you are there to give me your sweet “sugar.” Every day, you’re ready to face the daily “grind.” Even if each day feels like a “deja brew,” you never get “heated” and say “I don’t give a “frapp,”” or “What’s “Sumatra” with my life?” Instead, you’re always “perky” and “tea-riffic!” So, better “latte” than never, I want you to know that you’re more than an Average “Joe.” You’re just my “cup of tea.”

February 11th: Fish Amigurumi
We are “bass-ically” coming to the end of our Valentine’s puns. I “fish” we had more time because I’m having so much “fin!” I have a “boat-load” of material. I’m not being “koi” about it. With only a few days left, I’m not about to “swimmer” down. Instead, I’m over here, “kraken” myself up! I “sardine-ly” try to keep everyone laughing. You know I’m not doing this just for the “halibut.” These puns are an annual event. You may wonder, “”Water” you doing these for, Nadia?” My answer is, “These puns are a big “tank” you for being in my life!” I have always said, “You are my “ray” of sunshine.” You make me want to “Carp-e” Diem, and not “flounder” around anymore. There’s nothing “fishy” about this. My “sole” is truly in making up these puns!

February 12th: Scientist Amigurumi
I “periodically” get inspiration from everyday things for these crochet love notes. I get a “sine” that an idea might work, and then I start to “planet.” Some of these are “sodium” funny, I have slapped my “neon” a couple of occasions! The “gravity” to make these puns epic is “multiplied” by the fact that I’m running out of “time.” I’m trying to finish them at the “speed of light.” I have plenty of “energy” to keep these going for a couple more days! No “matter” what, through everything, you know my love for this is “constant,” but right now, I’m going to take a break and have a piece of “Pi.”

February 13th: Gnome Amigurumi
I “gnome” that this series is almost done. I hope these have brought some “magic” to your life. I’ve been “toad” that I make up some pretty good ones! I have been “trolling” through some keywords to pun this caption to make sure it’s “elfin'” hilarious. Some have been so funny, I hope no one wet their “plants” reading these! I’m being “fairy” careful to make sure they’re full of fun and “fantasy.” I have “pixie-d” some great projects to make some special Valentine’s ideas to help your love “grow.” This cute Gnome would be perfect for a “garden party” accent!

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February 14th: Lemons to Lemonade Pillow
I have always had a “zest” for life, and “lime” so grateful to be able to do what I love. For the past 2 weeks, my creative “juices” have been going in high gear to bring you this series of puns leading up to Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have!! At times, I may have blurred the “limes” between humorous and pushing too far. I’m sure some were a bit “sour” and others made you “peel” with laughter. Today’s pun is no exception. This pillow is “juice” the cutest way to end our series and allows me to “ex-press” how much all this means to me. I do this for YOU! I plan to “wedge” this under me to provide something to “curdle” up with once my procedure and biopsies are over. I’m so lucky to have my “main squeeze” with me during these tests! My life is made up of many “making lemonade” moments. Any way you “slice” it, was a perfect way to bring this series to a close. So, time to “pucker up” and get this procedure done! I will post the blog for this pillow as soon as I’m a bit more “fresh.” Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Sending you all my love!!

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The yarn provided for this pattern is courtesy of Red Heart Yarns