Inner Peace Blanket

Inner peace (or peace of mind or inner calmness) refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress.”

Finding inner peace is not always easy. Oftentimes, we find ourselves at a crossroads of choices that we need to make to find that path to peacefulness. That is the inspiration for this fourth blanket in our series of charity blankets that I have made using squares from the 365 Days of Granny Squares.


It has only been a few days since we have completed the year of granny squares project, yet, the squares have piled up in stacks in my craft room over the past 12 months. All of these squares will find their way to those in need. This beautiful blanket I just completed will be sent to Project Linus. You can read about this organization here.

Each square was chosen from our vast collection of squares, and I placed them in a frame with an ‘X’ leading to a center PEACE SIGN square. The name and definition makes this very appropriate to send to this charity organization.

I made rows of double crochet in strips and attached each square, then attached the strips using the single crochet method. I did a simple border using double crochet as well. This blanket was a lot of fun to make!


I have spent many, many months in the hospital over the past 9 years. Sometimes, spending more days in the year in the hospital than out. One of the most comforting things I brought from home was my homemade blankets. Snuggling up with that warm piece of home in an otherwise clinical, and sometimes miserable environment, can make all the difference to someone who needs every comfort they can find. I hope this blanket can¬†bring that to someone special and provide a tiny bit of peace at a difficult time. So much love goes into my creations when I make them. It’s my way of putting good out into the world one stitch, one granny square, at a time!

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Below is a list of the squares used in this project:
You can click each number and it will take you to its video tutorial

Number 216
Number 86
Number 62
Number 144
Number 221
Number 205
Number 238
Number 243
Number 71
Number 124
Number 255
Number 102
Number 203
Number 119
Number 126
Number 193
Number 187
Number 183
Number 222
Number 26
Number 102
Number 134
Number 236
Number 18
Number 247
Number 153
Number 202
Number 120
Number 199
Number 215
Number 207
Number 132
Number 117
Number 161
Number 108
Number 155
Number 201

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