Stitch Gallery & Glossary

Oftentimes, I am asked if I can help demonstrate a certain stitch to someone new to crochet who is struggling with where to start or asked to show a new stitch to someone wishing to advance their crochet skills. Here, I have a collection of basic, intermediate, and advanced stitches in one comprehensive place! Just click on any photo or link in the gallery to take you directly to that respective video and complete stitch instructions. This is a great place for a new crocheter to begin and a seasoned crochet artist to practice! Have fun!!

Episode #1

Single Crochet


Episode #2Half Double Crochet


Episode #3

Double Crochet(DC)


Episode #4

Treble Crochet (TR)


Episode #5

Double-Treble Crochet (DTR)



Episode #6

Primrose Stitch


Episode #7

Crocodile Stitch


Episode #8

Basketweave Stitch


Episode #9

Star Stitch


Episode #10

Front Post Double Crochet and
Back Post Double Crochet (FPDC & BPDC)

Episode #11

Diamond Mesh Stitch


Episode #12



Episode #13

Shell Stitch


Episode #14

Popcorn Stitch (PC)


Episode #15

Waffle Stitch



Episode #16

Honeycomb Crochet Stitch


Episode #17

Herringbone Half-Double Crochet


Episode #18

The Grit Stitch