Frequently Asked Questions

YARNutopia receives a number of questions and inquiries on a daily basis. Many times, unbeknownst to the individual asking, some questions have been asked several times before. To help out answering some of the commonly asked questions, I have finally compiled a list on this FAQ page of those common questions complete with answers. I will continue to add to this page as additional questions pop up.

1. Are your videos made only for beginner crocheters?

Although I begin my videos to assist the first time crocheter, my videos can be enjoyed by any advanced artist. The introduction of each video is lengthy as I go over each detail that I cover in the video including supplies, tools, stitch type etc. This helps someone who is seeing this video for the very first time know what to expect as they continue on with the tutorial. For anyone who has watched more than one of my videos, you will see most start out the same way. Once you are familiar with my video layout, you can fast forward past the first few minutes and go right into the demonstration part of my tutorial. I do understand that things may move at a slower pace for the seasoned crocheter, but keep in mind that everyone watching my videos is at different skill levels. I want to create items that anyone can enjoy making. Feel free to fast forward during any parts that are dragging along. In the end, the outcome is the same, to arrive at making a fabulous crochet project!

2. How come you don’t have a PDF file to download of your written pattern on your website?

Although it is minimal, I do receive a small stipend for visits to my website. This is another way I can continue to provide patterns for free. Therefore, I keep the free patterns on my website so visits to my page continue. If a follower wants to have a print out of the pattern I do have an Etsy Shop where I have some of my patterns for sale to print the PDF file. Please print for personal use only as my patterns are my designs and not for distribution.

3. Can I make a bigger size?

Several items on my website are fashion pieces or baby items. I am often asked to provide stitch counts to make an item bigger. There are many items that are just made to that one size. I understand how that can leave some followers frustrated when the items are not available in a size needed. I try very hard to answer those who are struggling, but I do not have stitch counts UNLESS they are in the NOTES section of that specific pattern. If there are no size adjustments available, look in the comments section as others may have attempted the pattern in a different size and provided the information. Also, adjusting your hook size can provide a smaller or slightly larger piece, but that isn’t always a perfect science. Please understand that as much as I can try, I won’t have all the sizes on a particular pattern. I continue to strive on improving that part of my patterns.

4. Can you make this pattern by _________? There is no tutorial and I would love to make it.

This question occurs almost every day. I am often sent a pattern from another designer and asked to make a video tutorial. The short answer is No. Most of my patterns are my own designs and I will continue to design and film my own patterns. IF a designer has given written permission to have me make a product either by reaching out to me on their own, or me asking for written permission before I make it, only then will I film another designer’s work. Otherwise, it is copyright infringement. I have found myself in hot water early on in my beginner days for making something without permission, and I won’t make that mistake again. My to-do list is also quite lengthy, and although I don’t film other designers’ work, oftentimes if someone is looking for a particular item, i.e.: a poncho, chances are, I have a design coming up on my to-do list or you can search my website for similar past projects.

5. I’m often sent a photograph of a finished crocheted piece that someone finds on the internet (i.e. Pinterest) and they send me the screenshot or a random photo and ask “Where can I find this pattern and is there a video tutorial?” 

I have no idea based on an individual photo with no other information attached to it where to locate that particular pattern. With no stream of origin, I feel terrible, but I am unable to help in this situation. I don’t have access to every pattern but is a great resource to start your search for a pattern.

6. Do you design your own items?

ALL items I have designed myself with the help of my very creative Mama! However, there are a few items on my site that are other’s work. Those are filmed with written permission from the designer.

7. Where did you get your little sheep measuring tape?

I bought the sheep measure tape when I was visiting friends in Virginia at a little shop called Ten Thousand Villages. You can find it here.

8. Where did you get your hook?

I usually use hooks from the Etsy Shop WoodBeFancy. You can shop here.

9. Where did you get those scissors?

I received my scissors as a gift from my parents. They are Solingen German Made craft scissors. A quick Google Search should lead you to find a pair of your own.

10.  In some of your older YouTube videos, you are wearing a rose ring , may I inquire where you got that?

I bought the ring on Etsy from the shop phoebestreasure and you can find it here!

11. Can I use your photos on my Etsy shop and just make the item when I sell the product?

All my photos are copyright protected and although I cannot police the entire cyber world, I prefer that my photos remain the property of ONLY. These photos are professional images and a lot of hard work went into creating not only the project but the creation of these images. This is also a deceptive sales tactic. The item in my photos may not completely match the person making it. This can cause a sticky situation. My recommendation is to make an item and then photograph your OWN finished work. It will be worth it!

And that is the perfect segue to my next FAQ–

12. Can I sell the items I make from your videos?

The answer is a resounding YES! You did the hard work, you should reap the reward! I know many of you have online Etsy shops or have trunk shows of your work, as long as the credit for the pattern is given to for my design, you can sell anything you make! Good luck and Happy Selling!

13. Can I use your tutorial and pattern for my crochet group/class?

I have no issue with you using my patterns as long as ALL credit for the design and pattern is given to and no monies are collected for the use of my free patterns. I would prefer that you share the link to my pattern and video tutorial to each attendee of your group/class.

14. Can I repost/reblog your pattern on my page/site? 

You can definitely post my photo and/or a link back to my original blog post, but you may not republish the physical pattern itself in your blog/website. Feel free to share my links on your Facebook pages to direct your followers to my website. If you’d like to share it with me once it’s posted, I’d be glad to see it as well!

15. I live in a different country than you, can you help find a substitute yarn that I can use for your pattern?

There is a fabulous website called YARN SUB that helps figure out all the yarn conversions so you can find the yarn comparable to what I use in my patterns: Bookmark this page and refer to it as often as needed. This is a great resource for answering that question! Just type in the yarn I use in my video tutorial, and all the substitutions will show up.

16. I am unable to buy yarn. Can you send me some yarn or money to buy some? 

I do not have the resources to provide or ship yarn to those who request due to their personal or financial circumstance. My best advice that I can offer is that there are many organizations such as community outreach programs, thrift stores, or charitable organizations in most areas that may be able to provide this kind of help. Another way to obtain yarn when you are on a severe budget would be to find second hand sweaters, either crocheted or knit, and unravel those for the fiber. Oftentimes, I have been able to find some beautiful cashmere or nice wool at a second hand sale for pennies!

17. How can I find a certain pattern of yours?

Go to and you will find a search bar. In the search bar, you can type any key word to help navigate your way to patterns related to your search! It is as easy as 1-2-3

18. How do I post a picture of my work on your Facebook page or tag you on Instagram?

Go to my Facebook page, Click “Posts” and in the box that says “Write something on the page” you can “Share Photo” and write a caption about your work.
On Instagram, in the caption of your photo, type @yarnutopiabynadiafuad and it will tag me. You can also “Tag People” when you are posting your photo. Click “Tag People” and continue with instructions on tagging friends. Be sure your photos are public so I am able to view them!

19. Do you have social media?

You can find all my social media pages here:
YouTube: YARNutopia/Fuad Azmat
Snapchat: YARNutopia
Twitter: @YARNutopia

20. I sent you a message and asked you a question, why don’t you answer me?

This is always a work in progress. Across all my social media forums and YouTube channel, the amount of inquires is immense. It is near impossible to touch every question, every comment, every post. I want to. I do. I wish I had a hundred hands and a dozen more hours in a day. I just don’t and I can’t touch all of these inquiries. I ask my fellow YARNutopians to help me out. If you see a question, please chime in and share your expertise. Each day, I spend a couple hours if not more trying to answer as much as I can. Once I log off, I am typically designing, filming or working on my projects. I work 7 days a week. I try to take time off, but even then, my phone or laptop is always with me and I post or work remotely. When it comes to this common question, my only answer is that I try. I will keep trying. I am not perfect, and this is one area that I will strive to improve.

21. I love your little page mascot sheep Shenanigans. Where can I find the pattern to make him?

This sheep is not my design, and I found the cute pattern here. Enjoy and make your own little Shenanigans!


YARNutopia Mascot

22. Will you do another 365 Days of Granny Squares project?

No, the commitment it took to do a year long video project was intense and required a lot of dedication to complete. Going into this yearlong project I underestimated how difficult it would be. I may do short projects or crochet-alongs, but I won’t be repeating that project again.

23: Could you re-film a video using ____yarn so I can see how it looks in this type/color of fiber?

Surprisingly, I have been asked this question on a few occasions and felt it warrants to be added to my FAQ page. I don’t have time to re-film a video in a certain color, yarn, or any other requests made to modify the already posted video. It is what it is, and if you wish to use a different color, fiber, or alter the pattern to fit yourself or someone else, you are free to do so. You don’t need me to do it for you.

24. When did you get married? When is your baby due? What are you having?

Nate and I were married on March 17th, 2018. You can read a little bit about our fabulous wedding day here.
Our baby was due on June 30th, 2019, but we had him early on June 13th, 2019 via C-Section.  You can read more about our journey through pregnancy here!

Here is more photos and an update about our beautiful bundle of joy! Click here to read it!

And the last question is probably one of THE MOST Frequently asked questions I get each day:

25. Where are you from?

I am from the United States. When asked and answered, I often get “NO, where are you really from?” my reply is “I really was born in the USA!” Although not crochet related, I do understand the curiosity. I was born in Wisconsin, USA. I am a U.S. citizen. My father (the man behind the camera) is full Pakistani, from Lahore, Pakistan, and my mother is Caucasian from a little town in the USA. You would be surprised at how often I am asked this question! I have lived my entire life with a foot in two cultures which has been interesting. My family resides in the U.S. and my parents have been married for over 30 years. I have two older brothers, my brother Nabeel is married and has a son and a daughter. My other brother, Nyle, lives and works in central Wisconsin as an executive chef. I married Nate in March of 2018. Most of you have already seen my posts about Nate, but here is a little bit about our engagement if you want to learn more. Here’s a post about our wedding!!

I hope this blog has helped answer several questions you may have been wondering about! Have any additional questions, leave a comment or message me on Facebook!


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