Crochet Tutorial: Baby Dress with a Bow

Today’s tutorial is a baby dress with a bow. This piece completes the bow-tastic trio outfit, complete with a crocheted bow hat and crocheted bow sandals.

This video demonstrates a dress that is 0-3 months in size which is perfect for a newborn! I found a lot of inspiration from this pattern that I found for free online by This Housewife Life.

Baby Dress with a Bow

I made this dress using Red Heart yarn in white and red, however, you can use any worsted weight yarn of your choice. If you wanted to make this a bigger size, I would recommend using a larger hook and/or thicker yarn. I used an H-5.00mm hook. You could use an I-5.5mm hook or even a J-6.00mm hook.

If you want to make your bow bigger or smaller, watch this video tutorial I filmed a while back to show you how!

This ruffle dress is very girly! The bow embellishment really dresses this outfit up! You can change out the embellishment with a flower, a butterfly, or anything else you can think of! Get creative with embellishments and color! This is just a basic tutorial to get you started. This video is geared toward an intermediate crocheter, but I tried to work in a way that a beginner could try this challenge as well.


**Click here to get the full kit of supplies to make this project!**

Red Heart Yarns in Red
Red Heart Yarns in White
H size Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle

Follow along with this video to create your own baby dress.

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat

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  2. Great post, as winter is coming my granny will please to know about this dress. I will share this video with her as she wants to make dress with a bow for my daughter as a birthday gift. Though I have already ordered a tutu dress for her from an online store as MaMaloNi. Hope my granny can make dress shown in the video.

  3. You are easy to watch and work with the other lady who made it on sugar n spice was way to fast and didn’t help to the end and her pattern way off

  4. This baby dress with a red bow is great! I like it so much!
    I would like to make a dress for my friend’s daughter who will be 3 years old soon, and I want know how to make the dress bigger? Should i make more than 53 rings at the beginning? I’m the beginner but I really want to try this challenge!

  5. And I made the dress. Is a great to a gift for my friend. He’s gril it is coming up soon 🙂

    you are inspiration for me. I am a begginer and a I love when I can do this little things 😉

    Thank you again.

  6. I made a couple of these for a friend’s new baby. Now people won’t stop asking me to make them. I’ve even altered the pattern down to an 18″ doll size. Beautiful work amazing teacher. Thank you

  7. Can you please give me the measure for the dress if I want to make it for size 3-6 month baby. Thanks !

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