Crochet Tutorial: Beach Swimsuit Cover-Up

Crochet Tutorial: Beach Swimsuit Cover-Up

I braved the chilly temperature to showcase my latest design for summer. My Mesh Beach Swimsuit Cover-up is here just in time to enjoy sand and surf. I would not recommend heading to the beach quite yet if you live in a climate like mine! My toes have finally started to regain feeling! Haha!! Things will be heating up soon!

Beach Cover3
Below a closeup photo of the Mesh Beach Swimsuit Cover-up. Made with 100% cotton, this piece can be worn over a swimsuit or as a tunic top. I have paired it over a swimsuit to show you how wonderfully useful this will be for summer at the beach
Beach Cover
I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to being excited for warm weather and fun in the sun! This cover-up was just the right piece to get me in the mood for summertime! This versatile tunic is not only perfect over swimwear, but it makes a nice summer top that can be worn over a sundress or tank top.

Beach Cover1
Removing the drawstring belt is optional, to give this piece a new look. The wide boat neck collar is perfect for wearing off the shoulder. Ooh, la, la! Summer, here we come!

Here, I have paired it over a white dress for a more modest fashion tunic.

Beach Cover2
Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make this tunic:

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Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)
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Designed by Nadia Fuad
You may sell items made from my pattern, but please reference my website
Please do not copy, sell, and/or post this pattern and claim it as your own.


**Click here to get the full kit of supplies!!**

-Peaches & Creme 100% Cotton Yarn in Good Earth
-Peaches & Creme 100% Cotton Yarn in Dark Taupe
Size H-5.00mm Crochet Hook (Optional: K-6.50mm Crochet Hook for the Waistband chain)
Yarn Needle

-This took me approximately 12 Hours total to make this piece.
-To make this smaller or bigger, use a smaller or bigger hook size. I do not have specific stitch counts to make these larger or smaller though. Sorry!!
-To make these bigger, make sure your beginning chain is an even number and a MULTIPLE OF 12 (+2).
-The one I show in the video tutorial will fit a size Medium person and measures 44 Inches around and 26 inches long. You can watch the video tutorial to learn how to make this longer and wider. It is supposed to fit loosely around the body.
-The Ch 3 at the beginning of the round DOES count as a stitch.
-This project uses 1100 yards of yarn

Special stitches:
Ch(s): chain(s)
St(s): Stitch(es)
Sl st: slip stitch
Sk: Skip
SC: Single Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
Shell: 5 DC in same st

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Ch 98 (Or any amount that is a multiple of 12 (+2))

Row 1: DC in 3rd ch from hook and across.  Turn. (96)

Row 2: Ch 1, SC in 1st st, *sk 2 sts, 5 DC in next st (shell made), sk 2 sts, sc in next st, repeat from * across, ending with sc in last st. Turn. (16 shells, 17 sc)

Row 3: Ch 5 (counts as first DC and Ch 2 sp), *Sk 2 sts, DC in middle DC of shell, Ch 2, sk 2 dc, DC in sc, Repeat from * across, ending with DC in last sc. Turn. (33 DC, 32 Ch 2 sps)

Row 4: Ch 3 (Counts as DC) 2 DC in same st as ch, SC in next DC, *Shell in next DC, SC in next DC, Repeat from * across, ending with 3 DC in last st. Turn.

Row 5: Ch 5, *sk 2 sts, DC in sc, ch 2, sk 2 sts, DC in middle DC of shell, Ch 2, repeat from * Ending with DC in last st. Turn.

Row 6: Ch 1, SC in 1st st, *Shell in next DC, SC in next DC, Repeat from * across, ending with SC in last st, turn.

Rows 7-10: Repeat Rows 3-6 Once (Or as many times as you want, just end your repeat on a row 6 and go onto the next row)

Optional: Change color after row 10

Row 11: Repeat Row 3

Row 12: Ch 5, *DC in next DC, CH 2, repeat from * across Ending with DC in last st.

Rows 13-35: Repeat Row 12 (You can repeat this row until this piece is as long as you want, when your piece is as long as you want, just go on to the next row)

Optional: Change Color after row 35

Row 36: Repeat Row 6

Row 37: Repeat Row 5

Row 38: Repeat Row 4

Row 39: Repeat Row 3

You can keep repeating this pattern to make more shell rows, once you make it as long as you want, you can go onto the next row.

Optional: After row 39, change color

Rows 40-44: Repeat Row 12

You can keep repeating this pattern to make more shell rows, once you make it as long as you want, you can go onto the next row.

Row 45 (LAST ROW): Ch 3, *2DC in next ch 2 sp, DC in next DC, Repeat from * across, ending with DC in 3rd ch of ch 5 from prev. row.

Fasten off with long tail for sewing shoulder.

Assembly Step:
After both panels are made, line them up and sew the shoulders, and both sides closed. Use video tutorial for visual instructions. Once it is all sewn up, turn it inside out and enjoy!!

With larger hook,
Ch 150 or any amount to make a belt. Fasten off and weave through tunic. Tie a bow.

Weave in all ends.


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The yarn provided for this pattern is courtesy of Red Heart Yarns


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  1. Made it! Love it! I have seen many patterns and demos for such cover ups but none was as classy as yours while being just as easy to make. Appreciate the time you took to show us the measurements. Like you, I also used earth tones but the body is a lighter beige while the fan stitch is dark brown. After making a lots of baby items for others- this is the first thing I made only for myself. Thank you so much!

  2. I made it in ocean using premier cotton yarn. It turned out great and I’ve received nothing but comlements. Great pattern that is easy to follow. Thank you!!

  3. I made this for a friend in white and the fan stitch in ocean. She loved it and got so many compliments on it. She is now having me make it for a friend of hers she travels with, but in different colors. My problem is finding cotton yarn in nicer colors. I also have to make this larger than the medium and hope to find your tutorial to see what you suggest. Thank you for the beautiful pattern.

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