Oh, my hands hurt!

If you crochet as much as I do, there are going to be days that you push those hand and wrist muscles to their limits! Combine that with the fact that I have auto-immune issues including swollen joints from arthritis, there will be days when I wake up and my hands hardly function.

Today is one of those days.

Even typing this blog has forced me to take breaks because the muscle in my hand going into my wrist is causing a lot of discomfort. That discomfort is impairing my ability to do what I love!

Have you experienced something similar? 

From time to time, I switch using a standard crochet hook to using an ergonomic handled hook to alleviate some of the tension and pressure in my wrist. There are points in time where even that doesn’t do enough to help my issue. After talking to my best friend, Nida, about my concerns, she sent me a pair of these fabulous gloves by Copper Joint.

Nida works in the medical field, so I trust her guidance and I decided to give these a try. I wasn’t disappointed. Although my pain can be far beyond the scope of what most things can help, these Copper Joint Gloves have been a crochet life-saver! Today I’ll be wearing them throughout the day as I work on my latest designs.

I know that I’m not alone in this experience, so I ask you, my YARNutopians to share with me your methods of finding relief for your tired and aching joints! Maybe your technique will help others who suffer the laborious tasks of chronic crochet syndrome! 😉

On a serious note, this truly is an issue that many can relate to. I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

You can get the same gloves that Nida gave me by clicking here!

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  1. I usually overdo it crocheting when I get into the “Zone” and the next day my hands are really sore. I have tendonitous (sp) in both hands and wrists so it slows me down some days. I have never actually done anything about it, but a friend of mine has suggested I go see her massage therapist for some treatments that she said made a huge difference in her hands and arms. She’s not a yarner but she is an admin assistant, like I am, and has similar issues. So I might do that. These gloves look like they would be very comfortable, how are they? I hope they give you some relief so you can get back into your Yarn Zone!

    • Thank you for your comment! These gloves are super comfortable and allow me to have more circulation in my hands and feel a little more comfortable when holding the crochet hook. A massage doesn’t sound bad at all!! ~Nadia

  2. I have so fingers from crocheting especially the next morning when I wake up I’m going to try those gloves and maybe get a pair for my mom she has arthritis thank you

  3. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my hands can be very painful especially during a flare. Ergonomic crochet hooks are a huge help. I also use compression gloves and try to protect my hands from the cold which can make it worse for me. Sometimes I’ll use a heating pad at night and just rest my hands on it and that can help. Luckily I have a great rheumatologist to help me with this. Thank you for sharing all that you do, you are an inspiration!!!

    • Just wondering if these gloves would relieve carpal tunnel symptoms. My hands go numb, especially my left hand which I use to hold my yarn.

  4. If it starts hurting really bad I really have to force myself to take a break for a day or two. What also helps me, apart from ergonomic hooks, are frequent breaks (even if I am in a crochet zen) and preventive hand exercises. Some of these include pressing fingers on the table as if I’m playing the piano and squeezing my fists. What helped me the most was increasing my wrist flexibility through piyo and yoga – since both use a lot of ‘body weight’ training on your hands. Regular training increased the strength and flexibility and I have much less repetitive motion pain.

  5. I can totally relate. I always get pain in my right hand and recently it started in my left due to crocheting … but I love to crochet! Anyway, I have so many beautiful hooks, including one like yours from WoodBeFancy and they seem to help. I also wear the gloves and I ice my hands/wrist when they really hurt. Unfortunately, the only way to truly help the problem is to stop crocheting for a bit and let the tendons rest. I know it’s hard to do but the last 6weeks I’ve been trying not to crochet and finally my tendons are feeling so much better! Rest is the way to go because if not you will make it so much worse 😞 I can’t wait to pick up my hook again but I will remember to take breaks so it doesn’t get this bad again. I hope you feel better soon and rest your hands!

  6. It’s really frustrating! I went Tommie Copper when I started with the compression gloves, they are amazing! I am almost 64, so there are years of heavily using my hands here. From sports when really young… playing the piano… keyboarding… and crafting. I knit, crochet, quilt, embroidery, make jewelry, and other crafts as well. Arthritis and carpal tunnel are the pits. I also use rubs/creams…but for super quick relief it’s the gloves or soaking my hands in warm water with Epsom Salts in the water. I have cut back the length of time that I knit or crochet and do whichever in short bursts. I wish you well in this… it’s hard to deal with some days. 🙂

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