Stitch Gallery & Glossary Episode #7: Crocodile Stitch

Stitch Gallery & Glossary Episode #7: Crocodile Stitch

Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make the Crocodile Stitch

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Materials Used:
Red Heart Yarns Creme de la Creme Cotton Yarn
Crochet Hook


Crocodile Stitch

US Terms

Chain a Multiple of 10+1
Row 1: 2DC in 6th chain from hook, *Chain 1, Skip 2 chains, DC in next, Chain 1, Skip 2 chains, 2 DC in next chain, repeat from * across, ending with DC in last chain, turn.
Row 2: Chain 1, *5 DC around the next DC,Β work 5 Front Post DC up the post of 2nd DC, Slip Stitch into the next DC, repeat from * across, ending with Slip stitch in last stitch, turn.
Row 3: Ch up 3 (counts as DC), DC in same spot as chain up 3 stitch, *Chain 1, DC in eye of crocodile stitch, Chain 1, 2 DC in next slip stitch, repeat from * across, ending with 2 DC in last stitch, Turn.
Row 4: Ch 3 (counts as DC of first crocodile stitch), 4 DC around first DC, work 5 Front Post DC up the post of the 2nd DC, Slip stitch to next DC, *5 DC around next DC, work 5 Front Post DC up the post of the next DC, Slip stitch into the next DC, repeat from * across, ending with 5 Front post DC up the last DC, turn.
Row 5: Ch 1, Sl st into eye of Crocodile Stitch, Ch up 4 (counts as DC+Chain 1 space), *2 DC in next Slip Stitch, Chain 1, DC in next Crocodile Stitch, chain 1, repeat from * across, ending with DC in last crocodile Stitch. Turn.
Repeat Rows 2-5 as many times as you want!

Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)
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  1. Hooray! I am so glad you are teaching these various stitches. I learned a lot of these with 365 Days of Granny Square, but when there are patterns that call for different or difficult stitches, I have to look them up on you tube, now I can just view yours.

    You are one of the best teachers out there! Go Nadia!

  2. Hi am not sure where to contact you ,i would like to know if you would or could do a tutorial video on the Ravelry Blue Star pattern by Kathy Blakely published May 1998

  3. Thank you for making such clear tutorials. This is a great way to expand one’s knowledge of crochet stitches!

  4. I’m late to the croc party – but this really helps! Made it easy to understand and execute

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