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  • FREE Crochet Video Tutorial: The Uptown Blanket Scarf - Uptown means of, in, or characteristic of the residential area of a city or town. Which brings us to the perfect setting for The Uptown Blanket Scarf I made! This piece can be worn anywhere, but definitely has an urban fashion feel that wraps you up and protects you from the hustle and bustle as […]
  • FREE Written Crochet Pattern: The Uptown Blanket Scarf - As soon as the summer ends and the temperature starts to change, I get started on all my fall and winter fashion pieces. I love creating new designs for Nate, but this piece isn’t just for the guys in your life! This can be made for anyone. Here, I am using Comfort yarn from Red […]
  • FREE Crochet Video Tutorial: Sweet Dream Romper - This Sweet Dream Romper has been designed to be part of our Halloween costume. I am planning to release pieces of this ensemble from now through mid-October. Each piece will complete our three cosplay costumes that we designed for “Where The Wild Things Are,” a book by Maurice Sendak. Nasir is going to be Max. […]
  • FREE Written Crochet Pattern: Sweet Dream Romper - Each year, we try to find a fun and exciting costumes for Halloween, and I love to take you on this journey with me. As each piece of the costume is released, I will update my blog to bring more and more pieces to life. Be sure to follow along to see all these updates! […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Chain Weaver Slouchy Hat - Have you ever wanted to try a bit of weaving? How about incorporating a little weaving with your crochet? My Chain Weaver Slouchy hat brings these two crafts together to make one great project! Perfect for cooler nights that are soon to be upon us here in the North, this slouchy hat is very easy […]
  • Crochet Baby Toys Round-Up - Oooh I’m all about the baby toys right now and that has brought me to compiling a round-up blog for some of my favorite patterns!! You are guaranteed to find something in this blog post that will brighten up any nursery, please any mama or mama-to-be, be perfect for gift giving, and bring so much […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: The Bow-tastic Hat - For those of us who are all about wearing fabulous accessories, let me present The Bow-tastic Hat!! This hat allows for you to interchange the bow in order to match your #OOTD (outfit of the day)!! This winter wear provides lots of chances to take one item and change it up to match several things […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Boho Scarf Headband - My Boho Scarf Headband is  an EASY project that is perfect for summer! Whether it is to keep your hair off of your face or out of your eyes for any reason, this cute boho scarf is a little accessory to add to your summer (or all year-round) wardrobe. This design was made with Scrubby […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Where Love Grows Afghan Block - This afghan block is part of the Wedding Blanket CAL that Marly Bird is hosting on her website!! See more details about it here! My contribution to this crochet-along is the “Where Love Grows Afghan Block.” It has a floral design to it and it is very fitting to a wedding theme of love and […]
  • FREE Crochet Tutorial: Adult Mens Chunky Slippers - We all love a comfortable pair of house slippers. The guys in our lives are no exception. With Father’s Day right around the corner, why not make Dad a pair of these fantastic Chunky Boot Slippers. Perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing around the house. Add a leather or vinyl non-skid bottom to […]
  • FREE Crochet Tutorial: Happy Hues Sampler Baby Blanket - Last week, we took a tour of my new nursery that my mom and I set up. (see it here!!) It was so much fun to see the colors come to life, the artwork get hung, and the crib readied for baby’s arrival. Today, I am introducing the Happy Hues Sampler Baby Blanket. This luxurious […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Sand-n-Sea Beach Tunic - Head to the beach with this boho-inspired swimsuit cover-up! Not heading to the beach? Why not wear this Sand-n-Sea Beach Tunic over a tank top with Jean cut-offs or over your favorite sundress! Really you can NOT go wrong with this top! Next time you head to the water, you will want to have this […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Star Ring Rattle Teething Toy - I tried a new project that is simple enough for the beginner and fun for the seasoned crocheter! The Star Ring Rattle is perfect for any baby nursery, gift, or layette!   My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away. Support YARNutopia today so we […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Fair Isle Knee High Socks - Using the Fair Isle crochet stitch, I created these knee high socks!! This design makes the contrasting color look like mini hearts!! These socks are so incredibly warm and fashionable! I have made socks working from the cuff down to the toes, but this sock is created starting from the toes and working its way […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Baby Hiking Sandals - Summer season is around the corner. Time to start getting that wardrobe ready. Here is a cute little addition for baby’s layette. These baby hikers can be made in any color and added to any outfit for just the right touch!     My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Think Spring Cowl - Groundhog Day came with the promise of spring, but with the way the Wisconsin weather has been, you would never know! So it is time to think spring with my new Think Spring Cowl! This lightweight beauty was created using this elegant yarn by Willow Yarns. Verbena was the perfect fiber for this piece with […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Otter Amigurumi - Another year of *playful* Punny Valentine’s have come to an end! These have been truly *otter* this world, and I hope they left you like you are *swimming* in love and happiness! I always try to do my best *otter-wise* it defeats the purpose of doing these. No time to get *laid back* over these […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Bunch of Grapes Amigurumi - I’m “grape-ful” that we are about to wind down another year of puns! Everyone has done a “grape” job with sharing even more puns and projects along the way. I think we all did a whole “bunch” for “raisin” awareness how punny Valentine’s Day can be. I was a bit “crushed” and practically let out […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Clam Shell Amigurumi with Pearl Bead - Today, I am happy as a *clam!* I am about to *open up* to all of you and share with you how much you are all *chowder* this world! When I face a new project or new pun, I think “Nadia, the creative world is your *oyster!*” I am not trying to dispense huge *pearls* […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Octopus Keychain - Wouldn’t it be awesome to have more “arms” to crochet? I think it would be “ink-redible,” and I am not “squidding!” I would be well “armed” to take on any project and could “octopi” my time more efficiently! I would “squeeze” a lot more projects into my schedule and would “sea” a boost in productivity! […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Pineapple Jar Cozy - I have a *sweet* new project *fresh* off the hook! I just love it *tid-bits!!* This Pineapple Jar Cozy started out to be a *pine* in my neck, and I started to *pine* away for an easier project! I was feeling a bit *crushed,* but in the end, this piece turned out so *pine!* Now […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Egg Amigurumi - I’ve been a little “terra-fried” to try another year of Valentine Puns. I was so “eggs-cited” to give it a “fry,” but at the last minute I “scrambled” to come up with some funny, punny projects. So, I sat down with an “egg-spresso” and got to work on seven new puns that are pretty “egg-cellent” […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Simple Infant Booties - I have a sweet, brand new niece to crochet things for! Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law!! ❤️ Girl things, boy things, we have it all covered in this family! Check out the tutorial for these super simple booties and make bunches of them today!! Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Owl Be Warm Hat - The Owl Be Warm Hat is such a fabulous hat for your winter wardrobe!! Use Hygge Yarn from Red Heart Yarns to add mounds of texture to this fluffy piece! Change things up with this hat to make it uniquely your own–Eye color, Pom Poms, and yarn color can give this owl different characteristics! Even […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Wiggles & Giggles Baby Blanket - Well, the time has come to start stocking up on a few nice essentials for baby! I made the Wiggles and Giggles Baby Blanket as the first piece in my baby’s layette! This design uses the double crochets to make a zig-zag design that creates beautiful rich texture. It also creates a completely different profile on […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Festive Wreath - On the LAST of our 12 Days of Christmas project I present to you this lovely wreath! Using a simple leaf design, dress up a door wreath for the holiday or ANY time of the year! This lovely home decor accent is the perfect way to greet your guests this holiday season! Happy, Happy Holidays […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Mitten Gift Card Holder - A mitten gift card holder is a perfect way to showcase your gift for those hard to buy for people on your list! This 11th Day of Christmas projects is easy and fun and will add just the right personal touch.   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this cute […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Rose Flower Headband & Floral Wedding Bouquet - On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me….Flowers! Haha! I made a holiday headband using the same flower design I used in my bridal bouquets for my wedding earlier this year! I used a small bead detail to adorn the center for the perfect touch! Don’t need a headband? Don’t worry, […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Poinsettia with Pearls - Day 9 is here!! With it brings us this Poinsettia with Pearls! It’s a perfect lampshade ornament or dress up that tree! No matter which way you choose, you can’t go wrong with this lovely accent piece. Oooohhh…another idea–make several and cascade them down a stairway banister! So many options!!   Follow along with this […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Peppermint Candy Garland - Holiday Garland is the next project on our 12 Days of Christmas journey!     Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make this garland: My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away. Support YARNutopia today so we can continue to bring you clear, […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Paw Print Ornament - Represent the pets this Christmas with this sweet Paw Print Ornament! Make one today and have a “PAWSOME” holiday!!   Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make this project:   My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away. Support YARNutopia today so we […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Festive Teapot Cozy - Time for tea! ☕ This tea cozy is the perfect way to dress up your service set and keep the chill away on a blustery morning.   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this teapot cozy:   My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Tree Greeting Card - Using basic crochet skills and a few buttons, you can make this simple greeting card in time for the holidays! This is the 5th project for our 12 Days of Christmas project!   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this greeting card: My dad will continue to be the videographer, […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Mistletoe Sprig - Spice up your holiday with a bough of Mistletoe! Hang this among your Christmas decor as a sign of love and friendship. This project is Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas projects! December is already flying by!     Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this simple project: […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Santa Bottle Topper - Here’s a great holiday project gift idea for many people on your list. This Vintage Inspired Santa Bottle Topper is a perfect adornment for any bottle. Whether it’s a bottle of fine olive oil, wine or other beverages, bath/spa products or more, this little guy is the best accessory to dress that gift up! What […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Polar Bear Cup Cozy - It’s December! We are beginning our 12 Days of Christmas project! Wisconsin is in for a major snowstorm tonight! Time to grab your hook and get going on this adorable Polar Bear Cup Cozy! It’s perfect for dressing up all your hot beverages! Pair these with a gift card and they make fantastic stocking stuffers. […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Bow Greeting Card with Gift Card Holder - Everyone loves a touch of homemade at the holidays. Why not add those touches to your greeting cards and add a gift card for those “hard to buy for” friends or family on your list!! Try this fun bow greeting card and add a gift card in the front of it!! Enjoy!!   Follow along […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Give Thanks Wreath - It’s the time of year to prepare for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, The New Year! We are not limited to only this time to Give Thanks,, but it is a time to deeply reflect on the gratitude we feel for all we have. Here is my Give Thanks Bunting Banner Wreath. An extremely simple pattern […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Patchouli Poncho - There are a variety of fiber textures that I used to create this eclectic boho-inspired poncho! I decided to create this free-flowing Patchouli Poncho that just begs you to get outdoors on a beautiful day and feel the sunshine pour down upon you! I used my Sublime Light Granny Square from the 365 Days of […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Spider Web Wrap - The Spider Web Wrap is ready for you to spin up on your hooks!! You will be able to make this quick and easy project faster than anyone can say Trick-or-Treat! Using all double crochet stitches we will make the wrap first, then add the lines that section off each corner using surface crochet stitches.  […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Vampire Bat Baby Booties - How about some Vampire Bat Booties forrrr your little one? Do you vant to make a pair forrrr Halloveen?? Mwuahaha 🦇 These baby bootie slippers are so fun for any bat lover or Halloween costume! Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make these booties: Support YARNutopia today so we can continue […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Green Costume Wig - This is the last piece I crocheted to finalize our Halloween Costumes this year! Check out the famous Green Wig as part of Nate’s Halloween Costume! You can make this in all different colors and make it your own!! Enjoy!!   Here is the full costume ensemble for our Halloween 2018 celebration!! You can see […]
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Characters Happy Halloween 2018 - Happy Halloween from Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompa!   Get the crochet pattern for the Adult Sized Knickers Nate is wearing here! Get the crochet pattern for the Vertical Striped Leg Warmers Nate is wearing here! Get the crochet pattern for the lollipops here! Get the pattern for the cardigan Nadia is wearing here! […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Steampunk Cardigan - Come with me, and you will be In a world of Pure (Crochet) Imagination! You can see this cardigan was made for our Halloween costumes for 2018, but you can use this cardigan any time of year!! You can see my past years costumes here: 2015 Costumes 2016 Costumes 2017 Costumes Each year I try […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Adult Knickers Pants with Suspenders - We’re getting closer!! Here is the next installment of our Halloween costume. Adult knickers! Enjoy this tutorial!! Here is the full costume that these knickers were made for: You can see my past years costumes here: 2015 Costumes 2016 Costumes 2017 Costumes Each year I try to create costumes more epic than the one’s before. […]
  • Knitting Tutorial: Finger Knitting The Fluffy Hugs Chunky Blanket - Finger knitting a chunky throw blanket is easier than you think! Follow along with me when I make this beautiful Fluffy Hugs Blanket!     In this video tutorial I teach how to make this blanket with no tools but your fingers!! Make this super chunky knit blanket and snuggle up in a bulky throw!! […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Chic Twist Headwrap - Ooh la la everyone! It’s that time of year in the northern hemisphere! Get out your hooks for the latest fall fashion Chic Twist Headwrap!! Using only ONE SKEIN of Chic Sheep Yarn by Marly Bird you can make this fun fall accessory! In fact, you can make two! If you ever planned to try the Chic […]
  • How to Crochet Tutorial: Candy Swirl Pillow - Hello Everybody! I just wanted to “lolli-POP” into your news feed to share our next installment of our Halloween Costumes!! I’m a “Sucker” for swirls and vibrant colors! These Candy Swirl Pillows are such a “Sweet Treat” to add to any room of the house!! See the Lolli-PoPs in the background of our Halloween Costume […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Soft Hygge Beanie Hat - Hygge (/ˈhjuːɡə/ HEW-gə or /ˈhuːɡə/ HOO-gə) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfort with feelings of wellness and contentment.  That is exactly what this Soft Hygge Beanie Hat is—cozy and comfortable! Using the Tunisian Simple Stitch and new Hygge Yarn from Red Heart Yarns, this design can be worked […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Vintage Inspired Pelerine Collar - A Pelerine Collar is a cape-like collar that goes to the shoulder or covers the shoulder. Such collars were popular in the 1830s and part of popular fashion. My spin off an old idea has me creating my very own crochet style pelerine collar in a more modern fashion statement. Dress up a plain or simple […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Vertical Striped Leg Warmers - This is part of our Halloween Costumes for 2018! As you can see in this photo, I incorporated these leg warmers in Nate’s costume, but you can use these for any time of the year and for yoga!!   The time has come for us to start planning for the big Halloween Cosplay that I […]
  • Video Tutorial: Make Your Mark Bookmark - My second installment of this series is the Make Your Mark Bookmark! This EASY BEGINNER project is THE perfect gift for the book lover in your life! Paired with a great novel, this handmade addition will make gift giving more special! I have the first Ribbon Bookmark installment here. Watch this video tutorial to learn […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Arrows and Fringe Boho Fashion Scarf - When you think of boho-style fashion, what comes to mind? Most people might immediately think of bare feet with bell bottom jeans and funky headbands. Although one can incorporate those two fashion pieces tastefully into a modern boho outfit, things have come a long way in modern times! Yes, we draw inspiration from the early […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Bookmark with a Ribbon - My mom has a bookmark exchange in her book club and asked me to make a few bookmarks, everybody wins in this case because I made this bookmark and filmed a video tutorial with my dad! Mark your pages in elegant style with this bookmark. No more dog-eared pages, using an old receipt or torn […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Butterfly Lovey - “Butterflies can’t see their wings. They cannot see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can…” Today’s project is this darling Butterfly Lovey. I love the three dimensional look of this piece. You can get as creative as you like with this project! I can imagine the variety of vivid hues one can use […]
  • Help Make Turtles for Mental Health Awareness - Recently, one of our followers reached out asking for some assistance for an important cause. She is a mental health advocate and public speaker. She asked me for help to make small crocheted turtles. MHATs or Mental Health Awareness Turtles, will be distributed to patients who are dealing with traumatic experiences that led to their […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Autumn Nights Cardigan - As summer is at it’s peak, it’s hard to imagine that in less than two months the weather will be quite different here in Wisconsin. I love the four seasons, but I am much more of a warm weather girl than one who embraces the cold. For that reason, I try to be prepared for […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Dual Sided Washcloth - My Dual Sided Washcloth is a great multipurpose solution for all your cleaning needs. From cleaning to scrubbing, this versatile project will be useful for everything in between! Using these two yarns by Red Heart Yarns, I created a unique product that is not only a handy cleaning solution, it also makes great gift ideas […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Simple Baby Socks - I just finished the third installment for the Happy Hearts Baby Dress and Vintage Style Baby Bonnet!! I absolutely LOVE creating matching layette sets when designing items for babies!! Enjoy making all three projects and giving them as gifts! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make these adorable socks: My dad will continue […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Tic Tac Toe Game and Tote - Summer is here and the kids are home all day long! What better way to bring in the summer than with great activities that don’t require the TV or any electronic devices. Do you have a roadtrip planned? How about a day at the beach? Camping anyone? No matter where you go, even if it […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Vintage Style Baby Bonnet - I love to create matching layette sets when designing items for babies. I love the idea of a cute dress with matching accessories. Today, I have the second installment for the Happy Hearts Baby Dress. I designed a Vintage Style Baby Bonnet. This sweet baby hat has similar ruffle detail as seen on the cap […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Pom Poms and Pineapples Poncho - June marks the official start of the summer season here in the northern hemisphere. It is the month when I get geared up to create a lot of fun-in-the-sun crochet patterns that are perfect for this time of year. Here is a pattern to launch that collection of great summer designs! My Pom Poms and […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Happy Hearts Baby Dress - It has been quite a while, but I finally completed my latest infant fashion piece! My Happy Hearts Baby Dress is a lovely one piece cotton frock made with Red Heart Yarns Scrubby Smoothie. This lovely dress has tiny popcorn stitch detail on the skirt creating two stacked hearts. The simple ruffle creates a cap […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Colorful Visions Afghan - If you have ever looked through a changing kaleidoscope, you are aware that by a slight shift, the designs change giving you colorful visions with each turn. That inspired my Colorful Visions Afghan! This colorful throw is bursting with 7 different hues of the magnificent Marly Bird Chic Sheep Yarn and combined to take your […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Catnip Sardine Toy - I have found that my kitties love a good catnip buzz! These two crazy cats go a bit nuts when I put out some nip or have a toy that has that scent. But I found that paying $5-$7 for a little mouse or stuffed ball is too much to keep these cats happy. Instead, […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Anatomical Heart Amigurumi - Nate loves a good horror movie, I love crochet and “Poe”try, and we both love to love. I hope I’ve captured the essence of that in this project!! I’ve got to “hand” it to you, he’s definitely got my “heart.” I hope you didn’t think that was “tachy.” I’ve tried to “organ”ize my puns so […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Bunny Ear Headband - I’ve traded in my wedding veil for a pair of rabbit ears just in time for Easter!! My Bunny Ear headband is inspired by the Snapchat filters we love to share! Now you can make your very own! This jeweled accessory is perfect for kids and adults alike. Kids love to dress up and these […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Pommin’ Around Cowl - Although winter will officially end next month, Wisconsin weather is very temperamental. We see snow even as late as May. As I plan out my future projects, I decided to add a quick cowl to the mix. This Pommin’ Around Cowl is an easy repeat pattern using Grit Stitch. The pom detail on the one […]
  • My Punny Valentine 2018 - The tradition continues with my annual Punny Valentine’s. Each year, I create these silly sentiments using crochet and puns. I try to be as creative and amusing as possible. I do, however, have to match a pun to something I can create using my crochet magic. It is NOT easy, let me tell you, this […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Carrot Amigurumi - Well today is VALENTINE’S DAY!! ❤❤ I am getting *artichoked* up! You probably thought I didn’t *carrot* all that this was coming to the finish line! I knew the end of the pun series would *turnip* sooner or later and I know many of you were *rooting* for these to be over. I *bean* thinking […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Fortune Cookie - If I had a nickel for every pun I had to come up with, I would have plenty of *dough* and be worth a *fortune*! I’ve had pretty *good luck* these past two weeks, I would say. I am feeling like a smart *cookie* coming up with these clever captions! Some may think I am […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Simple Basket - I’m *vine-ally* coming to the last few days of puns! I’ve been a *basket-case* trying to think of great ideas that are *ex-straw-dinary* and fun. I know some of you can’t *container* feelings about what you think. Some think they are *unbe-weave-able*, others think they are pretty *rattan*! I have been a bit *bamboo-zled* over […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Shamrock Appliqué - I am trying not to *press my luck*, but I do like to press the boundaries of these puns! Hey, I’m a *clover*, not a fighter! And I don’t fight against or *tre-foil*-ing the flow of creativity that comes to my mind. So I go all in, sometimes getting a bit *clover-whelmed* with pun overload! […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Heart Bookmark - *Read* ’em & weep! Roses are well *read* Violets are *heart-y* It is always *heart-warming* When you open up to me ❤ This weekend I’m *lit-erally* running out of punny ideas! Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this project: My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Pickle Amigurumi - It’s kind of a big *dill* to come up with these little projects and matching puns each day. I am *gherkin* round the clock to keep these going for two weeks. When I find myself in a bit of a *pickle*, and it’s *crunch* time to post, I try to stay as *cool as a […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Watermelon Scrubby - Thanks a *melon* everyone, for indulging me with these puns!! These are my love letters for MY Valentine! As Nate and I pre*pear* 🍐 for our wedding next month, all I *peel* is happiness. We do our *berry* best to handle all the wonderful chaos coming our way. But with that, comes a bit of […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Panda Plush Amigurumi - *Bear* with me while I think of more puns…just kidding, I am *bearly* awake! This is all I got. Happy Monday everybody!!   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this project: My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away. Support […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Poppy Flower - When I *rose* up this morning, I thought to myself, oopsie *daisy* I am not prepared for my post today! I was like, “What in *carnation* do I write about in today’s puns?” I would be *pollen* your leg if I told you that I was prepared for today’s punny caption about flowers! I was […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Acorn Amigurumi - It might be *acorn-y* way to start out your Saturday morning, but I am trying to show you *nuttin* but love with my Valentine Puns! Honestly, there’s *nut* much better than starting the weekend with a bit of humor! *Oak-ay, oak-ay*! It’s *nut* my fault if some of these get a little cringe-y! Well, it […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Love Bunny Amigurumi - *Hare, Hare* I hope you are *all ears* when I announce later on, this cute rabbit amigurumi will be going live on my blog! I’ll be hoppin’ all over the place trying to make that happen so you can enjoy a new project today. Just in time *fur* Easter, I think you will find this […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Bacon and Eggs Amigurumi - Today, I am feeling *sunny-side up* as I launch my punny Valentine series! I have been pretty *egg-cited* and looking forward to making these for you! In the next 14 days, you might see *eggs-traordinarily* bad puns, but rest assured these are only temporary. I am *bacon* out these puns only once a year. So […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Warm and Fuzzy Headband - The Warm and Fuzzy Headband is just what I needed following a fresh Wisconsin snowfall!! So I made one up and had to share this fantastic pattern with you!! This couture headband is just what you need to top off your snow day wardrobe! I added a fuzzy pom to complete this design which is […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Nadia’s Wonderfully Warm Mittens - I am making the best out of these frigid temps this week as I finish yet another weather inspired pattern. With temperature well below zero and brutal wind chills, it is no wonder that my mind is always thinking of ways to stay as snug and cozy as I possibly can! Nadia’s Wonderfully Warm Mittens […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Wrapped in Jewels Shawl - My wedding is in March 2018!! I chose regal jewel tone colors for my bridesmaids. Each one of my girls will be gifted my Wrapped In Jewels Shawl accented with pearlized beads and created in their coordinate colors! This beautiful ombre shawl uses Red Heart Super Saver Ombre to create this elegant and striking gradient […]
  • My Top 10 Crochet Patterns of 2017 - My top ten pattern blogs of 2017 are compiled here in one place! Maybe you have made one or maybe you have made them all, or maybe there are some on your “to do list.” Whatever the case, these great projects are sure to be great hits for gifts or for yourself! Some of these […]
  • Crochet Tutorial: Houndstooth Stocking Hat - Who doesn’t love the drama of a great hat? It is the finishing touch to an outfit. The proverbial “cherry on top.” Each hat we wear makes a statement. Why not make that statement with a fun Houndstooth Stocking Hat this year? Picture everyone in their holiday pajamas and each head capped with one of […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Penguin Ornament - This Penguin Ornament is our twelfth and last pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This is such a cute little crocheted gift to adorn your tree or use it instead of a bow on a package for anyone on your gift giving list!   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Holly and Berries Ornament - This Holly and Berries Ornament is our eleventh pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This is such a cute little crocheted gift to adorn your tree or use it instead of a bow on a package for anyone on your gift giving list!   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Santa Ornament - This Santa Ornament is our tenth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This is such a cute little crocheted gift to adorn your tree or use it instead of a bow on a package for anyone on your gift giving list!   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Wreath Ornament - This Wreath Ornament is our ninth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This is such a cute little crocheted gift to adorn your tree or use it instead of a bow on a package for anyone on your gift giving list!   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to […]
  • 12 Days of Christmas: Sheep Ornament - This Sheep Ornament is our eighth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This is such a cute little crocheted gift to adorn your tree or use it instead of a bow on a package for anyone on your gift giving list!   Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to […]
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Minion Hat

Three Layered Flower

Heart Appliques (Two Videos)

Baby Blanket using Shell Stitch 

Boot Cuffs

Basic Beanie Hat

Granny Square

Diaper Cover

Bow (many different sizes)

Badger Hat

Mermaid Outfit for a Baby

Multi-Colored Baby Booties

Monster Pants (6-12 Months)

Basic Baby Booties

Football Helmet Hat

Baby Blanket

Anchor Appliqué

Mermaid Afghan (3 sizes available)

Adult Barefoot Sandals 

Knight in Shining Armor Hat

Simple Mini Basket 

Granny Square Cardigan

Desert Sunset Tote Bag

Death Star

Cell Phone Case

iPad Case 

Beard for Hats 

Transform your Flip Flops 

Dolls–Bride and Groom

Baby Caterpillar Cocoon

Ribbon and Bow Hat

Sandals with a Bow

Baby Dress with a Bow 

Baby outfit with Bows–3-Piece set

Spiral Circular Scrubby 

Owl Amigurumi 

Baby Bonnet


Passion for Fashion Scarf

One Skein Beret 

Hexagonal Granny Hooded Cardigan 

Simple Chunky Boot Cuffs

Chunky Bobble Stitch Scarf 

Ripple Puff Stitch Baby Blanket 

Frankenstein Hat 

Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Slouchy Hat

Candy Corn Leg Warmers

Booties with the Fur

Trick-or-Treat Bag

Ninja Turtle Hat

Spooky Eyeballs

Seasonal Jar Covers

Cat Paw Handwarmers with Fur

Yoda Hat (Toddler Size)

Pop Art Wig

Sugar Skull Ski Mask

Cheshire Cat Hoodie

Turkey Hat

Gentleman’s Scarf

The Enchantress Bonnet

Chunky Wavy Hat with Pom (Adult Size)

Chunky Beanie with Pom

Happy Snowman Headband

Pizzazz Poncho

Shark Blanket


Christmas Lights Hat

Crochet Around an Ornament

Santa Cup Cozy

Bow Garland

Turban Headband

Star Ornament

Vertical Cable Stitch Cowl

Turtleneck Fringe Cowl

Football Headband

1-UP & Power Up Mushroom Hat from Super Mario Bros.

Slouchy Mesh Hat with Brim

Neela Pani Granny Square

Earring Embellishment

Lariat Necklace

Lace Collar Necklace

Pixie Puff Baby Bonnet

Desert Shell Granny Square

Crochet Cat Amigurumi

The G.G. (Gorgeous Gal) Cardigan

Crochet Around Earbud Cords

Knee-High Socks

Real Wheel Granny Square

No-Sew Market Bag with Crocheted Edge

Mini Square Infant Hat

Mini Square Baby Shoes

Mini Square Baby Dress

Mini Square Bunny Lovey

Nintendo NES Controller Pixel Blanket

Fine Dining Bow-tie Bib

Infant Pullover Hoodie

Basket Weave Baby Hat

Little Gentleman Baby Booties

Baby Boy Knickers with Suspenders

Beach Swimsuit Cover-Up

Double Flower Headband

Elmo Hat

Hometown Honey Sunhat

Tribal Barefoot Sandals

Summer Shawl

Floral Dream Crown

Cable Crochet Headband

Minecraft Creeper Hat

Color Pop Baby Blanket

Sassy Summer Bikini

Sun-Kissed Crop Top

Spike Statement Necklace

Vivacious Attitude Granny Square

Be the Light Granny Square

Poppin’ Petals Purse

Hey Daisy Bouquet Granny Square

Blooming Daydreams Throw Pillow

Blooming Daydreams Granny Square

Celestial Delight Granny Square

Floral Palisade Granny Square

Dazzling Dragonfly Granny Square

Cornershop Granny Square

Flower Bunch Granny Square

Charming Chain Granny Square

Wrinkled Rose Granny Square

In Full Bloom Granny Square

Enchanted Rose Cape

In the Garden Granny Square

Snail’s Pace Granny Square

Beast Hat

Butterfly Effect Granny Square

The Web We Weave Granny Square

Classic Man Scarf

Pastel Overload Granny Square

Faux Fur Trapper Hat

Diamond Block Granny Square

Gorilla Hat

Spinning Spider Granny Square

Autumn Flower Granny Square

Halloween Table Runner

Sublime Light Granny Square

Beast Costume Gloves

Soul Shine Granny Square

Wild Flower Days Granny Square

Princess Costume Skirt

Princess Costume Shirt

Autumn Meadow Granny Square

Hello, Sunshine Granny Square

Birthday Wish Granny Square

Dynamic Window Granny Square

Unicorn Slippers

Fallen Leaves Cup Cozy

The Joyful Teapot Cozy

Frosty Flakes Granny Square

Berry Giving Granny Square

Fabulous Flurries Tree Skirt

Bows and Bells Napkin Rings

Bebe’s Holiday Pet Sweater

Rustic Evergreen Ornament

Holly-Days Booties

Winter Snowman Coasters

Sparkling Wine Beverage Bag

Shred The Slopes Hat

Freestyle Fingerless Gloves

Sparkle and Puff Holiday Cones

On the Fringe Cushion

Festive Pom Boot Cuffs

Let’s Bake a Cake Apron

Firework Pop Granny Square

Let Your Buns Out Hat

Tutti Frutti Crochet Slippers

Harlequin Leg Warmers

Warm Waffles Hooded Cowl

Warm Waffles Handwarmers

Sharp Dressed Man Vest

Woven Dreams Baby Blanket

Steampunk and Stars Cowl

Two Peas in a Pod

Volcano Bag

Leaf Applique

Mouse and Cheese Amigurumi

Mushroom Amigurumi

Avocado Amigurumi

Corn Amigurumi

Tomato Amigurumi

Bumble Bee Amigurumi

String of Hearts Cup Cozy

Fish Amigurumi

Scientist Amigurumi

Gnome Amigurumi

Lemons to Lemonade Pillow

All Year Round Poncho

Patchwork Medley Baby Blanket

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  2. I just finished my Granny Square Cardigan and I am so tickled pink! It is so super comfy and warm. I will be using it all summer long at the evening concerts and play at our local park, as it is by the ocean and can be cooler in the night.

    The ENTIRE time I was crocheting it I had such joy! At first sight I loved it, and the video was so easy to understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your craft and bringing joy into my week as you have.

  3. Nadia ,
    Thank you for the use of your many amazing patterns! I have become a devoted follower of yours. You are truly amazing ,with such an inspiring outlook on life. I am very aware of the trials and tribulations you have had to over come and I honour your determination to make the best out of life.
    Thank you again for kindly allowing us to use your wonderful patterns!!

  4. You are so awesome! Just finished mermaid blanket for my niece- couldn’t have done it without video tutorial! Huge Thank you-
    Now, my son is asking for a shark blanket- any chances is you doing a video for one of those?
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    Thank you for making such wonderful videos. They are so easy to follow you are a great teacher. Both cardigans turned out just perfect. You have made crocheting a breeze can’t wait to see your next big project.

  8. Nadia, Thank you for an amazing mermaid blanket pattern! It was easy to follow and the tutorial explained some sections that I had questions for. I was looking for something different to make for my 4 year old niece, I think she will adore it! I was going to adapt the mermaid blanket to make a shark for her 2 year old brother, but lo and behold, you posted one!! Thank you again!

  9. I wish I could post a pic of the baby mermaid tail I did!!! Thank you so much for doing this video!! It makes an awesome baby gift!!!

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  12. Dou you take requests? I stumbled on videos from Helenmay. She has the sweetest cacoon and matching hat as well as a baby blanket done in a similar stitch. The main problem is, she shoots from the side front. For someone trying to learn I can’t see what she is doing. I would love to make the cacoon and hat as my second project. Could you make us a video. She said the pattern isn’t written down. Your a much better teacher. Could your mermaid be turned into a cacoon? Could you also give lessons on pattern reading. I wanted to learn crochet because my late aunt made Xmas snowflakes when I was little. I have purchased a book but for me it’s in another language. Need your help. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for your courageous story and your awesome videos. I haven’t crocheted for a while, and your video was just what I needed to get going again. I’m going to have a new grandchild, and I was delighted to find your shell baby blanket video. Going to get my yarn today and get started!

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  20. Hi Nadia – I came across your site last fall and thanks to your amazing tutorial was able to make 2 mermaid blankets for my granddaughters for Christmas and then 2 baby blankets for beautiful additions to the family in the new year. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and knowledge with us. You are truly gifted 😊

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    • That is so wonderful! I’m so glad you found my site and the tutorials have helped you so much! I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the 365 Days of Granny Squares project! Keep at it! The year is almost over! Thank you so much for your comment! ~Nadia

  23. Greetings Nadia

    I hope you are doing much better. I just read about your health problems.
    I want to thank you for the Adult Mermaid Tail in 3 sizes.
    Do you have it in child’s sizes?

    Thank you.

    Linda Ruelas

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    Please stay well and take care!

  28. I love your tutorials and thanks i love to chochet. The thing is…. i would like to make a “tunika”, like a long sweater or a short dress. I hope you can help me with a tutorial.

    Love Hanna Lindholm from Sweden

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