2020 Mystery Crochet-Along

2020 Mystery Crochet-Along

**To see the written instructions for each part, scroll down to the Schedule Section Below.**

This is my first ever Crochet Along that I will be hosting with another blogger and good friend of mine, Nicki from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts! We are keeping it a complete secret until the end, so we are calling this a Mystery Crochet Along to make things interesting.  This entire CAL is free and will be broken up into 5 PARTS throughout 2 weeks with a special *GIVEAWAY* at the end.

This is sponsored by WeCrochet.

The Mystery CAL Hosts

This Mystery CAL is hosted by me, Nadia from YARNutopia and my friend Nicki from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts. When Nicki asked me to join her in doing this M-CAL, I wasn’t going to turn down this amazing opportunity to work with such an incredible crochet designer! Nicki has helped me in so many ways throughout my crochet blogging journey, and I am honored to be part of this collaboration with her.


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How this will work:

You can follow both Nicki and myself on social media or sign up for our newsletters and of course join our Facebook groups. (All linked above) The Mystery CAL will be in 5 separate parts: 2 parts for me, 2 for Nicki, and 1 part that we both reveal at the end. The last part of the Mystery CAL will be similar, but not the same. We both start out with the same crochet pattern, but we will be finishing it differently. That way, we make it more fun and it provides you with *options* on how to finish it yourself. Who doesn’t love options?! Amirite?!


All the parts for this Mystery Crochet Along will have written instructions as well as an accompanying video tutorial to guide you through every step of the way. Here’s an example

For Part 1, you will go to Nicki’s website to see the written pattern and video tutorial. (I’ll share her link here so you don’t get lost).

Then, for Part 2, you will come here to my website to get the written pattern and video tutorial.

For part 3, you will go back to Nicki’s website for the instructions,

On part 4 you will come back to my website to get the information

And for part 5, the final one, you will get to choose between Nicki’s final option or mine-You will be able to view both and make your own choice based on what you like!

While you work on each part of the crochet pattern, we encourage you to share your progress pictures in our Facebook Groups using the hashtag #MCALNN

You have until 9/24/20 to finish the pattern, post the image of the final product using the hashtag #MCALNN to qualify for the GIVEAWAY!


How to qualify for the GIVEAWAY:

You can enter or take your time with the pattern and not enter–you still get a fabulous crocheted creation that you made in the end!

But here is how you qualify to be entered in the Giveaway:

  1. Join both Nicki’s and my newsletter (Find the Sign-up for Nicki’s Newsletter here)
    Sign up for my newsletter here
  2. Follow us on Facebook and SUBSCRIBE to both of our Youtube channels (Links are above)
  3. Post the image of your final product in our Facebook groups when you are finished (Before 9/24/2020)
  4. Use the hashtag #MCALNN when you post to our Facebook groups (you can post in both groups or just one group – you will still qualify for the giveaway)
  5. Post into our group with the image and hashtag no later than 9/24/20, midnight PT

Both Nicki and I will pick a winner to each win a product from WeCrochet with a $50 value. The Giveaway Winner announcement will take place on my Facebook page on 9/25/20 at 12pm, PT (3pm, ET).


The prizes you have a chance to win:

1. A Yarn Swift – Birch

2. The Hook Nook Designer Project Bag




Here are all the materials you will need for this Mystery Crochet Along:

(Click on the links below to get your supplies online)

4 different colors of worsted weight (Size 4 medium) yarn

I used WeCrochet’s Brava yarn with these colors (go to Nicki’s Page to see which colors and amounts of yarn she is using in her project)

-1 skein of Caution for Part 1
-1 skein of Marina for part 2
-2 Skeins of Asphalt Heather for Part 3
-2 skeins of Fairytale for Part 4 and 5
-4.0mm hook (Get the crochet hook I used here)
Measuring Tape
Tapestry Needle

Special Notes:

There are a few materials I can’t reveal just yet, as that would reveal the mystery right away

These materials are not essential at the beginning of the pattern

I will reveal them in part 5

To follow this M-CAL, you will need general and beginner-friendly knowledge of basic crochet stitches. Video tutorials will be provided for every part

GAUGE is NOT important, BUT measurements will be! PLEASE MEASURE!


When will this Mystery Crochet Along Happen?

The Mystery Crochet Along will be in 5 separate parts. You will likely not know *what* it will be until you see Part 5 of the CAL. We want to make sure you all have your materials you will need for the Mystery Crochet Along, we will give you all a week to collect your materials.

Then we will get started.

**See the schedule below for each part.**

We hope to have many people attend this Mystery Crochet Along!! It will be a complete mystery, although, we won’t tell you what it is to keep it fun and interesting. But, it will also be super exciting as we see you all working on it and get to tell the big reveal at the end!


Be sure to share this post with your crochet friends so they all can join in all the fun!!

This MCAL has STARTED!!! See each part below!



Mystery Crochet Along Pattern Parts:

Part 1:

Find PART 1 on Nicki’s Website HERE and her video tutorial HERE.

Be sure to follow Nicki’s YOUTUBE Channel and all of her other social media pages (Links are above for that)!

Also, SHARE your 6 TRIANGLES for PART 1 to our Facebook Groups (Both Nicki’s and Nadia’s) and use the hashtag #MCALNN for us to see and celebrate you!


Part 2:

Now available below – by Nadia

Make 6 Triangles

Use a color that you have ONE skein of

I picked Marina

Each triangle has the dimensions 7.5 (long side) x 5.5 (both short sides)  (if stretched it could also be 6 inches). Try to make sure your measurements match that.

Special stitches:
Ch(s): chain(s)
St(s): Stitch(es)
Sl st: slip stitch
SK: Skip
SC: Single Crochet

If you have any confusion or difficulty with reading this pattern, please watch the video tutorial to have visual instructions.

Make 6 Total Triangles in the same color (I used Marina for all 6 of my Triangles for Part 2)

Start with a Magic Ring (or Ch 4, sl st in first ch to form a ring)

Row 1: Ch 1, [SC, Ch 2, SC] into Ring, Ch 1, Turn.

Row 2: SC in first SC, Ch 1, [SC, Ch 2, SC] in ch 2 sp, Ch 1, SC in last st, Ch 1, Turn.

Row 3: SC in first st, Ch 1, SC in next Ch 1 Sp, Ch 1, [SC, Ch 2, SC] in Ch 2 sp, Ch 1, SC in next Ch 1 sp, Ch 1, SC in last st, Ch 1, Turn.

Row 4: SC in first st, *Ch 1, SC in next ch sp, repeat from * until Ch 2 sp, [SC, Ch 2, SC] in ch 2 sp, **Ch 1, SC in next ch 1 sp, repeat from ** until last st, Ch 1, and SC in last St. Ch 1, Turn.

Rows 5-14: Repeat Row 4
when your triangle is big enough, SC along the LONG side of your triangle 24 sts evenly. Fasten off and weave in all your ends.

Also, SHARE your 6 TRIANGLES for PART 2 to our Facebook Groups (Both Nicki’s and Nadia’s) and use the hashtag #MCALNN for us to see and celebrate you!

Follow along with this video tutorial for visual instructions on making this triangle for Part 2 of the Mystery Crochet Along:


Part 3:

Find PART 3 on Nicki’s Website HERE and her video tutorial HERE.

Make ONE of these rectangles.
Make sure it’s 15 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall when finished.


Be sure to follow Nicki’s YOUTUBE Channel and all of her other social media pages (Links are above for that)!

Also, SHARE your 6 TRIANGLES for PART 1, your 6 TRIANGLES for PART 2, AND This Large RECTANGLE to our Facebook Groups (Both Nicki’s and Nadia’s) and use the hashtag #MCALNN for us to see and celebrate you!


Part 4: coming 9/21/20 by Nadia

Part 5: coming 9/23/20 by Nicki & Nadia


I hope you will enjoy this Mystery CAL. After all the parts are published, I will publish this pattern as a stand-alone – still free – crochet pattern shortly after.

My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos even if we don’t live together.
Support YARNutopia today so we can continue to bring you clear, quality crochet tutorials even after I move into my new home!
There will be an added expense of more travel and hopefully this won’t deter our ability to provide consistent videos on a weekly basis.

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**You can always contact me via Facebook if you have any problems with the pattern. I am happy to help if you have any questions along the way.
***These patterns are copyright YARNutopia © so PLEASE DO NOT COPY, SHARE, ADJUST OR RESELL MY PATTERN. I wrote and tested this pattern myself, from beginning to end. It took a lot of time and work, and I would really like to have it remain “my pattern.”
***You can sell anything you make from my patterns, please just link back to my website YARNutopia.com. Thank you!


Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)
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The yarn provided for this pattern is courtesy of WeCrochet