Thank you YARNutopians!

Usually it’s only my hands that are seen. As we passed over the 100,000 subscribers mark on our YouTube channel, we felt the best way to express our gratitude to those who are watching, sharing, and recommending our videos was to post this small personal video of thanks.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to express all we wish to say to you for the love you have shown us over the past two years. Because of you, we have been able to do something we love. It is hard to believe that a few of years ago, I picked up a hook and a skein of yarn to help me cope with long stays in the hospital and that would lead me on this amazing path, but here we are!!!

I could not have reached this amazing goal without YOU, but my family has been instrumental in making YARNutopia what it is as well and deserve a mention of sincere thanks. My mom is my creative guidance, the person who helps me bounce around ideas, a constant support and best friend. My two older brothers and my sister-in-law are one of the most encouraging teams around! My nephew, who shows up from time to time as a model, is the cutest little guy anyone could ever ask for. And of course, Nate. He is the one who is there to cheer me on when I am frustrated and helps me untangle my yarn when my projects go awry! But the most important Thank you behind the scenes goes out to my Dad! His camera skills are unsurpassed and he does so much work in the studio that no one sees.

In this video, I am onscreen with my Dad, Fuad Azmat – yes, my dad comes out from behind the camera to give a huge shout-out to everyone and to tell you how much it means to us to have you as a part of our YARNutopia community. We love bringing you crochet tutorials and hope to continue to grow for years to come!

Thank you once again YARNutopians, you are the BEST!!

Happy Hooking! 

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  1. Your family is truly amazing…. but you, Nadia, are an inspiration. You’re a treasure, not just to those of us who crochet, but to anyone who needs courage, inspiration, and that creative nudge that helps us look beyond black clouds to what is possible in the future. Thank you so much… to you and your family. I hope you’re here helping us be creative for many, many years to come. <3

  2. What a precious video. So much love to you, your dad, mom and family and other loved ones. It was so good to see you and your dad. God bless you guys! And, THANK YOU for all the awesome tutorials, ideas and inspiration!

  3. Nadia dank je wel voor al de mooie haakwerken die je ons zo duidelijk uitlegt, en bedank ook heel de familie die je zo steunen met alles .
    Sorry ik kan geen engels maar kan je goed volgen super allemaal.
    Groetjes uit Nederland aan allemaal

  4. Wrong!!!! it`s not you who should thank, but ALL of us who follow you and talking for myself I have learned and enjoyed every single square I made, but most of all…. with that lovely voice you made me relax and forget my problems……THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Aww that is so sweet. I really appreciate every view you have given me. All the support and love I am shown is overwhelming in the best way possible. Thank you so much. ~Nadia

  5. Nadia … I want to thank you and your Dad for everything you do.. I have been with you since #1 Granny Square of the 365. I been suffering so bad with depression and PSTD and because of you and your dad I have found something that I am proud of, something to look forward to everyday. I have learned to make beautiful projects. Crocheting has been the best therapy and you are the best teacher. Thank you a million times
    Love Lisa

    • Thank you so much for your comment and your loyalty through the 365 Days of Granny Squares project! Crochet is definitely hands-down the best therapy! So glad you’re here! ~Nadia

  6. Nadia I have learned so much from you, And the old saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks has never been more wrong!! I am 61 years young and you my dear in the last 14 months have taught me so much, I am so thrilled for your success I know you will be making video’s for a long time to come. So i know i will be learning for many many more years. Much love to you and your family, And all the best in Your and YARNutopia’s future Here’s to your next 100,000 subscribers

  7. So thrilled for your success, you have worked so hard to get here overcome obstacles most of us can’t even imagine. I have learned so much from you as a new crocheter, Much love to you and your family, and here is to your next 100,000 subscribers… And a HUGE thank you to your Father for his skills as a videographer !!

  8. Nadia,
    I am partially disabled and have to spend most of my time sitting. I’ve been crocheting for 36 years knowing only a few stitches and in the past 6 months I’ve literally learned most of what I know now from you! Some from others on the net, but mostly from your amazing ability to explain, teach, and be sure we understand. I’m now at the level where I’m putting together experienced level projects. Not quite professional level yet, but who knows with time lol.
    As someone above has said, it’s amazing therapy! It takes my mind off my issues and gets me so excited to create all kinds of wonderful things! As soon as I emailed my sisters and told them about my projects, they started shipping yarn to me! I think I’ve died and gone to yarn heaven! HAHA I’ll have to find the time to get some pictures posted one of these days lol.
    It’s very true!!! We should be thanking YOU not the other way around! You are my favorite crocheter in the world and you’ve given us so much more than we’ve given you!
    Bless your sweet heart young lady! We love you! Thank you!!!!!!

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