Crochet Game! Add The Points

Crochet Game! Add The Points


I’ve been working on creating more engagement on my social media platforms. One way I have been doing this is to create more content that is fun and entertaining. One such way is to make content into interactive games. Below is one such example.

Play for fun!

Just for fun!

I’m posting here because not everyone is on social media. This is a good way for those who follow our blog to participate in some of the fun, too.  It’s not often we can take a break and play a Crochet Game. 

Share your scores with us in the comments. Enjoy!


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  1. I only scored a 12. Does that only make me half of a crocheter lol. Love ya Nadia. I’ve made soooo many of your awesome projects!!! Your granny square cardigans was the first thing I ever crocheted besides a small blanket. Hope you’re doing great!

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