Ostomy Awareness Day 2016

Annually, the first Saturday in October marks a day of recognition for ostomates. Ostomy Awareness Day is a day to shed more light on this life saving surgery. I take this opportunity to try and educate others about this surgery which saved my life.

What is an ostomy?

An ostomy is a surgically created opening in the intestine. The intestine is then brought through the abdominal wall to form a stoma through which waste passes into an appliance on the outside of the abdomen.


No one really knows the exact number of ostomates worldwide – estimates range from 450,000-1 million people. Many, like myself are surviving and thriving because of this life saving surgery. We would not be here without this. Ostomy surgery is often the last resort after exhausting and failing every other treatment option.

Why do people get ostomy surgery?

Cancers, inflammatory bowel disease, spina bifida, perforations, trauma, accidents, gunshots, neurogenic issues, diverticulitis and several other reasons can lead to why a patient is LIVING with an ostomy. Some patients have temporary ostomies while others, like myself, live life with a permanent ileostomy.


What are some myths about ostomies?

Unless people are educated about this, the stigma exists for misconceptions and misunderstanding to form. Common myths about ostomates are:

  • We smell
  • We always have to wear baggy clothes to hide our appliance
  • We can’t participate in sports or be physically active
  • An ostomy is a death sentence
  • Only elderly people have ostomies

Speaking for myself, as someone who had her first ostomy surgery at 17 years old, I am LIVING proof that these are myths. My Crohn’s disease was so progressive as a teenager that I would not have survived without having my colon removed and been given an ileostomy. On the cusp of colon cancer, my alternative was to live with this surgery and try to get my life back from the grip of a horrible disease. Things are not always easy and my road to acceptance has been rough at times, but rest assured that I do not smell. I love fashion and wear a wide variety of clothing. I was never athletic, but that isn’t because I have an ostomy, it’s because I am a klutz. Ostomy surgery saved me from an absolute death sentence. ANYONE, no matter what age, can have ostomy surgery.


I hope this helps provide some information about something that I, and so many others, live with each and every day. Thank you for the opportunity to educate and advocate on this Ostomy Awareness Day 2016 and for taking the time to read this blog and help the awareness grow!!

Without this surgery I would not be here to share my love for crochet with the world.

♥ Nadia

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  1. Thanks for the great educational post! I have a friend with Crohn’s and another with Spine Bifida, so I know a little about this! Very inspiring!

  2. thank you so much for the information. I’m so glad you are her with us. You are a Blessing…❤️

  3. I watch everyone of your video’s , and I am blessed you survived this horritble disease!! I truely hope and pray you never quit showing us your awesome work, big hugs dear lady. 🙂

    • Thank you for your blog. You have been through so much. You are a true warrior. My hero. I had a sigmoidectomy due to a perforation in my colon from severe diverticulitis. That is nothing compared to your battle.your birth story is amazing. Nasir is truly a miracle by Christ our Lord. Love your pics. Thanks for such an educational blog on medical topics. I love your tutorials keep them coming. You have taught me how to crochet. I love your soothing voice. God bless your family a d bundle of joy.
      Michelle Woods

  4. Nadia, thank you so much for sharing. You are truly a delight, and I’m so glad you are here to help someone like me learn to crochet better 🙂

  5. Hi Nadia. I am so happy to have met you through the Internet. I am sorry you have had to go thru all of this and extremely glad you are doing so well now. As you know I have my osteomy due to
    C-difficile . And thank you for letting me know about the first Saturday in October bring Ostomy day,
    Keep up the great work. I too watch every video. You are a wonderful work in progress.
    Thanks for everything Nadia
    Take care dear xx

  6. I think you are a beautiful girl who is putting forth beauty into this world … esp with the granny squares LOL (I got way behind but will try again next year). You are a true fighter! Bless you.

  7. My brother at age 29 was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He too had this surgery. Thank God for this surgery! We were blessed to have my brother in our lives for 5 yrs! It was amazing!
    I watch all your tutorials and I thank you very much! You are so very talented! And thank you for sharing your story.

  8. I had a granddaughter that had one and she did very well with it. I was so proud of her because she took such great care of herself and it every night. She was very small when she received it and she was so understanding and always read books while she did her nightly flush. She passed from this world on Christmas day with her Mother in a car accident and we will always be grateful to the doctors that performed this surgery to allow her to remain on this earth and enjoy life.

  9. Thank you Nadia for using your social network platform to showcase, inform and alert us about this illness. I’ve been educated and developed awareness.

    May God continue to bless you and your awesome creativity!!

    Best wishes and much respect


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