Asking a Favor!

Asking a Favor!

I wanted to hop on YARNutopia’s channel to ask a big favor! I NEED your help. In order to monetize my Ambient Sounds (second YouTube Channel) I need AT LEAST 4,000 watched hours. So this is where you can help me out. Go to my other channel here: @Fuad Azmat / Ambient Sounds and SUBSCRIBE and click to receive notifications of new video posts. Watch my videos. Do you like to have back ground noise on while you crochet? Do you like to have white noise play to help you sleep? Do you like to relax to the sounds of waves or wind chimes? If so, we got something for you! There’s a little something for everyone! So check us out here: @Fuad Azmat / Ambient Sounds
Thank you for your support and help and we will be back here on YARNutopia with a new crochet video soon! Thanks for watching!!

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