Nadia’s Deserted Island Survival Kit

Nadia’s Deserted Island Survival Kit

Someone posed the question to me recently, “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you bring?”

You may think this would be a no-brainer for me that I would list off my favorite crochet items:

• My favorite H-5.00mm crochet hook
• Scissors

Honestly, I would NOT bring any of these things! Why, you ask? Because as crafty as I am, I could carve myself a hook out of a stick. Using some of the island stones, I could sharpen them to use as a cutting and carving devices.

Anddd, I could find plenty of vines or stems to use as substitute fiber. Crochet will be my go-to survival skill that will come in handy for many reasons! I just need to get creative in this situation.This is coming from someone who’s not the biggest fan of the open wilderness and rustic nature adventures. I like the idea of glamping, but we are talking about the “hypothetical,” “in my dreams,” not reality, but “if you can imagine it” scenario. In which case, I would bring

• A pair of gloves, because I literally will touch anything if I’m wearing something on my hands. I need those to touch all the fish and critters, and I can tear out those stems and cut those vines to thatch together.

• A big box of matches so I have a fire to sit by while I scheme and crochet my way off that island

• And my mom (can I say that?) hahaha!

You may ask why not bring Nate?! Well, my mom has a litany of post-apocalyptic survival skills and stays super cool in a crisis. She can also keep me from completely falling apart so, if I am going to survive and hopefully find a way off this imaginary island, my mom would be the one to get me there.

Besides, I need someone on the home front to send out that search party and provide the ultimate romantic ending to my rescue story. You know, the proverbial hot guy at the end of the pier waiting for me to get off the rescue boat and run into his arms? The one who fought through everything to find me? Come on…. This is my deserted island rescue fantasy scene, let me indulge. Don’t worry, Nate definitely has THAT role.

So now I ask you, if you were stranded on a deserted island what THREE things would you bring? What would be your story? Share in the comments!

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