Meet Jade and Fern

Meet Jade and Fern

Transitioning to so many new changes following the wedding, I found myself spending a lot of time alone. I live quite a distance from my parents now, in a new city, and have slowly begun to fully settle in to my new life here.

Working from home, I found that now the planning for the wedding is no longer consuming my days, I am finding a lot of extra time on my hands and hours to fill while Nate is at work all day. I stay busy. I have my YARNutopia blogging and tutorials to keep me quite active, but 10 hours a day I find myself alone. This is something I have been trying to adjust to and it hasn’t been easy.

Living with my parents, there was always a flurry of activity in our house. People coming and going, lots of stuff to do and very high energy made time pass quickly. I was never lonely. Here, my new house is very quiet all day, and it has taken some getting used to. USA, LLC

Fur-baby First

Nate and I have been considering adding a pet to our household for some time now. Even before the wedding, we really felt a fur-baby would be a welcome addition to our new family. We decided on a kitty cat just to have some companionship for me while Nate is away.

On Saturday, we spontaneously decided to go check out a pet rescue called Chasing Daylight. We went with an open mind and heart. Since we have been planning to adopt a cat or a dog, it wasn’t too surprising to fall in love with a pet right away. Nate has always wanted a cat, I wanted a small dog. We ended up seeing both, cats and dogs yesterday and fell in love with one little kitty right away.

For a pet to be available for adoption, the facility (Chasing Daylight Pet Rescue) has to spay/neuter the animal, give the animal a full check-up and shots. We loved that the facility was very clean and all the animals were very well cared for. They let the cats all run around in an open room together for socialization.

She captured our hearts

We immediately were drawn to a little kitty that was approximately 6-8 months old. She was a stray and had never been previously owned. She was so sweet and such a cuddly little thing. She was fully vaccinated and spayed and ready for adoption.

We filled out an application. They needed full disclosure on info; the obvious- if we have ever been arrested for animal abuse and other important necessary facts. They needed to know who lives in the household and who will be the main care giver. Basically the rundown on making sure we would be good pet parents.

They were so kind to us and we were approved with no problems. We told them we were recently married, and it is just us two living in our home. I work from home and Nate works outside of the home. Someone will always be home and a full-time companion for this little sweetie!

It was set. We could come to pick her up 10am Sunday morning and take her home!

So, like all excited pet parents, when we got home last night to prep for our new arrival and we headed straight to the store and purchased EVERYTHING a cat needs. Litter, litter box, cat dishes, cat food, cat toys, mats, more toys, collars, cat crate, treats, shampoo, brush, 2 beds, Cat Tower, more toys, scratching posts, and catnip. You name it, it was in our cart!

To say we were thrilled is an understatement!

When we arrived Sunday morning to pick up our little kitty we went in, we were expecting to just adopt one cat, but when we got there, another cat was super social and was playing with “our” kitty, so we were so moved by their antics, we just could not resist and within a couple of hours we were bringing home two!

The second cat was previously owned, the owners moved to Georgia. She is approximately 1 year old. She has been spayed and up to date on all her distemper, ringworm shots as well.

We packed them in the carrier and off we went home to start this new adventure!

What’s in a name?

First line of business was giving them a name! We waited to get them home and watch over them a bit, but Nate and I were both so transfixed by the color of their eyes. They both have such beautiful green eyes that it soon became evident that those would be the defining factor in finding their forever names.

We decided on Jade for our older cat and Fern for our little kitty.

We are looking forward to this newest adventure in pet parenting and sharing our lives with these two darlings-Jade and Fern.
I know for myself, it will help make my days feel a bit less lonely with these two around, and I will love having some crochet companionship! I can’t wait to share their antics with all of you!

Share a bit about your fur-babies in the comments!


UPDATE: 4/5/2019

We have had these kitties for a year now and they have made our life so much better! We really don’t know how we lived without them! They are always putting a smile on our face! Fern is the best snuggle bug and Jade loves on us when she’s hungry. Haha!! They are both so different, but they love each other and you can always find them together! Here are both of their birthday photos when they each turned 2 years old.

Jade’s 2nd birthday was September 7th, 2018


Fern’s 2nd birthday was March 26th, 2019

As you can see, they are extremely spoiled and deserve all the delicious treats in the world! We love them so much and we’re so happy they chose us.



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  1. I have 9 animals, eight who are rescued and one bird. I just recently moved back to my home state of Wisconsin and I don’t think I would have survived the loneliness without my precious furbabies. I’m thinking of getting a puppy this summer because my three dogs are way past the average age of living and I need a dog for love and protection in this very rural area I moved to. Blessings and many, many happy and joyful memories in the making with your two precious furbabies.

  2. Cats are wonderful pets and unlike dogs you can go away for several hours or even overnight if you set them up with a little extra water and food…..I have 8 cats…all strays i rescued all fixed they get dumped alot out here in the country my husband build me a big cattery off one of my windows so they can go out and get fresh air …I’m afraid to let them run i live on a large acreage in the country and there are just to many predators here i would be heartbroken if something happened to any of them…..I have had the odd problem while sitting and crocheting all of a sudden i come to the end of my yarn and it is soggy and ragged and OH MY someone has chewed it off the skein…HAHAHAHAHA oh well cut off the soggy part tie back on and keep on going…So happy you chose the rescue root Nadia there are so many wonderful pets waiting for good homes and i have always found rescues make the best pets they are so thankful to find a new home full of love Congratulations !!

  3. I love my fur babies. Two beautiful dogs I couldn’t live without. Have you seen the catnip knit toy? It’s called catnip bunnies. It’s a off file from coffee and cream. It’s knitting but very easy knitting. I make them for my local animal shelter.

  4. Tabby kitties are the BEST! Congratulations to Jade and Fern for finding their furrever home with you!

  5. My boy Tabby cat, LB, which stands for little brat, is now 15 years old. He has always had a mind of his own and used to shred us regularly haha. Yes a very fiesty fur boy! But has mellowed a lot with age. He is very dedicated to me. Always waits for me to walk out of the bedroom together. You will enjoy the company of your fur girls very much! Having two is twice as much fun!! Enjoy your new additions to your family Nadia.😺💜😺

  6. we adopted out dog Sancho about 8 yrs ago…I absolutely love him…he is my buddy…he sleeps with me under the covers .. he is very spoiled…my husband wants to adopt another chihuahua so he has a buddy. When I am crocheting he is either on top or underneath whatever I am making…pets love us unconditionally and just want to be loved back….good luck with your new furbabies…

  7. We had to say farewell to our 20 year old puss in September last year and straight away decided the house was far too empty and no longer felt like home. Like you we chose to rescue and the SSPCA in Perthshire, Scotland came up trumps with a truly handsome 5 kilo black stray. We think he’s about 3 years old and although he doesn’t appear to have been badly treated he definitely hasn’t been well loved! He didn’t purr at all and was wary of being petted and cuddled. He was especially nervous of my husband and still shies away when he comes in wearing his hi vis coat and work boots. He was very wary of climbing onto the sofa and sits and waits for his food bowl to be out down. I suspect he has either been brought up with dogs or by someone more used to dogs than cats. I am pleased to say that Snook as we decided to call him is now a well adjusted, loving, purry, mischief maker. He loves nothing more than waking me up at silly o’clock in the morning by diving on my toes and demanding either breakfast or to be let out. His favourite trick is jumping into your place on the sofa the second you move so you can’t sit back down! Although we’ll never forget our old boy Biff and both still call Snook by his predecessor ‘s name occasionally, this new arrival is proving to be an amazing, funny and loving new addition to our family! Hope you’re as happy with your girls as we are with our big handsome boy.

  8. Congrats on your wedding and the new additions to your family. I had a fur baby cat for 19 years. She was amazing. She taught me so much about myself. Still love and miss her. Just rescued 5 one day old kittens and feral mama cat week before last. Mama is now fixed (tabby with beautiful green eyes) and her babies are healthy and gorgeous! Babies will be fixed and adopted when they are old enough. So glad you decided to rescue. Enjoy your new fur babies!

  9. What lovely kitties! You’ll find yourself having great conversations with them during the day! I have two rescue boys who love having me home when I’m not working.

  10. I love your fur baby. We have always had cats/kittens. If you notice the “M” on the forehead…it means the car has been blessed. We have a Calico and her name is what else. Callie and her brother (litter mate) is a tuxedo (black n white) and his name is Buster. And he lives up to his name. They are 13 years old. I wouldn’t trade them for nothing. They are both very very loyal

  11. Lol..hey dont leave any random yarn balls sweet charlie steals mine..i hear her under my bed goin crazy playing with them..yall should see under my but yarn wrapped around my bed night she gets super active..all i can hear is her playing with all thatvyarn hanging from i hang mardi gras beads from my dresser handles..lawd..have a great day everyone

  12. They’re absolutely beautiful! I posted yesterday they look a lot like my Ocicat, also a rescue. He was part of a cat mill and used as a breeder. His original name was Stud Muffun so that says a lot. He was horribly traumatized when we first got him and hid under a bed for days but now we refer to him as our affection whore—he will head butt and paw at you incessantly to get your attention to pet him. We have six other rescues all with unique personalities. Make no mistake, you are not new pet owners, you are new kitty slaves as they totally own you! Congratulations!!

  13. Ohhhh so lucky u got to adopt 2! We adopted a rescue that actually adopted us bc when we went to look for a small dog at the shelter there were none only bigger dogs which unfortunately we couldn’t get bc we travel a lot being retired. So we curiously decided to check out the cats that were in cages one on top of the other lol anyway we were standing there n this one cutie calico stretches out her paw to my husband it was love at first sight! We ended up with a cat that’s so adorable about 9 months old at the time I wanted to go back for another so she can have a buddy still bugging my husband I think I’ll eventually wear him down lol we love our lil girl it’s the best decision! She’s out lil joymaker! Congrats on ur wedding and ur fur babies the r adorable! U should make an ig account for them so we can follow their antics 🙂

  14. Congrats on your wedding and new cuties. They will bring you lots of joy. We have 4 cats and each one is a joy….all have different personalities.

  15. CAT-gratulations to you and Nate! Now comes the fun part…kitties and yarn. 😀

    (Don’t worry though, they’ll soon learn that yarn = more love from The Humans if they leave the yarn alone!)

  16. you’ll love them and there will certainly be antics!! Just wait until they get into your yard balls:) Have fun and enjoy your new babies and new hubby: Lynn

    On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 6:54 PM, YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad wrote:

    > Nadia Fuad posted: “Transitioning to so many new changes following the > wedding, I found myself spending a lot of time alone. I live quite a > distance from my parents now, in a new city, and have slowly begun to fully > settle in to my new life here. Working from home, I foun” >

  17. Congratulations on your Wedding and the adoption of your beautiful Fur-babies. May you have many years of Love, Joy, and Happiness.

  18. I’ve heard that people have dogs, but cats have people. You’ve been adopted!
    Congratulations on your marriage and your adoption!!

  19. You will never be alone with 2 kitties to love and be loved by! God bless you and your Mate for bringing home 2 kitties!

  20. Your blog is awesome! I have 1 dog and 2 cats. All seniors and rescues. My dog Willow came from oklahoma via a rescue group and she is about 12. My cat Binx is almost 14 going on 4, lol. I have had him since he was 6 mos and Luna my 2nd cat was rescued at deaths door off a road close to my house and she is about 12. I recently rescued a pregnant kitty and could not keep her, so I took her to CDAS. They are the best of the best! So glad you adopted 2. Long, happy tales to you all!

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