Special Baby Shower Surprise

Special Baby Shower Surprise

This past Sunday, my Aunt and my Mom organized a baby shower for Nate and me. To say it was amazing is such an understatement! Not only did my family have so much in store for us, there were epic surprises to be showered on us as well.

After opening our gifts from family and friends, my mom made an announcement that there were more gifts. Confused, I wasn’t sure what she meant.

A quick background

I am part of a large online blogger community. In our private group, this blogger community shares ideas and support for one another. Besides my personal family, these ladies feel like family even though we haven’t met in real life. I feel like we know one another despite that we haven’t met. We talk almost daily and check in with one another. We share patterns and advice, we count on each other in our shared desire to grow our craft. We have a sisterhood that transcends the miles and continents.

So, when my mom announced that this incredible group of ladies had conspired to bring their own version of an online baby shower to my family baby shower, I was so overwhelmed with joy and shock! It felt so amazing to find out that together, they reached out to be a part of this special day. They coordinated through Marly Bird to send surprise packages to my mom and my aunt. Each package was a gift for our sweet baby boy.

Both Nate and I could not believe it! We had NO CLUE! Seriously, my mom is the best at keeping secrets because I talk to her a half dozen times a day and NOT ONCE did she even hint there was this in store for us at the shower!! As soon as my Aunt Gail brought this giant box full of gifts I started getting emotional all over again!

Each crochet designer/blogger created something extraordinarily special for this baby. Below, please join me in this video as I open these wonderful gifts. Please understand that in this moment I was so emotional and overwhelmed. Tears flowed freely, my nose was running wild, and I kept repeating how awesome it was and how much in shock this felt!


Panda Lovey by Snappy Tots


Baby Blanket by Crafting Friends Designs


Baby Blanket by The Purple Poncho
(Bibs not pictured)


Baby Cardigan by Moogly


Baby Sleeper Sack by Heart Hook Home



Baby Blanket by American Crochet



Baby Cardigan by My Hobby is Crochet



Oliver  and Olivia  Baby  Blanket by  Marly  Bird



Baby  Rattle Toy  by  Goodknit  Kisses



Knit  Top  Knot  Hat  by  Jessie  at Home



Baby  Mitts  by  Oombawka  Designs


Layette Set from Pattern Paradise



Teddy Hats, yarn and a handmade card by Fiber Flux


All the beautiful cards!

I am in complete awe of these amazing women. Not only are they spectacular designers and creators, but I have the joy of calling each of them my FRIEND! WE are so lucky. I am so lucky. This baby is so lucky and so loved.

From the bottom of my full heart, THANK YOU!! There are no words to describe this feeling. I am so grateful for your gifts of time and creativity. Thank you for your gift of love and friendship. Again, my heart is so full.


On a side note. In the last frame of the video I was hugging a teddy bear. Some of you may not know that at the end of March we lost my Grandpa Bob. In January, he was told by his doctors he had about six months to live. He had hopes to live long enough to meet my baby. My grandpa was so supportive and caring through my journey through illness and life, and he wanted to be here to see me through this special time. God had other plans for him. He passed away on March 24th, 2019.

My mom took one of his shirts and sent it in to a designer on Etsy. She made a memory teddy bear out of my grandpa’s shirt. My mom had a photo of my grandpa and me, and in it he wore that same shirt. She gifted both together – the photo in a frame and this sweet bear to put in the nursery. This gift was so special and although my Grandpa won’t be here, a small part of him will always be with us.