12 Days of Christmas: Yarn Art Jingle Trees

12 Days of Christmas: Yarn Art Jingle Trees
Yarn Art Jingle Trees are the next project in our 12 Days of Christmas. I have seen many of these trees adorned in chunky yarn online and in stores. I always see these and think I can make them myself! So I did!
With a few simple tools and a skein of chunky yarn, I was able to assemble these two adorable trees! I added tinsel poms to give a cute burst of color, but you can be as creative and simple as you like!
Supplies you will need:
Chunky Yarn (I used Hometown Yarn from Lion Brand Yarn)
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Dowel Rod (small)
Wooden coaster or something for the base
Puff balls (optional)
First we wrapped the cones in yarn using hot glue to help them stick. (Disclaimer: Be EXTREMELY careful with the hot glue, do not burn yourself, it is very difficult to glue and wrap, so maybe having 2 sets of hands to help will be useful)
Once you have them completely wrapped in yarn, stick a dowel rod through the bottom center, then stick the rod into the wooden coaster.
Add puff balls with hot glue to the outside of the tree as well. Add a star on top if you want too! Enjoy!!

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