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Island in the Sea Blanket


As we continue our journey through the 365 Days of Granny Squares, we have accumulated 210 squares as of today! If you are like me, your storage containers are busting full and are in need of projects to be made! I began this Island in the Sea Blanket as my second project in my series of blankets that I plan to make using these granny squares.

I named this piece because of the unique square from day 75. I went on to finishing the square as per the written pattern by Aurora. It turned out larger than any of the squares in our collection. I had to find a use and decided this was the perfect way to showcase this beautiful granny! I surrounded it with double crochet rows of various shades of cool tones to create an island oasis in a sea of blue.

This blanket utilizes 5 other large squares that we have made this year as well as 14 of our smaller squares. I have listed each square I used in this project below with links to their video tutorials.

This is just my idea to use these squares in a bigger project, but you can get as creative as you want to make a blanket or other projects where these can come in handy!

As we embarked on this project, I have witnessed an incredible amount of creativity that has come from others participating in these daily squares. I’m so happy to see everyone Hashtagging #365DaysofGrannySquares and #YARNutopia. I am watching everyone’s posts and progress! *Double Tap*

The purpose of this project was to teach a variety of stitches and expand our crochet knowledge in granny squares that exist. I have seen an array of beautiful blankets, pillow covers, jackets, and many other pieces of art springing forth from this creativity from everyone participating. Each square is a small piece of art that was meant for a bigger purpose.

This is the original layout of my blanket:
Here is a closeup to show that I made a double crochet border around each square and then sewed them together:
Here I am working on the blanket, finishing up the sewing!

Here is my finished blanket draped over the sofa:13553281_1153400918055498_521965263_n
Step By Step:
-I crocheted a double crochet border around each granny square (I would recommend 1 round of a border for each square, but if it doesn’t line up, you can add 2 rounds on the smaller squares to make them the right size)
-Then, I sewed the large squares together in a row
-I started crocheting my rows of blue using double crochet. I worked in the Back Loops Only to make a ribbed look (that’s optional) Then I made 5 rows of each color. (You can change color as often as you want)
-Once I had 5 sections done, I sewed my giant square to the center of my work.
-I started crocheting on the right side of the large square, making rows and stopping once I hit that square, then turned my work and continued on my way to make the rows until that side lined up with the large square. Then I fastened that side off.
-I attached my yarn to the left side and did the same thing, working rows of double crochet until that was the same height as the center square. Once both sides were surrounding the square, I sewed up the left and right side of the square to the double crochet rows.
-Once that was all done, I continued to crochet along just like I was on the opposite end of the blanket above the large island square. (5 rows of each color, changing colors 5 times)
-Then, I sewed the small squares together and then sewed them to the last row of the blanket.
-Once my blanket was all put together, I crocheted a simple double crochet border around the entire piece.
-I had a lot of ends to weave in, but it was all worth it!

I used an H-5.00mm crochet hook to make this blanket
I used all Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Row of Large Squares:
Number 156
Number 146
Number 127
Number 167
Number 113

Center Square:
I went on to making my square bigger, using THIS PATTERN.
Number 75

Smaller Squares:
Number 178
Number 166
Number 27
Number 111
Number 70
Number 160
Number 164
Number 121
Number 138
Number 175
Number 104
Number 115
Number 150
Number 49


10 Things Every Crocheter Can Relate To


If you crochet, you know what I’m talking about.

1. Where I go, my yarn goes.

2. Hate sewing in the ends!

3. When people ask, “What are you knitting?”

4. The frustration of frogging your work

5. Counting stitches and getting interrupted

6. Untangling yarn

7. Having your furniture swallow up your hooks needles or stitch markers

8. When your family or friends find tiny yarn scraps throughout the house

9. Pattern hoarding

10. Never having enough yarn!

If you can relate to more than half of these statements, crochet is definitely a dominant part of your life!! Hook on!


Yarn-Shui: The art of organizing and not obsessing


I have a honeycomb metal shelf where I have color-coded my skeins of standard yarn.

I roll my scrap yarn into balls and have lovely wicker baskets with similar shaped yarn balls for various scrap projects.

I have bins labeled by brand and/or bulk for easy identification.

Lastly, my specialty yarn is stored on display in pretty ways on decorative shelving.

I have been told that I have a slight obsession with yarn and organization. Up until recently, it didn’t occur to me that this could be construed as “a problem.”

Today, I cut ends from a project and put them in a colorful bowl of yarn confetti that, yes, I am saving, because what if a bird needs bits of yarn to build a new nest? It occurred to me, that maybe I was quick to condemn anyone labeling me “obsessed.” I think even the word “yarn addiction” was tossed out at me a time or two. Does anyone else regard their fiber as such a precious commodity? How do you organize your yarn and scraps? Does anyone else save their scraps for “what if” projects?! I have even had dreams of luxurious fibers. Oh goodness, have I gone too far? Help!?






Share your organizations tactics in the comments below!!

DIY: Repurposing a Rocking Chair


My love of crafts doesn’t start and end with just crochet. I have creative ideas running through my mind 24/7. I think it comes from being part of a family of creative people. My mom is one of the most creative people that exist on the planet. She can see potential in anything and turn it into a masterpiece. My dad is a professional photographer and videographer, My brother, Nyle, is a culinary genius, and he is a professional chef and food artist. My other brother, Nabeel, is an incredibly talented musician and video artist. I am at the tail end of all this talent with a hook and yarn trying to stitch my way through the creative process with a few added detours to do a few other crafty things. Hopefully, my family apple hasn’t fallen too far from the proverbial tree.

Near my home, there is a Bethesda Thrift Shop that periodically has in-store sales. Last Friday, they happened to have a 50% Off on almost all their merchandise! I happened to come across this 1970s rocking chair that had a hint of musty smell coming from the cushions (ewww), hidden back in the corner of the store with a price tag of $8. Did I read that right!? $8.00??!! Does that mean it would be only $4 on the sale?? Surely, that isn’t possible?! Well, Shirley doesn’t work there, but Darlene did, and she confirmed that YES it was $4.00. WHAT A STEAL! I ran out of that store so fast, yet awkwardly, because carrying a chair like that isn’t easy when you are running.

I didn’t bring that into the house. NOPE. NO WAY! It stayed out in the driveway overnight while I combed over the pages of Pinterest looking for tips on what I could do to this chair to bring it back to life again. Pinterest never fails me. NEVER! Ideas were pouring out of me and before long a plan was hatched. By Saturday morning, I was ready to hit the ground running! My season of repurposing was about to begin and I was ready!!


Of course, Saturday arrived and my personal friend, Mother Nature, decided to bring clouds, cooler weather, and a forecast of rain. That deterred my planning ’til later in the day, but hence, I would not be stopped. I ran to the store buy paint, fabric, stuffing for the chair and other supplies needed for my project. I was looking for things which could stand the test of time and one day be in my “forever home.” I decked myself out in my super sexy sweatpants, bandana, oversized painting shirt, flip flops, and my trusty mask and decided to get the party started!

I began the process of disassembling things first and removing all the hardware from the chair. Once I removed the cushions and ruffle, the batting and cover underneath were gross and there were probably 45 years of skin flakes that came out in a ball of brownish dust, but if that was the worst of it, I would live. Whoever assembled this back in the day, (could not find a stamp or label) did a decent job, but the amount of furniture tacks used was astronomical. I had a bad thought cross my mind about someone who would do that, until I rethought that, and praised them for being so mindful of making a quality piece when this was once shiny and new.


This is where I stop and have a moment of reflection. Every time I embark on a new DIY project, I reflect back on the history of a piece. It may sound odd, but I think of whose home this belonged to. Who sat in this chair? Did someone rock their crying baby trying to nurse or to cuddle? Did someone’s Grandpa read his newspaper every night by the old lamp while his wife cooked him dinner? There is history in here. There is a story in this chair and I love that and the mystery surrounding the journey of what it took to end up in my care. That is pretty powerful stuff! Because of that, I always try to respect each piece and bring it back to life. Sometimes, items I find are so tattered and beaten, I just love to breath new life into it. Everything deserves that. Even people. Especially people. Ok, Ok, let me jump down from my metaphorical and philosophic soap box and get back to the nitty-gritty of this project.

Here is what the rocking chair looked like when I brought it home from the thrift shop:


These are the cushions. Just look at those cushions. Look at them for a little while. Did you see the steam boat? The pistol? That Anchor though!

Into the trash it went!


Here is a picture of the rocking chair without that filthy cushion.


I had to make a stop at the store for some supplies. Below you will see what I needed for this project.

These were the two colors used:


I got this fabric and some batting on sale for $4.88.

Once I added the priming coat and it was fully dry, I took this sponge with some Vaseline and applied it to areas that I did not want my second (darker) coat to stick. By placing Vaseline, it allowed for me to apply the paint and then later wipe it off when the second layer was dry. That way, the bottom painted layer shows through, making a distressed look. I also chipped at the paint a little and took a paint brush to it to give it a more worn out look.

I used a hammer, a sander, screwdrivers, and pliers.


Once I got all the fabric off the chair, I sanded it with a fine sandpaper. My glasses were fogging up during the sanding process!

Then I applied the first coat of primer. Once that dried, I spread the Vaseline on the edges and areas I wanted this color to show through.

Spray Paint can get a little messy!

See the video of me applying the second coat. Once the darker coat of paint was applied and dried, I took a cotton cloth and wiped down the areas where the Vaseline was applied. The rain forced me to do the rest inside.

I cut the pieces of Batting and Fabric to fit around the seat of the chair.
I used the tacks that came with the original rocking chair to secure the new fabric.

I may have hammered my thumb a few times and had to ask my dad for assistance. He generously helped attach the rest of the fabric.

I wrapped the fabric neatly around the wood posts since they were not removable and tacked it all underneath so it was hidden.

Voila!! Here is a before and after photo of this beautiful piece! 13150065_10204853580098780_1100234469_nI added a lovely throw pillow to jazz this piece up a little bit!



Have you repurposed a piece of furniture or something you’ve found at the thrift shop? Share your experiences by leaving a comment to this post!

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” ~Anonymous


Crochet Tutorial: Houndstooth Stitch Shawl


Houndstooth originated in Scotland in the 1800s. It originally was a woven fabric and over time became popular in fashion. It has undergone many revivals, but it has stayed true to its original classic pattern. Houndstooth is named because it resembles a canine tooth with its sharp edge. Sometimes it is called Dogstooth, and the miniature design is known as Puppytooth. Many designers use this pattern in high end fashion to this day. If you would like to learn more about the Houndstooth history, click here.

It’s Fall Fashion Week in New York which inspired me to create this Houndstooth Shawl–perfect for autumn weather and cool nights. When I originally set out to make this pattern, I expected this to be an incredible challenge, having never done the Houndstooth stitch before. But, after studying a few patterns online, I was able to quickly and very easily pick it up!

In no time, I was able to work up this great shawl!!

Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Follow this video tutorial on how to make this shawl.

This is a very easy to follow video tutorial showing how to recreate the original Houndstooth in crochet form. Below, you will see the original Houndstooth pattern in woven fabric.

Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Here is a close-up of my crochet version of the same stitch. It looks so close and awesome!!

Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Once you have mastered this stitch following my tutorial, you may make some minor modifications to my shawl pattern to turn this project into so many great items. I talk a little bit in the video on how to make an infinity scarf, a traditional neck wrap scarf, a baby blanket, or even an afghan. The ideas are endless! All you need to do is adjust your chain amount when you start this project. You just need an odd number of chains.

Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Traditional Houndstooth is the contrasting pattern of black and white, but in the crochet world, anything goes! This project can be changed up in so many colorful ways than the traditional monochromatic design. Imagine, hot pink and white, purple and black, go wild with color!!


-2 skeins of each color (4 skeins in total) Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in White and Black (Or whatever colors you want)
-Size I-5.50mm Crochet hook
-Yarn needle

When changing colors do not cut your yarn.  On your last dc, work the dc as normal but when you have the 2 loops left on your hook you will change your color and then YO and draw through both loops on the hook.  You will then just take the unused color and crochet it along in the row.  You will be changing color at the end of each row. (See video for visual instructions)

Ch 45 (Or any ODD number to make your own as wide as you want)

Row 1: *sc in the second ch from the hook, dc in the next, repeat from * across. Ending with a dc (change color and see special instructions for changing color) ch 1, turn. (44 sts)

Row 2: *sc in next dc, dc in next sc; repeat from * across  (change color–See video for visual instruction) ch 1, turn (44 sts)

Repeat Row 2 for however long you want your piece to be. I made mine 113 rows.

Finish with a black row, and continue to sc around the entire piece. Fasten off, weave in all ends. Add a pin for embellishment. Enjoy!

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)

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“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” ~Harry Winston


Crochet Tutorial: Frankenstein Hat


Halloween is around the corner! This starts the first of a series of seasonal projects. Many times we are often looking for last minute or DIY homemade costumes. My tutorial and pattern take away the guess work on how to put together your own costume using your own crafty talent!

Franky Hat

My video shows instructions on how to make a teen/adult size hat. There is a PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD pattern available here to make this hat in 6 different sizes. This is a paid pattern available on my shop.

Franky Hat

You are sure to be a huge hit in this Frankenstein hat this season! Paired with some spooky makeup, you can really get creative with this practical, yet fun, hat!

Franky Hat

View this video tutorial to make the Teen/Adult size Frankenstein Hat:

I used Red Heart yarn in Tea Leaf Green, Black, Red, and Heather Gray. I also used some fun fur yarn for the hair. All of these colors I used less than one skein of yarn, but I do not have exact gauge. I also used an H size hook which is 5.00mm.

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)

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“I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise
He did the mash
He did the monster mash…”


Crochet Tutorial: Ripple Puff Stitch Baby Blanket


Baby blankets are perfect for cuddling, swaddling, napping, and security. They also make the perfect luxurious handmade gift. This video tutorial is of an heirloom vintage inspired baby blanket using the ripple puff stitch. I found this free written pattern online. I followed the pattern pretty close but I added a border around the entire piece. You can find the free pattern here. 

This generously sized super soft cuddly blanket is perfect for any nursery layette and is sure to be a baby or toddler’s favorite. I used one skein of each color of Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn Iced Mint, White, Baby Pink, and Soft Blue. I’m in awe of how pretty this stitch turned out using these colors!

Ripple Puff Stitch Baby Blanket

Ripple Puff Stitch Baby Blanket

Follow along with this video to learn how to make this lovely baby blanket.

A handmade heirloom blanket is a gift that a child will cherish forever. It can be made in a medley of colors or one solid tone. This is adaptable to any type of yarn and you can go up in hook size as well.

Although the video tutorial shows how to make a baby blanket, you can apply the same technique and continue to expand the size by increasing the amount of chains. This pattern is in multiples of 18 (+2), and I explain in the video how to make it bigger.

This will add and elegant touch to any nursery.

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)

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