Crochet Tutorial: Granny Square Cardigan

I have been struggling to make cardigans or a sweater for some time. I have tried different patterns but had difficulty following some of them and creating something that would be worth wearing. I gave up, until I found this!

This week I was experimenting with different patterns and I came across this Granny Square Cocoon pattern from Maria Valles. I knew instantly that I had to make it! It was the perfect design and easy to follow. I’ve made a few of my own modifications, and I used an entirely different color scheme, but that’s the joy of crochet! I added an accent color on the edging to give it a fashion flair.

Here are a few photos of me wearing my finished piece. I added a gemstone brooch as a front enclosure to tie the piece together. I LOVE IT!

Granny Square Cardigan

Granny Square Cardigan

Here is a step by step video tutorial on how I created this lovely cardigan. This is a great addition to any wardrobe! It’s like wrapping up in a blanket on a chilly morning! Grab your crochet hook, a cup of tea (or coffee, if that’s your thing), and join me making this cocoon sweater!


**Click here to get the full kit of supplies to make this cardigan**

Brooch Pin
Red Heart Yarns Buff
Red Heart Yarns Burgundy
Crochet Hook Size L-8.00mm
Yarn Needle

To make this smaller or bigger, Measure from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the buttocks and your Granny Square should be that wide. Then follow along with the rest of the pattern for the outer edge and sleeves.

Granny Square Cardigan

Granny Square Cardigan

Granny Square Cardigan

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat

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  3. I would really love to make this however I am only recently been crocheting. I would love to make this piece but I am not sure how I would go about making it bigger (approx. a 2x) Is there any chance you could fill me in on how big to make it?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • I found this guide on Crochet Crowd…hope this helps
      For the Different Sizes
       XS, S, M = 36″ Square
       X, XL, 2 XL = 38″ Square
       3XL, 4XL, 5 XL = 40″ Square

      • Thank you so much! Sometimes I struggle, esp when making something for someone else in my family. This really did help.

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