Small Pieces, Big Picture

As my 365 Days of Granny Squares has progressed, I have accumulated boxes of the completed squares with the intent to make blankets and various projects from all this hard work. My first endeavor was this Kaleidoscope Garden Afghan. Named for the variety of colors and the use of the 3-D floral squares in the center of the blanket, this piece is a great beginning to this yearlong project.

I used 68 squares to make this afghan and the final measurements with the border is 66 inches (167 cm) X 72 inches (183 cm)

As we embarked on this project, I have witnessed an incredible amount of creativity that has come from others participating in these daily squares. I’m so happy to see everyone Hashtagging #365DaysofGrannySquares and #YARNutopia. I am watching everyone’s posts and progress! *Double Tap*

The purpose of this project was to teach a variety of stitches and expand our crochet knowledge in granny squares that exist. I have seen an array of beautiful blankets, pillow covers, jackets, and many other pieces of art springing forth from this creativity from everyone participating. Each square is a small piece of art that was meant for a bigger purpose. Here is my combination put together into a large blanket that I plan to give to someone special.

Below you will see the squares laid out on the floor as my vision came to life. I made a few minor changes and rearranged some squares in the final project. If you are following along with these instructions for this particular arrangement, feel free to move your squares to show a pleasing pattern that suits you.

The initial layout
Between each Granny Square section, I added a 4-row border of Double Crochets before I added the next section. I finished this blanket with a 4 row edge of Double Crochets as well.

The vision is coming to life
I enjoyed working on this piece while sipping some chai and enjoying the nice weather on my porch.

Working hard
The blanket fit on a queen sized bed. It was so big, it was difficult to take a full photo of the final product!


Here is the layout of my squares. Each link will take you to its video tutorial. See all 365 Days of Granny Squares here.

For the center, I used:

Number 78
Number 50
Number 65
Number 97
Number 64
Number 29
Number 106
Number 98
Number 33
Number 59
Number 103
Number 100

For the 2nd Round (Middle Round) of Granny Squares, I used:

Number 11
Number 4
Number 35
Number 81
Number 118
Number 10
Number 101
Number 13
Number 73
Number 12
Number 46
Number 74
Number 7
Number 77
Number 51
Number 8
Number 60
Number 58
Number 110
Number 61
Number 109
Number 37

For the 3rd Round (Outer Round) of Granny Squares, I used:

Number 90
Number 55
Number 45
Number 19
Number 5
Number 84
Number 18
Number 53
Number 57
Number 82
Number 93
Number 52
Number 94
Number 56
Number 96
Number 22
Number 1
Number 30
Number 15
Number 20
Number 31
Number 24
Number 87
Number 79
Number 72
Number 32
Number 28
Number 80
Number 112
Number 40
Number 38
Number 25
Number 88
Number 16



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  1. I hope you get this message. Having problems sending it. I was wondering if you sewed the granny squares first then crocheted a border. Section by section of course. Your afghan turned out very beautiful but I expected that. Your very talented and creative. Love your work Nadia.

  2. I am simply blown away by the care and love you put into writing your blog. We all benefit, not just from your amazing talent, but also from your giving heart. I am very grateful and I want you to know how much your efforts are appreciated.

    All the best alwasy….

  3. I just started 365 days of granny square and love it I know I’m behind but I will get them all done you are great I’ve maid one of the mermaid afghans my granddaughter loves it am going to make another ..

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  5. So beautiful ~
    Truly a kaleidoscope of gorgeous color and pattern!
    I’m about to make my first granny square.
    I’m starting with number 1 and following along. I wish I would have been with all of you last year, but I’ll carry the torch this year.

  6. Where can I get your Granny Square patterns, I am having a hard time writing them down. I need step by step direction . If you have a book of them please let me know I am so happy with what you have shown and I am learning. I am a beginner.

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