Broken Roads Point the Way

Broken Roads Point the Way

Yesterday, I had a follow up physical and doctor appointment after having a bit of a health scare last week where I ended up in the ER. After going through a number of tests and scans, it was determined that we will postpone any surgery for now, and I will undergo additional testing and possibly a HIDA scan, for newly discovered issues that are affecting my gall bladder and other organs. Other than that, things were looking pretty “Normal for Nadia” as my doctors like to say! I’ll take that!


During this appointment, I was telling my doctor about my recent engagement and how Nate proposed on our trip to Europe. She was so genuinely excited for us. She hugged me three times and was overjoyed because she has seen me through so much. She also asked about how the transition will be as I prepare to transfer some of my medical care to a new city. Although it is far down the line, I will need to find a new physician and leave her behind. That’s a very difficult thing for me to do. It began to hit me how many changes are about to take place not only in my health journey, but life and business as well! Oh Boy!


Support goes a long way

My entire life has been spent with my parents; it is no secret that my Mom is my best friend. Although I did spend a short time away from home attending university, illness/surgeries impeded my ability to continue. After 6 separate attempts at going back to college, I decided to postpone it indefinitely. Illness won that battle. (I am still winning the war) I may consider going back one day, but for now, it was the best decision.


During those struggling years, my parents encouraged me to start a small Etsy shop and website to showcase my crocheted items. It was also during those times that, while in the hospital, so many nurses, nursing assistants, and doctors asked for help learning how to crochet. I began showing them basic techniques and taught while I was in the hospital. Teaching crochet in that setting helped me SO much. It also gave me a great idea!

Planting the seeds to grow a dream

I will always be grateful to my mom for her insight to give me yarn and a hook so long ago. She pushed me to do something constructive during those long months when I was in isolation or just spending a month hospitalized for whatever health problem I was having that kept me there.

When you are isolated and feel alone, having a skill or hobby to pass the time becomes invaluable. It becomes a lifeline that keeps your mind occupied and stops it from wandering straight into depressing thoughts. Thankfully, I was able to take that time to hone my skills in crochet and develop my craft into such a blooming network and community. It helped to open a platform that I could teach others my craft. My dad helped me start a YouTube channel, and I could reach others with my video tutorials. Having that connection to others quite literally SAVED me. There, an idea born out of a desperate situation, became the seed to grow this dream.


Challenges ahead

Looking forward to next year (2018), I am excited to be getting married and starting my life with Nate. Out of respect for my Pakistani culture and my personal beliefs, I will not live with Nate before we get married. What has me feeling a bit anxious is how my life will be structured to continue YARNutopia from a distance. I will not only have a new marriage, new doctors, a new home, and a business to balance, but an entire change from everything I know. Moving even a few hours away from home hits me at times that is both exciting and scary. This weekend, while celebrating Mother’s Day, we sat down to discuss this.

Structure and Discipline

Presently, we try to film 2-3 videos a week. Prior to filming, my mom and I design several items that I create off camera. I perfect and refine the pattern and then proceed to head into the studio for filming. It is in the filming process that we decide what videos to keep, what projects will be popular, or what ends up on the cutting room floor. Sometimes only one video will make it to our channel. This process is lengthy and tedious. It requires many hours invested and a lot of trial and error. Our days are planned, structured, scheduled. We each execute our particular tasks and responsibilities. My mom handles a majority as she also takes care of our home on top of everyone in our family as well as running and managing our business.


Having the structure and discipline of working with parents who have built a photography/videography business from the ground up so many years ago has been priceless. I just hope when I move away into my own home and start my life with Nate, the lessons they taught me will carry over into our life. I have never had the opportunity to work outside the home and this will be a big challenge to maintain this work ethic on my own, which incidentally, I never have had to be alone. Nate’s career has him working 8-12 hours a day. That is another idea that will take some getting used to.


Nothing Can Stop Us

Recently, Nate and I have begun to search for our “build a dream” home. We have been scouring the listings for a house that can accommodate our must have list. We sat down and made a checklist of things we want in a forever home.


My top priority is a place for a craft room/studio (and a dishwasher, but that’s another story!) We have gone through several places that have potential. Let’s see if we are able to find a place where we can create our life and provide me with the ultimate craft room! (That will be a future blog post of its own).

My dad will set us up with an in-home studio, and his plan will be to travel and film at our home. My mom and I plan to design, create, and work remotely via Skype. So many fun and exciting changes to come in the next 300 days as we plan out this move! As much as I look forward to all these changes, leaving my old life behind and starting over feels a bit daunting and overwhelming at times. I’m just eternally grateful for the support of a wonderful man, my parents, and all of YOU, who will continue to accommodate all these changes in order to see YARNutopia through this growth and transition.

Oh song lyrics, you give me the feels!

When I look back and reflect over the past nearly nine years of health challenges and life detours, I never pictured this being the way my life would turn out. I honestly wasn’t sure I would ever meet anyone willing to accept not only the voluminous health issues I came with, but also accept that I would need to manage a job that would fit my abilities and challenges. I could not ask for more in anyone and somehow through God, or destiny, it led me down this path. There is a song lyric that says, “This much I know is true, that God blessed the broken road, that led me straight to you.” No words could ever be truer to describe how I arrived to this place in my life. At times when I faced another health challenge, I always asked “Why!??” maybe this was always the answer.


“What is meant to be will always find a way” ~Trisha Yearwood


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  1. I don’t think anything can stop you. If I were your Mom though, I would be sad to see you move and I know she will miss you.. speaking as a mom myself. I love the faith and your determination and strengh for such a young age. I remember you in my prayers🙏🏻And know this new adventure will be a great move especially with your good looking fiancé. Thank you for all you do for your fans. Thanks to your mom and dad!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!— I totally understand what you are going through since I myself have been through a lot. It is going on 6 years since I had my “life saving” surgery. But more to the point in regards to the doctors. Presently we are living on the west coast. My wonderful hubby will be retiring in 18 months or so. We are planning to move back to home to Wisconsin or Illinois (my family is in WI and his is in IL) . My greatest fear is finding new doctors for the “multiple” specialist that I need. So I am glad to hear that I am not alone in this fear. Hugs, Love and Blessings to you and your family.

  3. All the very best wishes to you and your family in your future endeavours! May you go from strength to strength!

  4. You inspire many Nadia. Huge congratulations to both of you. Believe in you as you always have done, one step at a time and the rest will follow. Live that dream Nadia. Xx

  5. Hello, Nadia. I just began following you today after finding your pattern for Maria Valles crocheted shrug. I am new to crocheting and was so excited to see your video tutorial on how to crochet a granny square! I was not expecting such a warmhearted person behind all of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and your family for the dedication you have taken with this despite the struggles you have and are facing.

  6. Best wishes,for you in everything that you do. Thank you for yarnutopia, even though I just found it last year. I have a lot of making up to do. Thank you again Nadia. Good luck to you and, Nate.
    On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad wrote: > Nadia Fuad posted: “Yesterday, I had a follow up physical and doctor appointment after having a bit of a health scare last week where I ended up in the ER. After going through a number of tests and scans, it was determined that we will postpone any surgery for now, and I wil” >

  7. Nadia, you have been an inspiration to me! I wish you all the best concerning your health. You are a natural born fighter! I love reading your blog, you touch my heart every time! I want to also give you a huge thank you for all the beautiful crochet you create with the help of your mom and from the help of your dad! God bless you and your family 😊

    • Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. I am so happy you are here reading my posts and following along with my patterns! Without my parents none of this would be possible. They are amazing. ~Nadia

  8. you and your parents make the BEST videos. i’ve recommended them many times. excited for you as you embark on this new adventure. your man looks gorgeous and sweet.
    your fan in san francisco

    • Thank you so much!! My parents are so generous to do everything for me. I am forever grateful for them. I am also grateful for you and all your support!! Nate is definitely a keeper! ((hugs)) from Wisconsin! ~Nadia

  9. Not only are you a remarkably talented and generous young lady but you are an inspiration to us all. Blessings to you in the days to come!

  10. Keep it up. You are an inspiration. So where will you be moving to? In or out of the states? I may have missed that.

    • Thank you so much!! I’m staying in Wisconsin, just a couple hours away from my parents. They will be just a phone call away and a short drive so if I need them, they won’t be so far. ~Nadia

  11. God Bless you Nadia. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out. With prayers in my heart for you and your family’s success and prayers of thanks for your continued healing.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Kim, I am so grateful to my family for helping me get to this point in my life and we are all looking forward to what the future holds. ~Nadia

  12. You are truly an inspiration! My best friend from HS has Crohn’s & I have several other friends with chronic illness & I know how difficult life can be when living with a chronic illness. I love your videos, patterns, creativity & your blogs. Congrats on your engagement!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I am so sorry to hear what your friend has to deal with. It is not easy, but having wonderful support from family and friends really helps to get through some rough times. ~Nadia

  13. May God continue to bless you. You are an inspiration to women everywhere. I look forward to reading about your new adventure and how you are adjusting to changes.

  14. Nadia, I love your designs and really admire your work. All you have been through hit home for me recently when my youngest son (13) was diagnosed with IBDU – he has symptoms of both Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis. Reading your story makes me very afraid for what the future may hold for him, but also inspired by everything you have accomplished in spite of your health. I hope you manage to find the perfect home – mine would be perfect for me if my sons, dogs and hubby were a bit more tidy, unfortunately it looks like a whirlwind hit it most of the time!

    • Thank you so much for your support. I am so sorry to hear about what your son is going through. I can’t imagine what it’s like as a parent seeing your child go through this. I try not to let this hold me back in any way, and having such wonderful support from family, friends, and my viewers like you, helps me get through each day. We are really looking forward to this next chapter in our lives!! Again, thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoy my patterns. ~Nadia

  15. I’m really happy to know you!! You’re such an inspiration!! I pray for you & hope God will always bless the wonderful you that you are!! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage too!!

  16. Hi. Nadia, I have to say I’ve learned such a tremendous amount from you, including crocheting of course, I knew basics, but have never been able to follow a pattern, now I can. I’ve often thought about starting a YouTube channel! I’ve designed many pattern and would love to share, just not sure how to go about that. I’m 59 years old and have had so many heath issues, the newest one and the most challenging was brain surgery last summer. I now have some short term memory loss. I have so many friends and family members that buy my crochet items and they are after me to do some tutorials! I may try to figure it out someday! You’ve inspired this ole girl to push forward and I will never quit, thanks to you. God bless you sweet Nadia!

  17. Hi Nadia…..Just found you on You Tube….love your 365 days of patterns especially the Granny Square. I will keep following you. Thank You

  18. Whoo! You are truly blessed! I believe everything has a purpose and an answer. You have been given a lot to handle, but you have the strength and love to handle it. I think you are a very talented young woman that has the whole world waiting for you. Enjoy it and be happy!

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