My Punny Valentine 2018

My Punny Valentine 2018

The tradition continues with my annual Punny Valentine’s. Each year, I create these silly sentiments using crochet and puns. I try to be as creative and amusing as possible. I do, however, have to match a pun to something I can create using my crochet magic. It is NOT easy, let me tell you, this blog showcases my collection from 2018. You can check out 2017’s Punny Valentine’s here and my 2016’s Punny Valentine’s here! Do you have a fun pun to share? Let me know in the comments section. Share a possible pun that might show up in my 2019 Punny Valentine Series! ~Nadia

Below is a list of some Punny Valentine’s. Click on the title link above their photo or click on each photo to be taken to its video tutorial and written pattern! Enjoy!! ♥

Bacon and Eggs Amigurumi


Love Bunny


Acorn Amigurumi

Poppy Flower


Panda Plush Amigurumi


Ghost Amigurumi


Open Heart Cup Cozy

Watermelon Scrubby


Pickle Amigurumi



Heart Bookmark


Shamrock Applique


Simple Basket


Fortune Cookie


Carrot Amigurumi

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