He’s Here: Our Newest YARNutopian

He’s Here: Our Newest YARNutopian


We would like to introduce our new baby boy to our YARNutopia community. There are NO words to express how much we are in love with this precious little peanut and how it feels to be first time parents; so instead of doing that at this time, we ask you to please enjoy these exclusive beautiful photos – many of which are being shared here for the very first time.

He arrived a little earlier than expected, and although nothing about his delivery was easy, in the end, holding him in our arms was so worth it! Oh. MY. Gosh. THE LOVE!

Nate and I are overwhelmed with joy and want to share our happiness with our online family community. As soon as I am feeling better, I will write a little more about this entire experience in detail!

So many people tried to tell us how this would feel. NOTHING compares to the real thing. NOTHING!! WE ARE SO IN LOVE WITH HIM!

Name: Nasir Nathan
Born June 13th, 2019 at 12:15pm
Weight: 6 lbs, 12 oz.
Length:  18.9 inches

Things we observed so far: He has his Daddy’s face and wavy dark hair, but he has Mommy’s nose and dimples. He has long fingers like Mommy but Daddy’s toes lol. As we continue to discover one another, we look forward to finding more of these amazing connections. It is the most profound feeling ever to meet this tiny human, see pieces of ourselves in him, and know that we made him!

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  1. I am filled with joy over the arrival of your new little son. What a blessing from God.
    Happy Father’s Day, Nate!

    • Congratulations!!! He is adorable 🙂 The love you have for your child is the most amazing and beautiful thing in the whole world!!! You guys are going to be Awesome parents!! Can’t wait to hear all about the delivery and to see many more pictures of your family 🙂

  2. Nasir is adorable. I know you’re not Catholic, but your little man was born on the Feast of St. Anthony! May God bless you all and let His face shine upon your sweet family.

  3. Thank you for sharing, I have been following! So happy Nasir is here and you both are safe! From this day forward… your hearts will never be the same…. worry or love, pain or joy… it is all worth it! Love from Iroquois, Ontario, Canada
    Tracy, JayR and JayLyn

    • My only child is 43 and can still remember the overwhelming love I felt for her the second I saw her! Wishing you a long and happy life!

  4. Congratulations from Kentucky. So glad everything went well. My baby boy will be 55 next month!

  5. Congratulations!!! Omg what a perfect little boy!! <3
    And we can clearly see that Nate is also very in love too, the way he looks at the baby <3

    Warms my heart, I'm so happy for you both. You are such a wonderful family. I wish you a very healthy baby. Take care xxxx

  6. Tears of happiness- what a beautiful post that you have shared with us all! I hope you feel all our love in return- a wonderful family of three! ❤️

    • Congratulations to the proud parents on the safe delivery of your baby boy. Treasure each & every moment, because time flies by in the blink of an eye.

  7. Congratulations and many blessings. May your home be overflowing with love and laughter. Your little man is beautiful.

  8. oh my word! Congrats Nadia and Nate! He’s beautiful! Enjoy every moment… they go so fast! You blink and 5 yrs pass! Before you know it their graduating!

  9. My heart fills with joy that he has arrived – what a precious little human you have made🤗
    Make sure that you take care of you too 💞

  10. My heart is so full for your little Blessing and for you and Nate. I am so very glad that it’s over for you with all your health issues. Enjoy each other.

  11. Congratulations to you both.
    He is BEAUTIFUL. <3
    I see so much of you in him.
    You're absolutely right, there is no way to describe that feeling and absolutely nothing compares.
    Sending you all the love and prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Glad you both are okay.
    Thank you for sharing this moment with us. The pictures are incredible.
    Ann 🙂

  12. Congratulations! And Happy Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, etc.) Sleep while you can… turn around twice and he will be asking for the car keys!

  13. Congratulations! What a wonderful early Fathers Day gift for the new dad and late Mother’s Day gift for the new mom! He is beautiful and looks just like both mom and dad! He will start to look more and more like both of you as he grows every day. I hope you are feeling better,

  14. Congratulations! He is beautiful and oh My that hair. I’m so glad all is well and thanks for sharing pics.

  15. A Very Big Congratulations to you both on the Birth of your Absolutely Beautiful little boy,God Bless You Always love Coreen💕💕💕💕💐💐💐💐🎉🎉🎉

  16. I’m delighted for you both, I hope you are OK after the birth and are well enough to fully enjoy these first days with your handsome so . All parents say it, but time will now feel like it’s moving at double time. Congratulations 😊

  17. Congratulations to the happiest moment of your lives he is so adorable I am so happy for both of you

  18. He is sooooo precious and cute. enjoy your little one to the fullest. May God Bless you, Nate, your mom, dad and most of all little Nasir. I would not be surprised to see a crochet hook in his hand and sitting next to mommy.

  19. Congratulations, your son is a handsome little man. You are a perfect little Family! Happy Father’s Day to Nate.

  20. Such a beautiful little man. Can’t wait to hear all about the fun and precious moments you will experience.

  21. So thrilled for you both
    Looking forward to hearing more about your little son. Mich love from me in Hitchin , Hertfordshire, England

    • Awwwwwww Look hoe Nasir is looking up at you Nadia, I’m in Tears, he’s Sooooooooo Beautiful. Congratulations to the Proud Parents, Nathan and Nadia, and to All The GrandParents. I’m So Happy for You All. Nasir, you are one Lucky and Loved Baby.

  22. He is so beautiful and so perfect! He is beautiful! I am so happy for you guys! Truthfully, there is nothing like the first baby. 🙂 They are all very special, but the first one is a little different. Can’t wait for him to help you do your videos and we can watch him grow!

  23. I just got back from camping .saw this & cried .he is so handsome .ur smiles say it all . U are blessed
    Congrats !

  24. Congratulations Nadia and Nate!!! Your precious bundle of joy is a blessing!! Enjoy him to the fullest.

  25. Omgoodness congratulations nate and nadia so over the hill happy for you all. Welcome to parent hood . Much love to all n happy grandparents

  26. Congratulations ya’ll… soooooo cute. Enjoy every moment, they pass by very quickly. I’m glad he’s doing good and I’m glad you are doing well too. Happy and amazing days ahead…Congrats to you both…

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