Crochet Tutorial: Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Crochet Tutorial: Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Houndstooth originated in Scotland in the 1800s. It originally was a woven fabric and over time became popular in fashion. It has undergone many revivals, but it has stayed true to its original classic pattern. Houndstooth is named because it resembles a canine tooth with its sharp edge. Sometimes it is called Dogstooth, and the miniature design is known as Puppytooth. Many designers use this pattern in high end fashion to this day. If you would like to learn more about the Houndstooth history, click here.

It’s Fall Fashion Week in New York which inspired me to create this Houndstooth Shawl–perfect for autumn weather and cool nights. When I originally set out to make this pattern, I expected this to be an incredible challenge, having never done the Houndstooth stitch before. But, after studying a few patterns online, I was able to quickly and very easily pick it up!

In no time, I was able to work up this great shawl!!


Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Follow this video tutorial on how to make this shawl.

This is a very easy to follow video tutorial showing how to recreate the original Houndstooth in crochet form. Below, you will see the original Houndstooth pattern in woven fabric.

Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Here is a close-up of my crochet version of the same stitch. It looks so close and awesome!!

Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Once you have mastered this stitch following my tutorial, you may make some minor modifications to my shawl pattern to turn this project into so many great items. I talk a little bit in the video on how to make an infinity scarf, a traditional neck wrap scarf, a baby blanket, or even an afghan. The ideas are endless! All you need to do is adjust your chain amount when you start this project. You just need an odd number of chains.

Houndstooth Stitch Shawl

Traditional Houndstooth is the contrasting pattern of black and white, but in the crochet world, anything goes! This project can be changed up in so many colorful ways than the traditional monochromatic design. Imagine, hot pink and white, purple and black, go wild with color!!



**Get the full kit of supplies here!!**

-2 skeins of each color (4 skeins in total) Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in White
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Black
Size I-5.50mm Crochet hook
Yarn needle

You can buy any of the items in this kit. Buy all or buy one item. Check it out to see the supplies you can get online to make this project!

When changing colors do not cut your yarn.  On your last dc, work the dc as normal but when you have the 2 loops left on your hook you will change your color and then YO and draw through both loops on the hook.  You will then just take the unused color and crochet it along in the row.  You will be changing color at the end of each row. (See video for visual instructions)

Ch 45 (Or any ODD number to make your own as wide as you want)

Row 1: *sc in the second ch from the hook, dc in the next, repeat from * across. Ending with a dc (change color and see special instructions for changing color) ch 1, turn. (44 sts)

Row 2: *sc in next dc, dc in next sc; repeat from * across  (change color–See video for visual instruction) ch 1, turn (44 sts)

Repeat Row 2 for however long you want your piece to be. I made mine 113 rows.

Finish with a black row, and continue to sc around the entire piece. Fasten off, weave in all ends. Add a pin for embellishment. Enjoy!

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)

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