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My Adult Mermaid Tail Afghan is such a fun project and has become wildly popular in the crochet community! I was contacted by the editor of Craft Ideas Magazine to be a contributor in their summer issue. They recently published my Mermaid Tail Afghan along with links to my blog and social media.

This is an exciting turning point for YARNutopia as this is my very first print publication for crochet. As a personal side note, getting this recognition and seeing this in print has filled me with a profound thrill. Knowing that this will be on newsstands across America is pretty epic for me! As I make these steps in my crochet career, this helps validate that I’m doing *something* right. It truly has humbled me to receive such positive feedback for this pattern. I’m very excited to realize this hard work has earned me some merit. I may have squealed something high pitched and danced around my living room when I received the email from the magazine editor asking me to participate in this issue.

This issue will hit newsstands on June 21st, 2016, but I was recently sent the digital copy to share with all my YARNutopians. Browse through the issue and flip to page 38 to see yours truly! Tell me what you think!

Click the Magazine Cover to read the Online Version.
You will see my publication on pages 38 & 39.



For more information about this mermaid tail and to make larger sizes, follow this link or click the photo below.



Update: It’s on the shelves!! (Date: June 23, 2016)


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  1. Many, well deserved congratulations! I have made 3 of these and all have been received with squeals of delight. I am constantly amazed by your fabulous patterns and helpful videos (thanks to your daddy). Bask in your success!

  2. I’m so Happy for you and congratulations !!! Love your work and patterns if it wasn’t for you my Grandbabies wouldn’t have cute stuff . I’m going look for for this magazine and definitely buy it .

    • That’s awesome!! Thank you so much for all the love!! I’ll probably buy all the copies off the newsstand in my neighborhood! HA!! ~Nadia

  3. Iam so happy for u thank god that they choose u for the magazine nadia i would of been dancing as well but u do good work i hope u get more apertonates to do this i love u work a lot

    • Thank you so much!! This is very exciting and hopefully it opens a few doors for opportunities in the future. For now, I am so happy with this. Your support is greatly appreciated! ~Nadia

  4. HI Nadia: This is absolutely amazing. Good going girl. I am so proud to say I know you and that I have done so many if your patterns. You are very famous now my dear.
    I am so very happy for you Nadia. Keep up the good work and keep staying healthy
    Love Barb xxx

    • Aww! Barb, I just love how supportive you always are! Thank you for that! I don’t consider myself famous, but this is quite exciting! If fame means sitting on my couch crocheting, then I’m all for it! HA!! ~Nadia

  5. I’m so excited for you, Nadia! You absolutely deserve success! You are so creative and you have a real talent for writing patterns that are easy to follow! Yay, Nadia!!!

  6. Congratulations!!! I love your work. Your videos are super easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your patterns. You’ve inspired me to be creative! Enjoy your epic adventure. I hope many more blessings for you.

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate this comment immensely. It’s exciting to be doing what I’m doing and have all this loving support. I can’t wait to keep crocheting and bring more fun patterns to life! Thanks again! ~Nadia

  7. Congratulations. I loved making the mermaid tail for a friend of mine. I also went and made the shark for my team leader s son. Love your tutorials and directions

    • That is so awesome!! I’m glad the patterns worked out for you and I’m glad the gifts were well received! I appreciate your comment and support very much! Thanks for all the love! ~Nadia

  8. Congratulations Nadia! You deserve this and more. I have made many of your projects and I love how easy to follow your videos are. Looking forward to picking up the magazine. Many blessings to you.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS !! Nadia this is fantastic news….And it is so deserving !! You are such a talented young woman and an amazing teacher and creator . I’m sure i can speak for all who follow you, That you are a wonderful teacher. As for me you have kept me motivated to keep going and try new things …I have only been crocheting for just about a year and your tutorials have really made me believe i can do this !! Thank you so much for your time and efforts, Your inspiring story’s of strength in the face of your illness you are a true inspiration to young and old God Bless Nadia

  10. I am SO HAPPY and PROUD of you!! I’ve spent so much time “with you” and have learned so much from you that i feel like my friend just had a great honor bestowed on her!!! You deserve every bit of it. I am thrilled for you and we “crocheters” who hang out with you are glad to know you!!! Congratulations, Nadia!!!

  11. So happy for you Nadia! You absolutely deserve the recognition. It’s because of you that I can now crochet, and even confidently take on difficult patterns thanks to all the practise I’ve been getting with your amazing 365 days of Granny Squares project. I’m sure this is just the start of many more things to come for you! Congratulations!! 😉 xxx

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