Why Nasir Came Early

Why Nasir Came Early

It has been 4 weeks since Nasir was born. He came into this world a true miracle and is perfect in every way. I am overjoyed that he is here, happy, healthy and growing like crazy. His due date was June 30th and throughout my high-risk pregnancy, it was understood that with so many health issues, surgeries, and not having a rectum or anus, the probability for me to deliver him in a traditional birth was going to be out of the question. I was told by not one, two, or three doctors but EVERY doctor on the team, that it would be the safest for me to have him via c-section and to do it a week before his due date. Although this didn’t coincide with my idea of the “ideal birth plan,” I ONLY cared about having a safe and healthy delivery for me and safe birth for him. It doesn’t matter how our babies enter the world, it only  matters that they arrive safely in our arms!


High Risk Pregnancy

Throughout my pregnancy, many of you are aware that I had numerous issues not only with my Crohn’s disease but also that I had to cease all my medications that keep my disease in remission. I also had severe Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, I had problems with tearing my adhesions and scar tissue from previous abdominal surgeries, I have a Septate Uterus, I had terrible sciatica, I had anemia, I lacked the nutritional support for myself and Nas because I don’t have my large intestine or parts of my small intestine, and I had a herniated ostomy that prolapsed. Because my anatomy isn’t like most, my intestine pooled to one side of my body and my baby was restricting the digestive flow. I also had the general issues of constant heartburn and swelling like a lot of moms-to-be deal with. I tried to be grateful, thankful, happy, joyful, and appreciative for this miracle; and I was. However, I won’t sugar-coat it, I was freaking miserable in my body. I hurt every single day and probably complained to Nate or my mom incessantly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. all while keeping a smile on my face and forging ahead because I kept telling myself that if this is the sacrifice I have to make to have him here, then I can do this! It was only temporary. My “this too shall pass” mantra was on repeat every moment of every day. I was miserable. But, just to be clear, I would do it ALL over in a heartbeat for this outcome. Nasir is magical…


Things weren’t going well

Over a month before I was to deliver, I was rushed by ambulance from the hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin up to Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota because I had a severe infection and could not keep anything in. I needed IV support and to be monitored because they thought our baby would make an appearance MUCH earlier than we thought. I was so scared. I was alone in the ambulance with the lights and sirens going as we rushed down the highway. I knew Nate was somewhere in a car behind me, my mom also, but being alone and not knowing what would happen was terrifying.

Thankfully, the doctors were able to hold off delivering Nas and just treat the infection. I was hospitalized for about a week before going home, but we were advised that due to the complicated nature of my pregnancy, I would be on “bed rest” (which couldn’t actually be bed rest because I have a history of forming blood clots), so I took it really easy. The doctors recommended I move to temporary housing in Rochester to be closer to the hospital, and I was there a few days before things began to decline again. Read more about our Temporary Transition here.


We couldn’t wait any longer

Although I was advised to hold off on delivering Nasir for as long as possible to give him the best chance for development, the doctors also understood the gravity of my health situation and knew it would be dangerous to wait too long. Not long after my hospitalization, I was still having problems and was not doing well. I woke up on the Wednesday before he was born feeling terrible. My entire body felt like I had one big bruise covering every inch of my skin. EVERYTHING hurt. The slightest touch hurt, and I was swelling up like a balloon. I called, and the doctors said to meet them up at the hospital. My mom took me in because Nate was at work. After a short examination, the doctors suspected that my infection set off a full body flare of my Crohn’s disease. They couldn’t wait any longer. If they didn’t deliver him soon, I might have gone into labor and could have potentially faced a threatening situation where it would be too late to assemble the ENTIRE team of doctors necessary to bring Nasir into this world and keep me safe in the process. Not only was my disease creating a serious health risk, the baby was breech. There was no time left. It would be way too perilous to wait and risk going into labor and a vaginal delivery. Delivery was scheduled immediately for next morning.

I crumbled under the weight of everything and started to cry.

I wanted more time for him to develop. I was scared for him, what if something went wrong, I was worried about the risks, and the surgery and, and, and….and then I took a deep breath.

I called Nate at work.

“You need to come to Rochester right now. They are going to deliver our baby tomorrow morning…”

“Are you serious? Is this for real?”

“Yes, just please come as soon as you can. I need you…”

I don’t know if Nate could even think after that phone call, if he could even concentrate enough to finish his work for the day, or if he was on autopilot all the way up to Rochester. He made it up there by 10 pm that night and we stayed up nearly all night talking. He kept reassuring me the entire time that everything will be OK.


An assembly of sixteen

When Nate and I arrived at the hospital the next day, along with my mom, dad, and my brother, I was ushered into a room immediately. I was a bundle of nervous energy but also ready to meet my baby!!

Shortly after arriving, I was given an IV and little by little the entire assembly of doctors and nurses ushered in team by team to see me. All in all there would be 16 medical staff in the room with us to deliver Nasir. HOLY MACARONI!! 16!!! I was only allowed one other person with me, and of course that was Nate. I was then taken into the OR alone while he was told to get garbed up.



While I was in the OR, it was freezing. More IVs were placed. There were so many lights, so many machines, so many instruments, and so many people. I started to shake uncontrollably.  I was given an epidural and a spinal, but the placement was giving me issues. They kept telling me to sit still. I couldn’t stop shaking. I hugged a pillow tightly to my front while they put the needles in my spine. It took forever. At one point, I felt a severe pain in my hip. They hit a nerve and my leg involuntarily shot out and kicked without me doing it. Yeah, this wasn’t working. They moved it a little higher in my spine and it was better.


From there, things moved so fast.

I was put on a table with my arms spread out wide. I had all the IVs in me, they erected a curtain up in front of me. So many people ushered in and out. The anesthesiologists, the surgery team, the OB-GYN team, the colorectal team, the nurses..SO MANY people! That team of 16 was in full action!

I wanted Nate and asked them to check on him. They said he was outside pacing. I wanted him with me, and it wasn’t much longer and he was able to come back into the OR. As soon as he walked in, they started to open me up. The doctors were wonderful about talking me through every step. I had the best cheerleader by my side. Nate was incredible. The anesthesia team was also very supportive and kept encouraging me softly, cheering for me, kept me comfortable, and just made me feel safe. I get choked up just thinking of these moments–moments I wanted to be fully present to remember.

I started to feel a severe pain in my right shoulder and started to get afraid. I told the doctor and they said they had my uterus out. The uterus is connected to the nerves in the shoulder and the pain I was experiencing was called “referred pain.”


He’s here!

It was only moments later when we heard our baby’s tiny cries. Nate started sobbing, I started sobbing. They lifted him over the screen so we could see him. My first thought was how tiny he was. They quickly moved him to the warming table so Nate could trim the cord and the team moved fast to get all the baby stats. Within moments, they brought this tiny naked baby to me and laid him on my chest. I could barely see or breathe I was crying so hard. HE WAS BEAUTIFUL. So precious. My miracle.




It took some time for the surgeons to close me up because they had to clear out scar tissue from former surgeries. They excised my old scar from the time I had the wound vac, and cleaned all of that tissue to make my incision a cleaner closure. It took quite a while, but I wasn’t even paying a moment of attention to that. Instead I was counting toes and fingers, memorizing my little boys face, and through my tears and laughter, I was rejoicing in this miracle.

Read more about Nasir’s arrival and see more photos here.


We are a family

As I was wheeled into a recovery room, Nate went to tell my family that our baby arrived. We wanted a few minutes alone to relish our first moments as a family of three. We also had an overflow of emotion that was just indescribable and we wanted to bask in the intimacy of sharing these very personal feelings together.

I remember when they lifted our baby over the screen after we heard his cries. I recall looking at him and instantly knowing that his name in my heart would be Nasir, but I didn’t say anything. To be fair, I wanted to hear Nate’s thoughts about his name. As soon as I asked him what our baby’s name should be, he said Nasir! We both felt it. We both knew. His name is Nasir Nathan.

Nasir is a Pakistani/Arabic name that means “Victorious,” and there is no more appropriate name fitting to this little boy than that. After all I have been through, all the health struggles and trials, I look at him and I know it was all for this moment.

This miracle.

This victory.



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  1. Nadia- you are an inspiration. YOU are a miracle. I have followed you for several years now and I can not be happier for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your talents, your struggles, and your victories with me.

    Much love and happiness to you!

      • Nadia,
        Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful joyous moment with all of us.
        Congratulations again.
        Love his name it is well suited.
        Love and blessings to you all.


    • 5 years ago, I started with you and our crochet journey.
      I am so happy for you and your pretty little baby boy.
      Your family’s love will shine seeing how happy you are.
      Your the Victorious one! Your so brave and beautiful!
      Thank you for sharing your story. It’s very inspiring.
      I’m sure now you will be making him lots of crocheting animals if you haven’t already. I’m excited to see him in some outfits you create…hopefully soon. Take care of yourself.. Hold him close!! May your family be blessed!
      Peace & Love.

  2. Truly wonderful, what an inspirational woman you are and OMG Nate what a warrior, i don’t even know either of you, but wow what a great team Nas has behind him. Your boy is a true treasure, enjoy every moment and treasure every memory xxx

    • Beautiful baby beautiful family. God bless. You never know how strong you are until you become a mom. ❤️

  3. I could barely read with tears in my eyes. I’m so happy for you and your wonderdul family. Baby Nasir is gorgeous.

  4. Congratulations to u and your family im so happy for u i been following u for a couple of yearsand im so glad that u shared your story thank god that your ok

  5. Nadia you are truly a gift from God a blessing to all. Thank you for sharing you life with us enjoy the miracle God send to you all, and take good care of you , and your precious warrior much love 💖♥️

  6. I wish you nothing by joy, happinnes and love in your life! Welcome to the world Nasir!!!!

    • How awesome Nadia. It seems you have come full circle. I was so overjoyed when you and Nate found each other and married. Now to complete your family with your little blessing Nasir. The best part is having a C section to remove old scar tissue and adhesions. That should give you aditional relief and rapid healing.

    • Nadia
      Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are a medical warrior and your parents were probably crying tears of joy as well. You had your little boy a little early, but as you said, it’s the outcome that matters. I can assure you, his early start will not matter, I had my boys early too and now they are grown with families of their own.
      Kudos to your medical team over the years for helping with your miracle.
      Your husband is very special like you and your son will grow up surrounded by love

  7. He is so beautiful, your story has brought me to tears today (good tears, of course). I sense so much happiness and joy for both you and Nate. Nasir is Victorious just as his name says. You have Victory every single day. Thank you for sharing your story. My heart is happy for all of you.

  8. Your miracle came just in time. May the Creator continue to Bless your Life as Mother…the Most Important Job in the World

  9. How brave you are. The courage it must have taken to embark on this journey of motherhood.
    Blessing Nabia and your little Nasir <3 God is watching you, from a distance <3

  10. What an inspirational and touching account of your journey to motherhood. There is no greater love than a mothers love. Cherish each day and enjoy your miracle

  11. Nadia, you have a beautiful little baby! What a miracle you made with Nate! Hope you are healing from the birth process. Congrats on this precious little baby boy! He is sure sweet!

  12. Thank you for sharing your story and the treasure your son is to you and your family. You are an inspiring woman who has learned to cope with tremendous physical and emotional stressors. Congratulations to you and Nate! I hope you get back into remission uneventfully.

  13. You are such an inspiration. Your love story with Nate is beautiful, with Nasir being the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Your strength and endurance is amazing and you,Nate, and Nasir deserve all that is beautiful and wonderful.

  14. Truly a special miracle. All babies are gifts and miracles but your wee soul has that extra something keeping him safe. Congratulations.

  15. Thank you for sharing this wonderful miracle with us, Nadia. Everything you’ve endured with your health over the years & now the birth of sweet Nasir is absolutely incredible. Sending love & prayers to you & your beautiful family.

  16. Absolutely beautifully expressed wonderful life event. Congratulations, Nadia and Nate!!!

  17. Congratulations Nadia and Nate! What an awesome blessing! Be blessed abundantly with little Nathan always and forever! Lots of Love from South Africa. René Taljaard

  18. I Praise God that everything went well in the end for you,although Bless you,you really went through some tough times,look after yourself,enjoy your Beautiful baby 🙏🏻🙏🏻💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  19. Congratulations to your beautiful family. You are an inspiration to all the women that struggle with difficult pregnancies. God Bless You!

  20. Ohhh so glad for you Nate and gorgeous Nasir, thank you for sharing no holes barred experience and your unique challenges Enjoy…… Xo

  21. This is such a special story. Congratulations to both Nadia, Nate and Nasir and may your lives together be full of joy and blessings.

  22. Wow! What you’ve gone through is a battle. I’ve been a viewer of yours for a long time so I was so happy to hear that your beautiful baby boy was born happy & healthy. My goodness, you and Nate must be in bliss. Now make sure to take pics all the time, crochet lots of fun things for your lil man, and share everything with us! LoL! No really tho, so many of us have watched you Nate fall in love, get married, and have this blessing come into your lives. We are all cheering you guys on!

  23. I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family. Brings me tears of joy to see the miracle that God has given you

  24. You are a very strong person who is amazing. I thank that you are inspiring to a lot of women with this experience and let them see that it can happen. To go through this every day for 9 months and have such a beautiful life come in to this world at the end. It’s a amazing. He is a beautiful baby boy.

  25. You Are An Inspiration for Your Strength and Resilience. I’m So Happy for You and Your Family to Have Your Bundle of Joy that is Kissed by God.🌸🌼🌻🌷

  26. OMG!! I can’t describe the feelings of the long journey you took us on, and sharing your life, your disease, and your precious lil Nasir. I love that name , it does fit him. I was very surprised to hear that you suffer from Adhesions Scar tissue disease, as I do. No one knows how much pain it causes someone. I have to have around the clock medicine to help control some of my pain. But, it is always there. I know that this is probably TMI but, I feel everything when I have to go #2 I feel it moving inside and then out, it hurts so bad sometimes. I just cry. I have had 10 surgeries that contribute to all of my scar tissue. But, as a mother of 3 beautiful grown children. All the pain is so worth it. Keep that beautiful smile on your face, take care of that precious little man and soak up every moment with him, they tend to grow up so fast. Hugs and kisses you and Nate are the super heroes of your family. Many blessings to you and your family.

  27. I feel a part of your story as I have been following you for a while. I think you are one brave woman. You can call yourself victorious also, because going through pregnancy for must have been very hard. But..it was meant to be. I prayed for you from tbe moment I heard you were pregnant. I am praying that the pregnancy and all the different hormones and medications completely eradicated at least one of your issues. Enjoy your son, enjoy being a mother and know that you achieved victory also. You and your family will always be in my prayers. Blessings.

  28. Such a Sweet Baby. I am so happy you are both healthy and happy. Many blessing to your family for a very happy long future together. 🤱🏻

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