Compare & Contrast: Red Heart Yarns Sweet Home vs. Bernat Blanket Yarn

Compare & Contrast: Red Heart Yarns Sweet Home vs. Bernat Blanket Yarn

As I sit through these weeks of Safer At Home, I decided to sort through some of the yarn I have in my stash. I came across several types of yarn with similar qualities and decided to do a contrast and comparison blog. Below are my observations between Red Heart Yarns Sweet Home and Bernat Blanket Yarn. Please refer to the photos for visual observations throughout.

First let me break down the specifics between the two fibers

Sweet Home

Maker: Red Heart Yarns

  • Content: 100% polyester
  • Ball size: 297 g/10.5 oz, 177 meters/193 yards
  • Care: Machine wash and dry
  • Gauge: 6 – Super Bulky

Retail Price: $10.99USD

Chenile style yarn

Color used in this blog: Dark Denim

Get the yarn here:




Blanket Yarn

Maker: Bernat

  • Economical big ball size
  • Content: 100% polyester
  • Ball Size: 300g / 10.5 oz, 201 meters / 220 yards
  • Care: Machine wash and dry
  • Gauge: 6 Super Bulky
  • Knitting Gauge: 8 sts and 13 rows with a 8 mm (U.S. 11) knitting needle
  • Crochet Gauge: 7 sc and 8 rows with a 8 mm (U.S. L/11) crochet hook
  • Recommended for: Knit and crochet home decor projects

Retail price: $10.99USD

This super cozy, super bulky chenille-style yarn is available in a range of stylish shades to compliment your home decor.

Color used in this blog: Frosted Blue

Get this yarn here:

As you can see in these details, the two are identical in content, similar in ball size, same care instruction, and price. Not much to break down since these particulars are so alike.

I decided to work up an identical short granny square pattern with each and compare and contrast working with each of these skeins.

I started with Sweet Home. It seems a tad lighter and more flimsy in my opinion. It makes a slightly smaller square using the same hook and pattern. There is more flow and movement in the Sweet Home because of that light and flimsy feel.

The density of Bernat Blanket Yarn seems thicker than the Sweet Home yarn and therefore this gives this fiber a somewhat firmer feel. There is less movement in the piece because of the density and firmness.

After washing:

After washing, there was no shrinking in either of the yarns and both kept their shape. The yarn is extremely soft before washing, but after washing, I personally feel like they are fluffier and softer than before! The Bernat Blanket Yarn has become more flexible and free-flowing losing some of the firmness evident pre-wash.  It’s like snuggling a light cloud. I can’t think of better words than soft, light, and fluffy.


Last thoughts:

While comparing these two fibers, I consistently felt they rival one another quite closely. The main difference was felt in the work up of these two fibers with Sweet Home more free-flow whereas the Bernat has more firmness. However, upon washing the consistency is nearly identical in both. I feel these two could work together and be very compatible with no blatant difference. One of the best discoveries of finding two compatible fibers is that it increases your color choices and options when creating with either of these skeins.

While working with these, I discovered a love for both and look forward to integrating them into a project in the near future. There is so much to love about a fiber that feels like these two do!


The crochet hook I used was a 12mm and I found it on Amazon here.