Happy Halloween 2022 from YARNutopia!

Happy Halloween 2022 from YARNutopia!

Our Annual Halloween Costume Reveal is here! This year, we have decided on some friendly monster costumes.

Nas loves his one-eyed green monster with horns! He was running around trying to catch pretend monsters and pretend he was one too! He’s such a little goofball!

Nasir’s costume consists of the crocheted green slip-on with a face. I paired that with the green leggings and turtleneck that I bought on Amazon. I used Lion Brand Yarn to create this ensemble.

Nate pulls off the big blue monster very well! For his costume, I created the fuzzy hat with horns. I purchased the furry costume from Amazon and voila it was the perfect match!

For my costume I just made a monster amigurumi doll and wore a pink and purple outfit to tie it all together.

In recent years, it has been difficult to find the time to make elaborate plans for costumes and not be able to get them done. I’ve scaled down quite a bit, but still like to make sure that I’ve included crochet in each costume. I hope you enjoy our monster costumes and keep coming back each year to see more!

If you’d like the crochet pattern for Nasir’s Monster Costume, you can find the written instructions here.

If you’d like the Hat Pattern that Nate is wearing, you can find the written instructions here.

If you’d like to make the little monster plushie I am holding in the photos, you can find the full written pattern here.