Crochet Tutorial: Cat Paw Hand Warmers with Fur

Bring out your inner “cat-titude” and freak “meowt!” This is the “purrrr-fect” project to make that happen! I am “paws-itive” you will be “feline” “claw-some!!”

As I work my way toward Halloween and my own personal costume, I created these paw fingerless gloves as a piece to one of my best costumes yet! This time of the year always gets my creativity going for fun ideas on ways to economically make a costume with as little as a hook and yarn. Although I made these as part of my Halloween attire, this would be a great project for any animal lover. You can modify these in many ways by changing the color, paw pads and fur! You don’t even need to put the paw prints on them and just have fancy fingerless gloves to give as a gift for anyone on your list!

Again, this is a quick and easy afternoon project! This blog includes the instructional video as well as a handwritten pattern. Be sure to check out the entire blog and make your mitts today!

I’m sure that you will “a-purrr-ove” of “e-furry-thing!” HA!

Cat Paws

Watch this video to learn how to make these fingerless glove paws:

Cat Paws

Designed by Nadia Fuad
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Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own.

-Red Heart Super Saver Scraps in White and Black and a color of your choice (I used Blue, Spring Green, and Yellow)
-Size I-5.50mm crochet hook
-Yarn Needle

-There are two ways to attach the fur, see full video for both ways.

Ch: chain
St: Stitch
Sl st: slip stitch
SC: Single Crochet
HDC: Half Double CrochetGloves:With Turqua
Both Hands:
Ch 20 (Or chain enough that will fit around your knuckles on your hand)
Without twisting chain, sl st to first ch to form a circle
Rnd 1: Ch 2, HDC in each ch around, sl st to first HDC of the round (20)
Rnd 2-5: Ch 2, HDC in each ch around, sl st to first st of the round (20)

Left Hand: Rnd 6: HDC in the first 17 sts, sk last 3 sts, ch 3, sl st to first HDC of the round. (17 HDC, ch3 sp)

Right Hand: Rnd 6: HDC in first st, ch 3, sk 3 sts, HDC in each st around, sl st to first HDC of the round (17 HDC, ch3 sp)

Both Hands:
Rnd 7: ch 2, HDC in each st around, HDC into the chains of the ch3 sps. sl st to beginning HDC of the round. (20) (See video for visual instructions)
Rnd 8-20: CH 2,  HDC in each st around, sl st to beginning HDC of the round. (20)
(If you want yours to be shorter or longer, add or subtract rows at this point)
Fasten off, weave in all ends.

Add Fur (Optional):
See video for visual instructions
SC around top and bottom of Hand Warmers or Sew the fur on like how I show in the video.

Paw Prints: (Make 8)
with Gray, ch 2
Rnd 1: SC 6 in 2nd ch from hook, sl st to first sc (6)
Fasten off with long tail for sewingPalm of Paw: (Make 2)
With Gray, Ch 2
Rnd 1: SC 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6)
Rnd 2: SC 2 in each st around (12)
Rnd 3: (SC 2 in next st, SC in next st) 6 times (18)
Fasten off with long tail for sewing.Enjoy!!

***You can always contact me if you have any problems with the pattern. I am happy to help if you have any questions along the way.***These patterns are copyright YARNutopia © so PLEASE DO NOT COPY, SHARE, ADJUST OR RESELL MY PATTERN. I wrote and tested this pattern myself, from beginning to end. It took a lot of time and work, and I would really like to have it remain “my pattern.”
***You can sell anything you make from my patterns, please just link back to my website Thank you!

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)

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