My Punny Valentine!

I am a pun extraordinaire. (It should go on my resumé) I love a good pun, I like throwing down a good pun, and I think puns are fun! It isn’t unusual that when the opportunity presents itself, I jump on it and go a little overboard!

A couple years ago, I started a series of Valentine’s Day puns. I would create a crocheted item and come up with a clever tagline that associates with that item. 2016’s Valentine’s Day is no exception. This blog is 14 days of punny love overload. It’s perfect for the crochet lover and the Valentine in your life! ♥

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I LOVE love! Any time I get the chance to spread a little love, I’m going to be sure to sprinkle that everywhere! I hope you enjoy these creative puns! Be sure to share them with the ones you love! I will be adding a new pun each day until Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check back!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Nate, this blog is dedicated to you. ♥

February 1st, 2016: “Whale” you be my Valentine?
This pattern design is by Stacey Trock. You can access the free pattern here.

Whale you be my Valentine?
February 2nd, 2016: I am “nacho” sure if you are going to like this one. I know you don’t like people “jalapeño” business. However, since I love puns from my head “tomatoes,” I figured this one would be the perfect way to “lettuce” show some more Valentine’s Day love and get more people to “taco” ’bout them. Hopefully, this didn’t go too far and our friendship can continue to go “onion” on… HA!!

Here’s the link to the free Taco Pattern with all the vegetable fixings.


February 3rd, 2016: In the “pear”suit of happiness, oftentimes we search for one with whom no one can com”pear.” I am no “pear”fessional when it comes to these matters, but it’s a”pear”ent that “pear”fect someone is you! ♥

Here’s the link to the free written pattern for the pear.



February 4th, 2016: I don’t have much “dough,” so this is my humble gift for you. It may sound a little “cheesy.” I might fumble the “delivery,” but no matter how you “slice” it, I only have “pies” for you. There’s no “topping” that! ♥

Here’s the link to the free written pattern for the pizza slice


February 5th, 2016: I am trying not to make a “stink,” but it’s time to take the “plunge” “toilet” you know that I love you with all of my “fart.” When I “let it all out” and get “on a roll” I start to get so “flushed” because it “poops” me out thinking about how much energy it takes to “squeeze” out these puns! I hope you do NOT have a “crappy” Friday and are enjoying this silly “potty” talk. ♥

Here is the free written pattern for the Poop


February 6th, 2015: You might say, ‘you “gato” be “kitten” me right “meow,” Nadia! These puns are becoming so bad, it’s almost “cat”astrophic!’ I’m not “lion” when I say making puns is “paw”some! Sometimes, I laugh so hard, I “puma” pants! HAHA!! My life would be “claw”ful without puns, “fur”real!! But I love you so much, I would move “meow”tains for you, so I’m just going to keep going – but if I go to “fur,” you can say get “meow”ta here!

Click here to view the video tutorial to learn how to make this cat amigurumi.


February 7th, 2016: Wake the “fudge” up everyone! Today’s pun is going to be easy like “sundae” morning! So, here’s the “scoop.” Today I’m breaking my “cone” of silence to declare that I love you “cherry” much. I feel “waffle” when you’re not around because I know we are “mint” to be together. This “sweet” pun is “sprinkled” with all my love to make sure that you know that my heart “melts” just for you.

Here is the free written pattern for an ice cream cone

Ice Cream

February 8th, 2016: I’m not “squidding” when I say I love a good joke, so here goes: How many tickles does it take to make an “octopus” laugh? Ten-tickles! HAHAHA!!! Get it? “Tentacles!” I’m not “fishing” for a compliment, but whaddya “ink” of my sense of humor? All day long, Valentine, you “octopi” my thoughts. I’m such a “sucker” for you, I am “sea”rious about your love, and I’m totally “hooked.” Even right now, I want you in my “arms” so we can “cuttle.”

Click here to learn some fun facts about octopuses!

Click here to learn how to make the heart amigurumi

Click here to view the video tutorial to view the video tutorial to learn how to make this octopus amigurumi


February 9th, 2016
: This is an “eggs”pression of my love. I’m not sure if I have a “talon”t for “bird” puns because it can be a “bird”en to keep coming up with so many ideas. So, I’m just going to “wing” it. For our special Valentine’s Day, will you meet me for coffee at the “Nest”café? I promise it won’t be “hawk”ward and no “fowl” play. Instead, I will give you the red carpet “tweet”ment. It might get “emu”tional “wren” this special day occurs, because I can guarantee it will be “egg”cellent! It might get a little lovey “dove”y, but I’m sure you will have a very “pheasant” time, and it will “fly” by! Phew! This “bird” pun turned out so well, I might just have to “Tweet” it!

Click here for the written pattern of a bird


February 10th, 2016: I’m “tilling” you like it is. I’m ready to drop some mad “beets!” Let’s “dew” it!
I’ll love you “till” my heart stops “beet”ing.
Like a “moss,” this bears re”peat”ing.
I “mud”dled through life before you,
always “garden” my heart like “weed”o.
The latest “dirt” can “tend” to annoy,
but Imma sayin’ you’re the “root” of my joy.
I hope this “plants” a “seed” in your heart,
to know I “dig” you and hate to be apart.
“Lettuce” “turnip” the volume on our love,
I’m having so much fun,
because every day I’m “shoveling…” (“shoveling”) out these puns!

Click here to view the written pattern for the beet.

Drop a Beet

February 11th, 2016: Today is “Thor”sday. It’s been “tough” being apart all week. I “myth” you very much. I’ve been “helmet” on coming up with great puns, but of “Norse” the time has come to keep it “Loki” and let you know I am really “Viking” everything about our relation”ship!”

Click here to view the video tutorial for the Viking Hat with Beard


February 12th, 2016
: I don’t want to burst your “bubble,” but in the “pecking” order of puns, this one isn’t quite fitting the “bill.” I have been up since the “quack” of dawn trying to think of a “soap”er duper idea for this Valentine’s post. All of them just sound “Daffy.” I won’t “duck” my responsibility because inside every determined heart, “soap rings” eternal, and all these puns are a way to “shower” you with my love! “Lather” is always the best medicine, so I’m going with this series of love notes and hope they go over “swimmingly.” “Waddle” I do if you don’t like it? I guess I’ll find out when you get “foam” sweet “foam.”

Click here for the written pattern of the duck amigurumi

Rubber Ducky


February 13th, 2016: In the words of Iggy Azalea, “First things first, ‘Amaryllis.'” So I will begin this pun by saying that everyone can tell that our love has truly “blossomed.” It has taken off on the “wings” of love. I know I have really “pollen” for you because whenever I think of you, I get “butterflies” in my stomach. I really hope this Valentine’s Day is “fly” filled with “butterfly” kisses and “ladybug” hugs. You always make me feel like I’m wrapped in a “cocoon” of your love. I “larva” you so much!! Oops-a-“daisy,” that last pun may have “flown” too far.

Click here for the free butterfly pattern



February 14th, 2016: Nate loves a good horror movie, I love crochet and “Poe”try, and we both love to love. I hope I’ve captured the essence of that in this last Valentine pun.

As these punny posts come to the end, I’ve got to “hand” it to you, you’ve definitely got “heart.” I hope you didn’t think they were “tachy.” I’ve tried to “organ”ize them so they always make sense. People might think that I’m so crazy about you that “aorta” be locked up, but you have the “key to my heart.” Sometimes I wondered if “antibody” was out there who understood me, and there you were. You “muscle”d your way into my “life.” In the “pulmonary” start of our relationship, I might have told you “A-fib” or two about how I felt. I didn’t need a “ventricle”oquist to speak for me. I was truly “pumped” about meeting you! “O,” I’m “positive” I won’t ever “bypass” telling you how I feel again. I sug”chest” we always express how we feel. I hope I don’t ever “skip a beat” when it comes to loving you. I promise to “pace” myself and not take our love in “vein.” ♥ Nadia

Click here for the video tutorial


“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” ~William Shakespeare

Photography/Editing: Image By Fuad
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