Stitch Gallery & Glossary Episode #14: Popcorn Stitch

Stitch Gallery & Glossary Episode #14: Popcorn Stitch

Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make the Popcorn Stitch:

Materials Used:
Red Heart Yarns Creme de la Creme Cotton Yarn
Crochet Hook


Popcorn Stitch

US Terms

1) Work 5 DC in the same stitch.
2) Drop the loop off your hook.
3) Insert your hook in the first double crochet of the group.
4) Grab the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch.
5) Chain 1 to finish.
Popcorn Stitch Made

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Yarn Pop Bag Review

Yarn Pop Bag Review

Recently shared with me a couple of their product yarn bags. In exchange for the bags, I was to use them and share my opinion on how I like them. I have been carrying them around town for the past few weeks with all my projects giving them a good breaking in. I have come to one major conclusion..I love them! Here is my product review.

The small Double Decade Bag is a small bag with double grommet openings on the front where yarn can be threaded through. This convenient feature allows a crocheter or knitter the ease of working on a project while keeping your yarn skeins stored away. This small bag is perfect for little projects. The nice thing is this size bag is easily stored in larger bags for on the go such as a diaper bag, suitcase, large handbag etc. This allows you to omit carrying multiple bags or stuffing your yarn supplies in a bag for which it is not intended. These tiny bags keep everything in one easy-to-use place.

The second bag in this review is the Totable Zoom Zoom Bag. For myself, this bag has all the features I love in a yarn bag. The durable construction of this canvas bag allows you to hold everything needed to take your projects on the go! Multiple pockets on the inside keep three skeins of yarn separated and organized for your multi-skein projects. This bag has three grommet holes to keep those skeins organized as you work on your projects. Your Work-in-Progress can be brought back into the large part of the bag and stored. These Made in The USA bags are not only sturdy, but their pattern designs are a great statement with bold color and patterns. There is a soft cotton lining on the inside and this bag has so much room for all your crochet and knit supplies.

Take these bags anywhere with their portable features. The Totable Zoom Zoom has a fantastic adjustable shoulder strap that can be changed as a shoulder bag to a tote. No matter where you go, you are sure to make a statement with these great bags. Personally, I have received several comments and compliments on mine everywhere I go!

For all my YARNutopians who are interested in checking these bags out further, Yarn Pop has an exclusive offer for you! If you are interested in these great products. Go to their website and at checkout, use discount code Nadiacheer25% to receive your 25% off your purchase. This is a great discount for anyone wanting to give these a try and save a few dollars doing so. They have international shipping available as well as several payment options. While supplies last, you’ll also get a free mini bag with your purchase!! Woohoo for free stuff!

I love a good yarn bag as I am rarely without a project in hand, these YarnPop bags are an awesome accessory to anyone who, like me, takes their crochet EVERYWHERE!


Crochet Tutorial: Pop Art Wig

Influenced by the Pop Art Movement of New York artists, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and James Rosenquist, I decided to add this hot pink wig creation to my crochet costume collection. This is my very own version of being a comic strip character with a bit of YARN power!

This bold color works perfectly in the creation of this costume, however, don’t just stop there! This wig can make a great hat! Walk on the wild side with this bold pink fashion statement anytime of the year!

There was a point in time when I was going through treatment and I lost my hair, this would have been a great piece to wear to cover my head. I could totally rock these crocheted bold colored wigs! They make great chemo hats! Add a bow for a little flare!

go BOLD, go CRAZY, go WILD! Whatever you do, have fun!

Pop Art
Pop Art

Watch this video to learn how to make your own Pop Art Wig:

Pop Art
Pop Art


Designed by Nadia Fuad
Questions? Leave a comment!
You may sell items made from my pattern, but please reference my name and Etsy Shop (YARNutopia).
Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own.

-Red Heart Super Saver (Less than half skein–I Used Pretty N’ Pink)
-Size J-6.00mm crochet hook (You could use I-5.50mm crochet hook)
-Yarn Needle

-For special stitches (FPDC & BPDC) see video tutorial for visual instructions

Ch: chain
St: Stitch
Sl st: slip stitch
SC: Single Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
FPDC: Front Post Double Crochet
BPDC: Back Post Double Crochet
Ch 4,
Rnd 1: 11 DC in 4th ch from hook, sl st to ch 3 at the beginning of round (12 DC)Rnd 2: Ch 3, FPDC around Ch 3 from previous rnd, *DC in next st, FPDC around same st (See video for visual instruction) Repeat from * around, sl st to beginning ch3 (12 DC, 12 FPDC)Rnd 3: Ch 3, DC into the FPDC from prev. rnd, FPDC around same st, *DC in next st, DC in next FPDC from prev. rnd, FPDC around same st, repeat from * around, sl st to beginning ch 3 (24 DC, 12 FPDC)

Rnd 4: Ch 3, DC in next st, DC into the FPDC from prev. rnd, FPDC around same st, *DC in next 2 sts, DC in next FPDC from prev. rnd, FPDC around same st, Repeat from * around, sl st to beginning ch 3 (36 DC, 12 FPDC)

At this point, you can skip to round 6 if your hat is big enough to fit a child.

Rnd 5: Ch 3, DC in next 2 sts, DC into the FPDC from prev. rnd, FPDC around same st, *DC in next 3 sts, DC in next FPDC from prev. rnd, FPDC around same st, repeat from * around, sl st to beginning ch 3 (48 DC, 12 FPDC)

Rnd 6: Ch 3, DC in next 3 sts, FPDC around FPDC from prev. rnd, *DC in next 4 sts, FPDC around FPDC from prev. rnd, repeat from * around, sl st to beginning ch 3 (48 DC, 12 FPDC)

Rnds 7-13: Repeat rnd 6

This next part is worked in rows (See video for visual instructions)

Row 14: Ch 3, DC in next 3 sts, FPDC around FPDC from prev. rnd, *DC in next 4 sts, FPDC around FPDC from prev. rnd. Repeat from * 7 times, ch 3 turn work (39 sts)
(Leave the rest of the stitches unworked)

Row 15: Ch 3, DC in next 3 sts, BPDC around FPDC from prev. rnd, *DC in next 4 sts, BPDC around FPDC from prev. rnd. Repeat from * 7 times, ch 3, turn work (39 sts)

Rows 16-23: Repeat Rows 14 and 15

Continue to SC around entire wig.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Fasten off with long tail for sewing.


***You can always contact me if you have any problems with the pattern. I am happy to help if you have any questions along the way.

***These patterns are copyright YARNutopia © so PLEASE DO NOT COPY, SHARE, ADJUST OR RESELL MY PATTERN. I wrote and tested this pattern myself, from beginning to end. It took a lot of time and work, and I would really like to have it remain “my pattern.”

***You can sell anything you make from my patterns, please just link back to my website Thank you!

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)

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“Art is anything you can get away with.” ~Andy Warhol