My Crafty Wishlist

My Crafty Wishlist

I spend a lot of time in the yarn aisle whenever I find myself out shopping. I also find myself drawn to beautiful fibers each time I see an attractive item in housewares. Clothing with crochet detail always catches my attention. It has become innate to be enticed to anything related to my passion. So is it any wonder that my wish list grows each time I head out to do some retail therapy??

I have a lot of self-control. I have developed it over the years as a need-based defense mechanism. Without it, I would go completely broke! But, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream, and hope that one day I might splurge (first I have a wedding to pay for so for now, admiring from a distance is ok)!

Hand Beaded Silk Yarn - 7 Pack
I love a good sale! I love shopping the internet for the best deal! Today, I worked some of my research magic to find some great deals on my “Wish List” items!! I am tucking these away here on my blog to revisit. Maybe in some future blog posts, I might actually follow through with a splurge and these items might make an appearance.

Today’s items are things I hope to one day add to my craft room! As you all know, our personal spaces are ever evolving. I can imagine the same will be the case for me as time goes by. One of our YARNutopians made a suggestion following my recent blog post in which I talked about my recent room remodel. That got me thinking of the future and some small touches I can see adding.

I have linked my 5 wish list items below:

This Grey Letter Board!

I have always wanted a letter board. I love motivational quotes and this board makes the idea of changing the quotes daily or weekly a fun decorating idea for my craft room. Inspiration in my personal space is a fun way to keep me motivated and add that personal touch.




This Office Chair!

Presently, in my studio, I sit in a swivel backless stool that offers nothing in the line of back support. In my new studio space that we created in my new house, I have an old dining room chair pulled up to my work station. I would love to have a swivel office chair with some lumbar support while I work. I feel the hours I spend filming and crafting deserves to be spent in a little more comfort than I have been settling for. This is on the top of the list!



This Cool Wall Stencil!!

I stated earlier that I love fun quotes! I stumbled across some fantastic wall decals and thought a decal on my empty wall would be a great idea to add a little bit of whimsy to an empty wall. I love these! I have seen them used tastefully in decorating!




This Craft Room Lamp

I imagine spending lots of hours in my new craft cave! There is a window for natural light, but as the days get shorter and it becomes dark earlier, I found this nice lamp to brighten up my room while I curl up on the big comfy chair to crochet. Sometimes in dim lighting, especially working with dark yarn, it is hard to see my stitches. Having a lamp like this would be a great tool to cut down on my eye strain and increase my productivity!






This Craft Supplies Cart!

Currently, when I am filming, I have my supplies piled up on my table off screen. I reach over to grab what I need during filming from the pile I created prior to filming. It is easiest to have my supplies all at hand and within reach, BUT it clutters up my off screen space making me feel overwhelmed by the disorganization. I have always wanted a craft cart but never had the room! In my new studio and craft room, the idea of having a cart to my side (off camera) to organize my supplies needed during filming will make production so much easier and seamless. I can reach over to grab anything I need without the crowding on my work table.

Do you have a ‘wish list’ item you would love to add to your personal crafting/crochet space? If so, what would you add to your list?

This post contains affiliate links, which I may be compensated for when you make a purchase. That means if you click on any link and buy from the linked websites, I will receive a small percentage of the value of your order. The amount you pay is not changed. Thank you for all your support in clicking the links in my blog!! You all are so amazing!! ~Nadia


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