Island in the Sea Blanket

As we continue our journey through the 365 Days of Granny Squares, we have accumulated 210 squares as of today! If you are like me, your storage containers are busting full and are in need of projects to be made! I began this Island in the Sea Blanket as my second project in my series of blankets that I plan to make using these granny squares.

I named this piece because of the unique square from day 75. I went on to finishing the square as per the written pattern by Aurora. It turned out larger than any of the squares in our collection. I had to find a use and decided this was the perfect way to showcase this beautiful granny! I surrounded it with double crochet rows of various shades of cool tones to create an island oasis in a sea of blue.

This blanket utilizes 5 other large squares that we have made this year as well as 14 of our smaller squares. I have listed each square I used in this project below with links to their video tutorials.

This is just my idea to use these squares in a bigger project, but you can get as creative as you want to make a blanket or other projects where these can come in handy!

As we embarked on this project, I have witnessed an incredible amount of creativity that has come from others participating in these daily squares. I’m so happy to see everyone Hashtagging #365DaysofGrannySquares and #YARNutopia. I am watching everyone’s posts and progress! *Double Tap*

The purpose of this project was to teach a variety of stitches and expand our crochet knowledge in granny squares that exist. I have seen an array of beautiful blankets, pillow covers, jackets, and many other pieces of art springing forth from this creativity from everyone participating. Each square is a small piece of art that was meant for a bigger purpose.

This is the original layout of my blanket:
Here is a closeup to show that I made a double crochet border around each square and then sewed them together:
Here I am working on the blanket, finishing up the sewing!

Here is my finished blanket draped over the sofa:13553281_1153400918055498_521965263_n
Step By Step:
-I crocheted a double crochet border around each granny square (I would recommend 1 round of a border for each square, but if it doesn’t line up, you can add 2 rounds on the smaller squares to make them the right size)
-Then, I sewed the large squares together in a row
-I started crocheting my rows of blue using double crochet. I worked in the Back Loops Only to make a ribbed look (that’s optional) Then I made 5 rows of each color. (You can change color as often as you want)
-Once I had 5 sections done, I sewed my giant square to the center of my work.
-I started crocheting on the right side of the large square, making rows and stopping once I hit that square, then turned my work and continued on my way to make the rows until that side lined up with the large square. Then I fastened that side off.
-I attached my yarn to the left side and did the same thing, working rows of double crochet until that was the same height as the center square. Once both sides were surrounding the square, I sewed up the left and right side of the square to the double crochet rows.
-Once that was all done, I continued to crochet along just like I was on the opposite end of the blanket above the large island square. (5 rows of each color, changing colors 5 times)
-Then, I sewed the small squares together and then sewed them to the last row of the blanket.
-Once my blanket was all put together, I crocheted a simple double crochet border around the entire piece.
-I had a lot of ends to weave in, but it was all worth it!

I used an H-5.00mm crochet hook to make this blanket
I used all Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Row of Large Squares:
Number 156
Number 146
Number 127
Number 167
Number 113

Center Square:
I went on to making my square bigger, using THIS PATTERN.
Number 75

Smaller Squares:
Number 178
Number 166
Number 27
Number 111
Number 70
Number 160
Number 164
Number 121
Number 138
Number 175
Number 104
Number 115
Number 150
Number 49