Happy Halloween from Link and Zelda!

Happy Halloween from Link and Zelda!

Now that Halloween is here, I have compiled all the patterns in one place! Each piece to the costumes are here for you to create.

Each photo is listed with the link to the coinciding blog.

Follow all the patterns to make your own Link and Zelda by clicking the photos or the links above the photos!

If you choose to not make the costumes, you will still find a collection of great patterns below to modify for personal use.

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Link to the Past Hat

The Link to the Past Hat is a great stocking cap for cold weather, holidays, or cosplay costumes. Follow this link to make your hat.



Elf Ears

Elfin Ears are a must in the Link and Zelda Costume! They can also work for many other fun costume ideas!! This fun and easy pattern is the perfect detail to give your outfits a fantasy look!!



Chain Link Tunic

The Chain Link Tunic is the lining under Link’s main Pullover. This tunic is not only a great detail in this costume, you can modify this to be a swimsuit cover-up or as a mesh top over a dress. Lots of versatility with this piece!



Fingerless Gloves

Link’s Fingerless Gloves were made from my Harry Potter gloves you can find here. By changing the colors and adding a few more rows, they worked perfectly for this costume! Change them up to match your winter gear and make your own!



Link to the Past Pullover Vest

Link to the Past Pullover Vest is the green shirt Link wears over the Chain Link Tunic. This is the main part of the costume for your Link Character. Don’t need a costume? Use this pattern and make it into a Baha Hoodie, Vest, or Poncho!


Aside from these patterns I created to complete the Link costume, there were additional pieces I created or used to finish the entire ensemble.


For Link, I found the perfect wig on Amazon and you can find it here. It worked out perfectly and honestly transformed Nate into Link (or Justin Bieber depending on who you ask! LOL!!)


For the sashes, I just chained an amount that was long enough to fit around Nate, then I double crocheted across, chained up 3, and double crocheted across for a second row. Then I fastened off and sewed it together. I did this for both the belt and the shoulder sash.


I just had Nate pick up the grey turtleneck and khaki pants at a thrift store. For less than $10.00 it was his contribution to this costume. Now he has a shirt for work and a pair of khaki pants he can wear again! It’s a win/win!!


For the leg warmers I modified this boot cuff pattern and made them longer. See the video tutorial for these boot cuffs to make the leg warmers longer.


The boots were an old pair we had on hand.


I did pin the Elf Ears on the hat with safety pins and used pins to also secure the sash in place.


I used cardboard, grey acrylic craft paint, and felt for the sword.

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Destiny Headband

Zelda’s Head piece can be found here. This can be used for any princess outfit and can be modified as a crown or even a fashion piece. Change the colors and make it your own!

The Fairy Tunic

The Fairy Tunic was the last piece I made. Unfortunately, I made this slightly larger than I needed, but it worked perfectly to fit over my Zelda “dress” that I found at a thrift store. Since I dress modestly, I also wore a long sleeve white shirt, so having made it a tad bigger worked in my favor since I had to wear it over everything.



Princess Shoulder Armor

The Princess Shoulder Armour can be found in this blog. I crocheted around wire in this tutorial and it is a great demonstration on how easy it is to make your crochet pieces mold-able allowing you to shape your design. One tip: beware of tiny wire poking out. Watch those ends or you might get poked with a wire! OUCH!



Elf Ears

Once again, The Elf Ears are a must in the Link and Zelda Costume! They can also work for many other fun costume ideas!! This fun and easy pattern is the perfect detail to give your outfits a fantasy look!!



Princess Costume Gloves

Princess Costume Gloves are another fun detail to complete this costume. I add detail to give some fun authenticity, but these can be modified for any costume or make them for your personal use by changing the color and adding other embellishments!

Aside from these patterns I created to complete the Zelda costume, there were additional pieces I created or used to finish the entire ensemble.


I wrapped my hair in white yarn strands. As I studied the Zelda character, I found in most sketches, she had two lengths of hair wrapped in the front. I emulated this as best as I could as I typically cover my hair. This was the best way to accomplish that.


Zelda’s skirt was a second hand wedding dress I found at the thrift store for $8.99. It had some jewel design on the bodice so I tried to work it to my advantage. I used grey acrylic craft paint to draw a similar design along the bottom of the dress which I found in most of the cosplay drawings I studied while trying to create this costume.

I wore a white long sleeve shirt underneath my dress and top as a personal choice. Most costumes I studied, had NO sleeves, but it works both ways.


I used cardboard and felt to create her dress panel that hangs down the front. I attached it to a hanging embellishment – The Destiny Headband. I used safety pins to secure it to the inside of the tunic I wore.


I wore grey boots as I noticed that Zelda often wears combat boots in the video game.

Final Thoughts

When Nate and I were deciding on costume ideas, I found this cosplay ensemble to be most challenging project yet. Nate is a gamer; I am not. I struggled to give these costumes authenticity as I was learning as I go. I hope I gave these characters the homage and respect they deserve. I had so much fun in the creative process and getting caught up in learning about this video game added to the thrill. I really hope it makes you as happy as it made us to dress up and wear these wonderful costumes. It was worth every moment to make them. We won BEST IN SHOW in our annual family Halloween costume contest, and we were awarded the Golden Pumpkin! We also won second place in a community costume contest and won a $50 gift certificate! It has been such a fun journey! Thanks for coming along with us!

~Link and Zelda (AKA Nate and Nadia)

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