DIY Creative Crochet Costume Ideas

DIY Creative Crochet Costume Ideas

Here is a compilation blog for creative ideas to get you started on Halloween (or any time of the year) costumes! In this wide range of projects, you are sure to find something for everyone, infant to adult! Below, click the link or the photo to take you to the corresponding written pattern and/or video tutorial.

The skill levels vary for each project, but most are beginner friendly!! Enjoy!! ~Nadia

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Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Characters

Baby Mermaid Outfit



Link and Zelda


Badger Hat



Beauty and The Beast


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Caterpillar Cocoon



Cat in the Hat



Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter Costumes


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Elmo Hat



Frankenstein Hat

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Gnome Costume



Gorilla Hat

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Kitty Cat Poncho



Knight in Shining Armor Hat


Minion Hat

Ninja Turtle Hat

Pop Art Wig

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Scarecrow USA, LLC

Sugar Skull Ski Mask



Turkey Hat

Where’s Waldo

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Woodland Character Masks

Yoda Hat

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Online Crochet Class



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Crochet Tutorial: Ninja Turtle Hat

One of my most popular videos has always been this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle beanie hat. It is a very easy to follow and very adaptable pattern. Seriously, if you know basic crochet, you can increase or decrease to make any size. I do have a written pattern for six different sizes though, if you wish to follow along. It is a paid pattern available on my Etsy Shop.

Ninja Turtle Hat
Whether your child is a fan of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, or Donatello, they are going to LOVE to pretend play to be that character when they wear these hats! It will give them dynamic Turtle Power!

Ninja Turtle Hat
Every boy or girl will want to feel like a super hero! This is a quick and easy way to give them a chance to play that part.

Ninja Turtle Hat
Just in time for Halloween, this project will take you an afternoon to complete.

Ninja Turtle Hat
Follow along with this video tutorial to make your very own Toddler size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hat:

To get the pattern for other sizes, follow this link to get the pattern.


Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)

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