Gifts for my Bridesmaids: Wrapped in Jewels

Gifts for my Bridesmaids: Wrapped in Jewels

I have shared the details that I crocheted for my wedding, but I held back one very important project that I made for my bridesmaids. Back in December 2017, I made the Wrapped in Jewels Shawls for each of my girls. Using Red Heart Yarns Ombré Yarn, I chose colors that best suited the color dress each of my bridesmaids would be wearing. I also made a deep red one for myself to match my gown.

I made the shawls early on and gifted one to each of them upon their arrival to the wedding. Nida was traveling from Texas and she would be wearing deep teal for my wedding, Sarah was traveling from Comoros, Africa and she would be in dark navy blue, and Samantha was wearing magenta and although she was here in Wisconsin, she still had a more than three hour drive to join me for our epic wedding weekend. By Thursday before the wedding everyone arrived safely and the festivities began!

My side of the wedding party consisted of both my brothers serving as “men of honor,” my sister-in-law, Samantha, was my matron of honor, Nida and Sarah both bridesmaids and my nephew was our little ring bearer. With everyone together for the first time in over a year, we decided to do a ‘bachelorette’ night and headed out for hibachi and sushi. Before heading out the door, I had gifts to share with everyone to thank them for making the trip and being there for our special day.

Although each “Glad you are here” bag consisted of a few fun items for all, the one thing I was most proud of was the handmade shawls I had made for the girls. I could already imagine how amazing they would look dressed in their gowns and wrapped in the shawls. It was on my “must have” photo list!

It did not disappoint! Here are a few photos of my girls and I on my wedding! These could not have turned out more perfect than this!

This shawl was such a wonderful keepsake from the most special weekend of my life. Each of the girls were in tears and excited to have a matching shawl to wear with the dress. These came in handy that evening when the temps dipped down with the sunset! Rather than lugging around a heavy coat we could wrap up and keep out the chill as we enjoyed the reception on the patio and headed out afterward to continue celebrating!

Now each of the girls has this special memento as a reminder of our wedding.

If you are getting married, or know of someone who would love this shawl, this one is very special and will be a hit with anyone who is on the receiving end of such a fabulous gift! Enjoy!

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The yarn provided for this pattern is courtesy of Red Heart Yarns



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Crochet Tutorial: Princess Costume

An enormous amount of improvising was done in the creation of this princess dress that I made for my Halloween costume. Nate and I are attending a costume party this year and I was all set to make sure that this was created in time. But boy, did I underestimate how hard it would be to make this ensemble! In the process, I ran out of yarn, I had to frog my work a few times, and actually shed a few tears. The skirt wasn’t as voluminous as I hoped, but you know what, it doesn’t matter anymore! I finished it, and I am getting passed the flaws to appreciate the work that went into making this. Overall, it may not be exactly what I imagined, but once in awhile a project takes on a life of its own and still turns out alright!

This pattern is for the basic dress design. However, you can change color. Add or subtract embellishments or details to customize your own costume. Pick a princess you love and go for it! Whether it be yellow like the one in this tutorial or pink, blue, a blue top with yellow skirt, green. Modifying this for any character can bring your costume to life!


Click here or click the image below to see the video tutorial and written pattern for the Enchanted Rose Cape.


Once the shell of the costume was made and the side panels added, I used similar colored tulle to enhance the sides giving the skirt full scallop look. I sewed the tulle in the sides and tucked it in the center then secured the entire piece with a center rose. I used the medium size rose flower from my Floral Dream Crown pattern.


Using a corset style lace-up, I used ribbon to create a closure for the shirt. Simply tying it down the back creates this look.

I wrapped tulle around the shoulders of the top and using a couple stitches, I secured it into place. I added another rose in the center bust area to tie in this design with similar details as the skirt.


I finished the shell of my princess skirt in the photo below. It was still a work in progress as I planned to add details and volume. I had a revelation after trying it on for sizing, that by itself, the shell works nicely for a basic maxi skirt. After trying it on I was like, “I would totally wear the skirt like this!”


Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make the Princess Skirt:

Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make the Princess Lace-Up Costume Top:

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***These patterns are copyright YARNutopia © so PLEASE DO NOT COPY, SHARE, ADJUST OR RESELL MY PATTERN. I wrote and tested this pattern myself, from beginning to end. It took a lot of time and work, and I would really like to have it remain “my pattern.”

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Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)
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Designed by Nadia Fuad
You *may* sell items made from my pattern, but please reference my website
Please do not copy, sell, and/or post this pattern and claim it as your own.


**Click here to get the full kit of supplies!!**

Lion Brand Yarns Modern Baby (173 yards each skein–10 skeins for Skirt, 2 skeins for top) (2,076 yards total)
I-5.50mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle
Stitch Markers


-The  pattern video tutorial starts at 8 minutes 14 seconds. The first 8 minutes are frequently asked questions and other information.
-You can use any cotton/acrylic/polyester yarn you want to use. As long as it’s a thinner and lighter weight yarn. Having so much yarn can result in a heavy skirt.

-This pattern is written for an adult size, but you can make it any size by chaining more or less. The top doesn’t have any multiple so you can chain as many as you need to in the beginning. The skirt is in a multiple of 14, so you can make your chain as big as you want as long as your count is in the multiple of 14. (I explain all this in the video if that is confusing)

-You can use a smaller or larger hook to make this smaller or bigger depending on your tension.

-For measurements and to learn how big mine turned out to be, watch the beginning of the video tutorial. For the top, I measure it as I go.

-This took me approximately 12 hours to complete fully.

Special stitches
Ch(s): chain(s)
YO: Yarn Over
St(s): Stitch(es)
Sl st: slip stitch
SK: Skip
SC: Single Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
DC3TOG: Double Crochet Decrease 3 stitches together
Shell: 5 DC in indicated stitch


If you have any confusion or difficulty with reading this pattern, please watch the video tutorial to have visual instructions.


Row 1: FDC 140 or any multiple of 14 that measures your hip measurement PLUS 6-10 extra inches.

Round 2: Form FDC round into a ring and slip stitch to the beginning FDC. (See video tutorial for visual instructions), ch up 2, DC in first 5 sts, *3 DC in next st, DC in next 5 sts, DC3TOG, DC in next 5 sts, repeat from * ending with DC3TOG.

Round 3: (See video tutorial for visual instructions at 20 minutes), Do not slip stitch to beginning, DC in first 5 sts, * 3DC in middle DC of 3DC grouping, DC in next 5 sts, DC3TOG, DC in next 5 sts, repeat from * around, do not slip stitch to beginning.

Continue working in continuous rounds.

Rounds 4-65: * DC in next 5 sts, 3DC in middle DC of 3DC grouping, DC in next 5 sts, DC3TOG, DC in next 5 sts, repeat from * around, do not slip stitch to beginning.

You can make this as long or short as you want just repeating the continuous pattern. Go onto the next step when when you are satisfied with the length.

Round 66: Skip the next st, sl st into the next st, ch 1, sc in same st, sk 2 sts, 5 DC in next st (shell made), *sk 2 sts, sc in next st, shell in next st, repeat from * around, sl st to beginning sc. Fasten off.

Attach yarn on any st around waist. Ch up 4. (Counts as TR), TR in each st around, sl st to ch up 4. Fasten off.
Weave ribbon through the TR’s to tighten waist.

Half Circle Side Panels: Make 6
Ch 4, sl st to 4th ch from hook to form a ring.
Row 1: Ch 3 (counts as DC here and throughout), 9 DC into ring, turn. (10)
Row 2: Ch 3, DC in same st, 2 DC in each st across, turn. (20)
Row 3: Ch 3, 1 DC in each st across, turn. (20)
Row 4: Ch 3, DC in same st, [1 DC in next st, 2 DC in next st] Repeat across, turn. (30)
Row 5: Ch 3, 1 DC in each st across, turn. (30)
Row 6: Ch 3, DC in same st, [1 DC in next 2 sts, 2 DC in next st] Repeat across, turn. (40)
Row 7: Ch 3, 1 DC in each st across, turn. (40)
Row 8: Ch 3, DC in same st, [1 DC in next 3 sts, 2 DC in next st] Repeat across, turn. (50)
Row 9: Ch 3, 1 DC in each st across, turn. (50)
Row 10: Ch 3, DC in same st, [1 DC in next 4 sts, 2 DC in next st] Repeat across, turn. (60)
Row 11: Ch 3, 1 DC in each st across, turn. (60)
Row 12: Ch 3, DC in same st, [1 DC in next 5 sts, 2 DC in next st] Repeat across, turn. (70)
Row 13: Ch 3, 1 DC in each st across, turn. (70)
Row 14: Ch 3, DC in same st, [1 DC in next 6 sts, 2 DC in next st] Repeat across, turn. (80)
Row 15: Ch 3, 1 DC in each st across, turn.
Row 16: Ch 3, DC in same st, [1 DC in next 7 sts, 2 DC in next st] Repeat across. (90) Fasten off with long tail for sewing.
Sew panels to sides of skirt using video tutorial as a visual guide.


Chain 77 (or any amount that measures your chest measurement)
Row 1: DC in 3rd ch from hook and across, ch 2, turn. (75)
Row 2-30: DC in each st across.
You can continue to make it longer if yours isn’t long enough.
Fasten off when finished.
Weave ribbon down the back (Optional: You could seam up the back by sewing it closed or crocheting it closed)

Straps: Make 2
Row 1: FDC 42 or an amount that measures from the back of your shoulder to the front of the shoulder (See video tutorial for visual instructions)
Row 2: Ch 2, DC across. Fasten off with long tail.
Sew to Top
(See video tutorial for location)

Flower: Make 7
There is a video tutorial for this flower that can be found here.
Before making your slip knot, leave a 6-8” tail;

ch 34

Row 1: sc in 4th ch from hook (first ch 1 sp made). * Ch 1, skip 1 ch, sc in next ch. Repeat from * to end.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, [2 sc and 1 sl st] in first ch 1 sp, [3sc, 1 sl st] in each of the next 3 ch 1 sps, [3 hdc, 1 sl st] in each of the next 4 ch 1 sps, [4 hdc, 1 sl st] in each of the next 4 ch 1 sps, [4 dc, 1 sl st] in each of the next 4 ch 1 sps. Fasten off with long tail for sewing. Roll strip into a flower, stitch flower together at base.


Why not make the matching Beast set? Below, click the image to take you to its video tutorial and written pattern.


View the Enchanted Rose Cape here: