Letterboard Inspiration

Letterboard Inspiration

Remember when I made my wish list blog? I had listed some nice additions that I was hoping to put in my craft room in my new home once my room was finished. Well, one of those items happened to find its way under our Christmas tree this year. My brother, Nabeel, bought me my very first (and much wanted) letterboard! Obviously, I squealed with childish delight because this truly was something I was hoping to get!

My creative energy is on high alert to find inspirational quotes to post each week to keep me motivated and share with all of you! I decided to try to post a photo twice a week; something fun written on my brand new board.

I am off to a great start and I hope to continue with this mini project throughout the year. This blog is where I plan to keep track of these fun shots and hopefully you will come back for inspiration from time to time to see the new ones added!

Have a fun crochet, crafty, creative quote to share? Feel free to post it in the comments!


I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with yarn bouquets with the ones you love! Thank you all for being part of the YARNutopia Community! I love you all! <3 Nadia




Reason #99,998 why I married him… 😍



Filling up my cart.

Get the cart from Michaels by following this link!


My mantra includes counting stitches


On today’s agenda…

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Oh geez…. A cat-free zone means nothing to these two renegades! #mutiny #troublemakers

Heading on a road trip with some of my favorite people! We are driving across a few states to attend a wedding of one of my really good friends! Definitely packing some car ride crochet projects! What are your travel essentials?

Get the YarnPop Bag in the photo here.

Get the Crochet Hooks Here.

Get the Yarn in this photo Here.



On a scale from 1-10 I hit an 11 on the frustration scale working on my latest project. So much so that I CUT my yarn! You read that right. I CUT IT!! First time ever doing that. Share with me how far you will go to untangle your knots. Will you EVER cut your yarn?

Ha! I’m Baaaaaack!!

Things are getting crazy over here! My hook and I are on fire tonight! Who’s with me?
Crochet Party on Friday Night!
Who: You
Where: The most comfy spot in your house
When: Tonight!
RSVP: let me know what’s hot on your hooks tonight! Comment to this post!

Who’s with me??!

Tough choices! I’ve been so busy, I’m not sure what I need most! I’m thinking yarn. Like the luxurious fiber shown! Find it here!

Put it on the calendar!!


Yarn balls, people! Yeesh!

Can’t argue with the facts!


You bet! ‘Nuff said!

hobby lobby

What are your plans in the New Year? A project you plan to finish? A goal you want to acheive? A resolution? Complete something on your ‘to do’ list? Or just see what happens in 2018? Share here! No matter how you approach this #newbeginning, may it be a fantastic year ahead!!


My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away.
Support YARNutopia today so we can continue to bring you clear, quality crochet tutorials even after I move into my new home!
There will be an added expense of more travel and hopefully this won’t deter our ability to provide consistent videos on a weekly basis.

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No Colon, Still Rollin’: World IBD Day

No Colon, Still Rollin’: World IBD Day

**Sensitive Content**


If I could crochet a colon for myself and anyone else who has lost their intestines due to Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, I would. If only it was that easy. I would stitch until my fingers fell off!! Unfortunately, I would have to crochet for millions of people who sadly have had total proctocolectomy surgery due to the devastation of inflammatory bowel disease. Today, May 19th, is World IBD Day. It is a day to recognize the millions of people worldwide who suffer from these debilitating diseases.


I crocheted this colon (large intestine) as a symbol of loss. Crohn’s disease claimed my large intestine in 2008, only one week before my 18th birthday. On the very cusp of colon cancer, my disease was extremely progressive and surgery was my only option. The fight never ends because sadly, there is no cure. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are the most common types of inflammatory bowel disease. Ulcerative colitis affects only the colon and rectum. Crohn’s disease can affect any part of the digestive tract from mouth to anus.
This colon represents each major surgery; each stitch stands for each procedure, x-ray, scan, or test that I have undergone. This may seem like an unusual analogy to represent an organ or diseases that most people rarely, if ever, think about. To me, this disease changed my entire life and those changes led me here, crocheting my very own colon, and using my voice and skills to advocate for others who don’t have a platform to help spread awareness. Many of whom are no longer with us. Our diseases may appear invisible, but we are not!

Silly, strange, serious, or an obnoxiously bold statement, however you view this piece I created, hopefully it will generate conversation for inflammatory bowel diseases. Not just on May 19th, World IBD Day, but every day of every year until we find a cure.

Please *share* this blog post and you may be surprised to find how many people YOU know are silently suffering. There is NO CURE. Help raise more awareness so that I never have to type those words again.

To learn more please visit ccfa.org


Thank you!

(Some of the photos used in this blog post were found on Google.com Image Search)

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10 Things Every Crocheter Can Relate To

If you crochet, you know what I’m talking about.

1. Where I go, my yarn goes.

2. Hate sewing in the ends!

3. When people ask, “What are you knitting?”

4. The frustration of frogging your work

5. Counting stitches and getting interrupted

6. Untangling yarn

7. Having your furniture swallow up your hooks needles or stitch markers

8. When your family or friends find tiny yarn scraps throughout the house

9. Pattern hoarding

10. Never having enough yarn!

If you can relate to more than half of these statements, crochet is definitely a dominant part of your life!! Hook on!


A Little Crochet Comedy

A Little Crochet Comedy

Over the years of my crochet career, I am often caught off guard by some hilarious crochet humor and have been known to share a few of these memes from time to time.

This blog is a compilation of some very funny graphics depicting how comical crochet can truly be! These posts will really send a chuckle through the crochet community! I know there are many of you that can relate to these humorous lines!


This is my weapon of choice:

Been there, done that.

This one speaks for itself:enhanced-2065-1418309352-20

Everytime I stop at Herrschner’s, this happens to me:
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Oh, those pesky ends!!1cfa542d329ed9feec1ac3ab348652b7

It’s called a project hangover:


I have a few true friends:




The best place to get your fiber:

They pile up fast!1424_10100458306837406_944811703914572623_n

I like to knit also, but this one is too funny to pass up!


And I’m prancing all the way there!12049581_10100392662878426_5605304876626667336_n

Have you ever tried to knit or crochet your noodles?12115432_10100396933006056_2745634082301591553_n


I’m a hustla baby:12144662_10100394928024056_6438999760109026109_n

Friday night fun! I party like a rockstar! A crochet rockstar!

That bunny better do the right thing:

NSFW (I laughed so hard, I snorted tea through my nose!):

Don’t be a wuss:

I get all kinds of crazy:


This wasn’t very nice, but I laughed so hard!!

Whenever you feel the need to get a good laugh, come back to this post.

Feel free to click on any photo and save it to your device and share it with all of your friends!

Do you have a funny meme or photo that is related to crochet? Share it on the Facebook page!



This post contains affiliate links, which I may be compensated for when you make a purchase. That means if you click on any link and buy from the linked websites, I will receive a small percentage of the value of your order. The amount you pay is not changed. Thank you for all your support in clicking the links in my blog!! You all are so amazing!! ~Nadia

The yarn provided for this pattern is courtesy of Red Heart Yarns