All dogs go to heaven

I read an excerpt yesterday that said “Knowing that you will most likely out live them, owning a pet is to open yourself up to profound joy, yet prospectively profound sadness…” Although saying goodbye and letting go of our sweet girl, Bebe, was profoundly sad and difficult, the pure joy that she brought our family over the course of ten years can’t be measured in mere words. Saying that she was a good dog is a gross understatement. She was pretty much everything anyone would want in a pet.

She was loving and loyal. She loved unconditionally. No matter what kind of day I was having, it could be made better by the love of a sweet dog who had no barriers. She just aimed to please. Many tears were shed on her shoulders and she would bear the burden of my pain. Many days of dealing with illness, she was company during lonely days and nights. She was a cuddle queen.

More than anything, she was patient to a fault! She allowed me to dress her up, wore my homemade costumes and modeled them so sweetly. She made it easy to show everyone how cute she was when she got all dressed up and showed off our latest dog pattern. She was sweet that way. But she didn’t need a crocheted outfit to show off her cuteness. She was just naturally adorable!

My mom posted this a couple days ago on Facebook, and it sums up so much in just a few words:

“She was smaller than a soda can when she first arrived in our life. A birthday gift from Fuad almost 10 years ago, he wanted another dog more than me. I got two for 1, brother and sister chihuahuas, Bebe and Rueben. She was the runt of the litter, born with a heart defect, short and plump, and a face that slightly resembled a fruit bat, but her sweetness makes her the most loving creature I know. Her loyalty knows no bounds. She lives every moment ‘in the now’. I can walk out my door, forget my keys, run back inside, and she is as happy to see me as if I was gone for a week. Tail wagging, excited dancing, happy, jumping, Bebe.

Our sweet Bebe girl is on the last leg of her life. I remain forever hopeful tonight, as I sit beside her, reflecting on this amazing dog who’s life with us has been so well lived. Her time has been filled with the kind of great memories that only a best dog can provide. How lucky we are that we get to be her family and we’re the recipients of this kind of unconditional love. Even now when you call her name, she may struggle to lift her head, and there’s no excited dancing, but her ears perk up and her tail still wags.”

I hope your tail is wagging as you make your way over that rainbow bridge, sweet girl. May you find endless fields to run and lots of friends to play. I’ll miss you.


Crochet Tutorial: Bebe’s Holiday Pet Sweater

Crochet Tutorial: Bebe’s Holiday Pet Sweater

Show a little holiday cheer by dressing up your pet! This pattern has options for each gender as well as tips on making this darling sweater for any sized fur-baby! Get your pet ready for the holidays by spending a few cozy days snuggled up in their holiday attire in front of the Christmas tree!


These are my pets, Reuben and Bebe. They “love” their sweaters. LOL I’m kidding, they didn’t last very long in them.
I hope your pet has more fun in their holiday sweaters! Share photos of your fur babies on Facebook!


Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this pet sweater:

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Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)
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Designed by Nadia Fuad
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-You can use a bigger sized hook to make this sweater bigger.
-You can also chain more to make yours bigger. There is no specific stitch counts for this sweater
-The sweater I made for Bebe measures 25 cm (10 Inches) in Length from neck to bottom fringe
-Measure the neck of your pet and chain an amount that will measure around them
– Measure the length of your pet and chain an amount that will fit the length of their back

Special stitches:
Ch(s): chain(s)
YO: Yarn Over
St(s): Stitch(es)
Sl st: slip stitch
SK: Skip
SC: Single Crochet
HDC: Half-Double Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
BLO: Back Loops Only
3DC Cluster: [YO, Insert Hook, YO, Pull Through, YO Pull through 2 Loops] 3 Times and then YO and pull through all 4 loops on your hook


If you have any confusion or difficulty with reading this pattern, please watch the video tutorial to have visual instructions.

Measure your pet’s neck
Chain an amount that is that long
Ch 30
Sl st in 1st ch to form a ring.
Rnd 1: Ch 1, SC in each ch around, sl st to 1st sc, ch 1
(Optional: Change color every row)
Rnds 2-5: in BLO, SC in each st around, sl st to 1st sc, ch 1
Make your neck part as long as you want.
Fasten off.

Back of Sweater:
Change color every row (See video tutorial to see how to trail strand along work)
Ch 26 (Or any Multiple of 5+1)
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 4 chs, HDC in next 15 chs, DC in last 5 chs, Turn

Row 2: Ch up 3 (Counts as DC here and throughout) Work in BLO, DC in next 4 sts, HDC in next 15 sts, SC in last 5 sts. Turn

Row 3: Ch 1, SC in first 5 sts, HDC in next 15 sts, DC in last 5 sts, Turn

Rows 4-23: Repeat rows 2 and 3 or as long as you need it to be. End on an ODD numbered Row.
Fasten off, Weave in ends.

Row 1: SC along the bottom edge of the sweater (See video tutorial for visual instructions)
Row 2: Ch 6, 3DC cluster in 3rd ch from hook, Ch 3, 3 dc cluster in 3rd ch from hook. Sl st in ch where 1st cluster was made, ch 3, sk 5 sts, sl st in next st. (see video tutorial for visual instructions)
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Assembly step:
Mark 9 free stitches on your neck piece, then sew Back of Sweater to the neck piece of the sweater leaving the 9 sts free for the front of the sweater (See video tutorial for visual instructions)

Front of Sweater:
Attach yarn to st on the neck piece (Shown in Video tutorial)
Row 1: Ch 1, HDC in each Free stitch across. (10 sts in total)
Row 2: ch 1, turn, HDC across (10)
Row 3: Ch 1, Turn, 2 HDC in first st, HDC in each st until the last st, 2 HDC in last st (12)
Row 4: Ch 1, turn, HDC across (12)
Row 5: Ch 1, Turn, 2 HDC in first st, HDC in each st until the last st, 2 HDC in last st. (14)
Row 6: Ch 1, Turn, HDC across (14)
Row 7: Ch 1, Turn, 2 HDC in first st, HDC in each st until the last st, 2 HDC in last st. (16)
Row 8-14: Ch 1, Turn, HDC across (16)
Fasten off. Weave in ends.
Attach buttons to each side and then button the sides down. If you do not want to use buttons, sew the sides down.

Ch 15
Round 1: SC in 1st ch and each ch around
Place stitch marker and work the rest of the rounds in continuous rounds
Rounds 2-5: Working in BLO, SC in each st around
Fasten off with really long tail

Wrap yarn around bow making a cute bow. Sew to neck part of sweater.


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