Weekend WIP

Weekend WIP

I love receiving parcels in the mailbox! This week was particularly exciting when a close family friend sent clippings from a vintage Women’s Day Magazine dated in the early 1970s. Included in the clippings, and what had her thinking of us, was the vintage crochet patterns she had saved. I love this!

Here I am, as I often do, multitasking on a Saturday! I have a great new project on my hook. I have my wedding planner nearby adding our collected addresses, preparing to send out our Save-the-Dates, I have my rainy day cup of hot chai, and I am perusing these awesome vintage patterns and ads from these 1970s magazines. Some of the articles in these old periodicals have me experiencing quite a few interesting emotions. Things were quite different 40+ years ago, but crochet has remained a strong passion no matter what the decade! Share what’s on your hook and what this weekend has in store for you!


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