FREE Written Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Summer Shorts

FREE Written Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Summer Shorts
June is Pride Month, and in honor of this annual occasion, I have created Rainbow Shorts!! This pair of shorts is perfect for wearing as a swimsuit bottom cover-up or cute plain shorts paired with a summer top. I have seen increased crochet trends, and one of the most fun patterns I have seen is crocheted shorts. These shorts follow a simple pattern to create this rainbow look. You can apply this same pattern to your favorite colors and create stripes in whatever fits your vibe. You can also use one solid color which can also be fun!
I have provided patterns in sizes from adult children so you can make a “Mommy and Me” or “Daddy and Me” set! I used Worsted Weight (size 4 medium) scrap yarns to create these fabulous shorts, but you can use any yarn to make yours. These are quite versatile and very fashionable! Check out my written pattern and make sure to also follow the video tutorial to make your pair today! Be sure to post and tag me when you make yours! I cannot wait to see what everyone creates! We at YARNutopia are an ally and work to achieve a world where every person in our LGBTQ+ community can live freely and safely. Hatred and bigotry will not be tolerated. For us, Pride is every day.
My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away.
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There will be an added expense of more travel and hopefully this won’t deter our ability to provide consistent videos on a weekly basis.

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***These patterns are copyright YARNutopia © so PLEASE DO NOT COPY, SHARE, ADJUST OR RESELL MY PATTERN. I wrote and tested this pattern myself, from beginning to end. It took a lot of time and work, and I would really like to have it remain “my pattern.”
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Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat (My Daddy)
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Designed by Nadia Fuad
You *may* sell items made from my pattern, but please reference my website
Please do not copy, sell, and/or post this pattern and claim it as your own.

Materials you will need:
Get the supplies individually by clicking the links below
–Size 4 Medium Worsted Weight yarn (I used scrap yarns for this project)
Size H-5.00mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle

-Use a smaller hook to make these smaller
-Use a bigger hook to make these bigger
-You can use any size 4 medium, worsted weight yarn for this project
-You can check out to see yarn substitutions that are equal to the yarn I used in this project.
-The shorts I demonstrate in the video tutorial and what I’ve written the pattern for are for a US size 4 Toddler. The stitch counts don’t necessarily matter as long as you do measurements as you go.



Special stitches:
Ch(s): chain(s)
YO: Yarn Over
St(s): Stitch(es)
Sl st: slip stitch
SK: Skip
SC: Single Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
FPDC: Front Post Double Crochet
BPDC: Back Post Double Crochet



If you have any confusion or difficulty with reading this pattern, please watch the video tutorial that is linked above in this blog post to have visual instructions.


I changed color every row but you do not have to. I am not writing the pattern with the color changes.

Ch any EVEN number that measures around the hips and waist of the subject you are making these for
I chained 70 for the small toddler size and I chained 100 for the mommy size for myself.

Without twisting chain, sl st to first ch to form a large circle.

Rnd 1: (RS) Ch 2 (does not count as anything), DC in each Ch around, Sl st to first st. TURN (70)

Rnd 2: (WS) Ch 2, * FPDC on next st, BPDC on next st, repeat from * around, Sl st to first st. TURN

Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 2

Rnd 4: Ch 2, DC in each st around, Sl st to first DC, TURN.

Rnd 5: Ch 2, 2 DC in first st, DC in each st until 1 st remains, 2 DC in last st, sl st to first st. TURN. (72)

Rnd 6-13 or however long you need to cover the backside (butt): Repeat Rnd 5 (increase repeating Rnd 5 until your piece comes to the base of the backside of your subject) for the Mommy size I made, I did 20 rnds of Rnd 5, for the Toddler size, I did 9 total increase rnds. Once your piece is as long as you want and you’re ready to make the leg holes, go onto Rnd 14 instructions.

First Leg Hole:

Rnd 14: Mark the halfway point from the back of your work to the front so you know where each leg hole goes (see video tutorial for visual instructions on location) Ch 12, Sl st to the st that the Stitch Marker is in, Ch 2, DC in each st around and in each Ch of the first leg hole, sl st to first st, TURN.

Rnd 15: Ch 2, DC in each st around leg hole, Sl st to first st. TURN.

Rnds 16-18: Repeat Rnd 15 for however long you want your leg to be.

Fasten off, weave in ends. Move onto 2nd Leg hole.

2nd Leg Hole

Rnd 14: Attach yarn to any st, Ch 2, DC in each st around and at the base of each foundation chain between leg holes (see video tutorial for visual instructions), Sl st to first st, TURN.

Rnd 15: Ch 2, DC in each st around leg hole, Sl st to first st. TURN.

Rnds 16-18: Repeat Rnd 15 for however long you want your leg to be.

Fasten off, weave in ends.


Chain an amount that is DOUBLE your original chain length for the waistband of your shorts. Weave it in and out of Rnd 1.


This post contains affiliate links, which I may be compensated for when you make a purchase. That means if you click on any link and buy from the linked websites, I will receive a small percentage of the value of your order. The amount you pay is not changed. Thank you for all your support in clicking the links in my blog!! You all are so amazing!! ~Nadia

The yarn provided for this pattern is courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn, WeCrochet, and Paintbox Yarns



Thank You

Thank You

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to read my latest blog post regarding my absence from YARNutopia lately and the next chapter we are heading into with our son Nasir. I have been overwhelmed with so many emotions from the outpouring of love and supportive kind words you left on my posts, in my messages, and the texts I received all day.

There is no way for me to individually reply to all of you, but just know I read every word and took it all to heart. I appreciate all the openness you shared from your personal experiences with friends, family members, or even first-hand experiences with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am currently educating myself on all the different types of therapies and discussing with the specialists what they advise in helping Nasir progress. We hope to see some changes in the first month of this new therapy. We are extremely hopeful.

Reading all the comments and messages that flooded in gave me so much encouragement and hope for my little guy. I know he will accomplish great things in his life, and luckily, we can be his advocates for his success.

In the meantime, please continue to support YARNutopia by sharing my patterns, watching my videos on YouTube, visiting my blog, and purchasing the Wood Be Fancy Crochet Hooks. That helps tremendously during this transition!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all,



A Precious Miracle

A Precious Miracle

Disclaimer: This blog contains sensitive pregnancy photos. I ask everyone to be respectful and any negative comments will be deleted. It took a lot for me to be vulnerable to share these images. With my health history, I wanted to be as transparent and open as possible with this miraculous pregnancy.



Many of you already have been following my journey and know that my health history has been plagued with illness, numerous surgeries, and plenty of setbacks. I had my colon removed in 2008 because my Crohn’s disease was so progressive. Doctors, worried about the dangerous potential of colon cancer and with fast deterioration of my colon, removed it to save my life. That journey was wrought with so many setbacks and ongoing severe illness. Chemotherapy, biologic treatments, thousands of procedures, multiple ostomies, hospitalizations, and repeated surgery had severely impacted the quality of life I was living in my late teens into my 20s. Most of my dreams were put on hold just to survive.

The one dream I held onto and hoped for was to one day be a mother. Doctors could never give a definitive answer as to whether or not pregnancy could even be possible. It was always a “wait and see” possibility. Without my large intestine or parts of my small intestine, even carrying a baby to term was a huge risk. And, it has been. This miraculous pregnancy has been filled with many issues, illness related problems, and so much worry. Yet, this sweet little boy growing inside me is a fighter. Just like me.

That is why, as we came closer to my due date, I dreamed of having pregnancy photos taken to mark this extraordinary time in our lives.

My colo-rectal surgeon told me last week, despite all the complications, try to enjoy this. “Enjoy being pregnant, Nadia.” She said, “Time goes so fast, we forget these moments. Try to remember how exciting it is to feel him moving…” And it is! This is so true! I have to appreciate everything I am going through to bring him here, and I love him so much that I don’t care how much I have to endure. This is temporary and so worth it.

Next week, I stop the last of my medications needed to keep my disease in remission, so our baby has the best chance and can be his strongest at birth. That part is very unsettling because I don’t know what my body will do without those medications. I am hoping that the last dose will sustain me through the final weeks until delivery and beyond. With that in mind, I decided now was the best time to do these photos. While I felt as good as I can expect to feel, I wanted to capture the power of this moment and the profound feelings of this health and pregnancy journey. I channeled my inner “life-giving goddess” for these powerful images!

I want to thank my mom and dad for their help in bringing my vision to life through these photos, and a huge thank you to Nate for being the most amazing husband and best friend on this journey. I couldn’t have done this without him..obviously..haha!!

“Life reveals her beauty one precious miracle at a time.” ~Flavia

Enjoy the photos.





It’s a…. Gender Reveal!!!

It’s a…. Gender Reveal!!!

It didn’t matter – girl or boy – we would still be filled with the same joy!! We are over the moon excited to announce that we are having a….


Thank you for sharing in the joy of this experience. We are so happy!!

My mom found the onsie on Etsy, you can see it here.

The tutorial for the baby booties is coming soon!!

~Nate and Nadia